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GSO Workshops

GSO Session Abstracts


Career Services 

The Career Services center has a wealth of information for you as a graduate student, as well as for the undergraduates you may be serving, including: part-time employment, graduate assistantships, resume/cover letter writing, networking, job searching, and career exploration.

Communicating in the Academy 

This workshop will provide useful insights into common communication practices within academic departments, universities, and within respective disciplines at large. We will discuss communicating with your academic advisor and department, networking within the discipline, tips for conference presentations, and professional etiquette.



Complex Conversations in Academia

This workshop will continue the conversation started in the Ballroom.  We will focus on working together to navigate complex situations that you may face as a graduate student.  We will also discuss possible ways of effectively handling complex academic interactions.


Conferences and Publications

Designed to meet the needs of all graduate students, irrespective of funding status or assistantship type, this session will provide a general overview of conferences, presentations, and the publication process. It will cover funding opportunities, including those specific to Kent State, as well as some publication and conference tips.

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Course Policies and Procedures

In this workshop, useful tips for course preparation will be discussed, including creating syllabi, crafting learning objectives, and university course policies such as office hours. As a teaching assistant, you will also be provided information regarding responsibilities and options you have when evaluating and reporting your students' work as a KSU employee. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask current graduate teaching assistants about their experience planning their own courses.


Faculty Panel

This panel will include faculty from a variety of disciplines and graduate programs. Panelists will provide insights on research and mentoring relationships with students. They will also share both academic and professional expectations that await graduate students, and how they vary from those for undergraduate students.


Graduate Student Panel

This panel will feature graduate students from a variety of backgrounds. Master's and Doctoral panelists will discuss and answer your questions regarding topics ranging from graduate student life and thriving at Kent State to Graduate Student Senate and adapting to the academic rigor of graduate school.


Lectures and Discussions

This workshop is designed to provide graduate students with useful guidelines related to creating productive learning environments for students, in both large and small instructional settings. We will discuss strategies for developing lectures and leading effective discussions in your classes.



Syllabus and Scheduling

The goal of this workshop is to help graduate teaching assistants create syllabi, craft learning objectives, develop course policies, produce assessment tools, schedule office hours, and ensure syllabi adhere to university policies.  Graduate teaching assistants will also have the opportunity to ask experienced graduate teaching assistants about their experience planning their own courses.

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TA Panel

This panel will provide answers based on the knowledge and personal experiences of returning graduate students. No questions are too daunting or too trivial. Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss and learn what it takes to be a successful graduate student at Kent State University.

Teaching International Students

This workshop aims to familiarize teaching assistants with possible challenges related to instructing international students.  We will discuss potential difficulties and pitfalls, as well as affordances associated with teaching this growing population of students.


Teaching in Science Labs

During this session, you will learn how to teach in both traditional and non-traditional science labs.  The goal of this workshop is to help new graduate teaching assistants build syllabi and schedules, manage grades, and develop learning objectives specifically when teaching in science labs.


Technology Tools

This workshop provides an overview of technological tools, both free and for purchase, that graduate students are certain to find useful for their diverse roles as students, assistants, teachers, and researchers.  Participants will be introduced to resources like online office suites, cloud technology, and presentation tools such as Prezi, while also being directed to many more.


Transitioning to the American University

This workshop is designed to inform international students about various aspects of American universities.  It will help answer a range of questions international students may have about scheduling classes, connecting with advisors, working with professors, types of assignments, university guidelines, and academic honesty, among other topics.

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University Libraries

This session will explore and discuss the University Libraries’ new website and its key resources for graduate students.  Computers will be accessible during this session, which will allow graduate students hands-on experience with website and resources as they are discussed in detail.