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GIS | Health & Hazards Lab
Department of Geography
Kent State University
412 McGilvrey Hall
Kent, OH 44242
Phone: 330 672-2887
Fax: 330 672-4304

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Health Related Publications

Urban Health

  • Lee, C. C., S. C. Sheridan, and S. Lin, 2013: Relating weather types to asthma-related hospital admissions in New York State. EcoHealth, in press.
  • Guerrero, E.G., Pan, K. B., Curtis, A., and E. L. Lizano (2011) Availability of substance abuse treatment services in Spanish: A GIS analysis of Latino communities in Los Angeles County, California Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy 6:21
  • Curtis, A. (2010) Chronic disease as an evacuation impediment: using a Geographic Information System and 911 call data after Katrina to determine neighborhood scale health vulnerability Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy 1(3) Article 5
  • Curtis, A and W A Lee (2010) Spatial patterns of diabetes related health problems for vulnerable populations in Los Angeles International Journal of Health Geographics 9:43
  • Butke, P. S. and S. C. Sheridan, 2010: An analysis of the relationship between weather and aggressive crime in Cleveland, Ohio. Weather, Climate and Society, 2, 127-139.
  • Sheridan, S. C., and A. J. Kalkstein, 2010: Seasonal variability in heat-related mortality across the United States. Natural Hazards, 55, 291-305.
  • Sheridan, S. C., A. J. Kalkstein, and L. S. Kalkstein, 2009: Trends in heat-related mortality in the United States, 1975-2004. Natural Hazards, 50, 145-160. DOI: 10.1007/s11069-008-9327-2.
  • Curtis, A (2008) From Healthy Start to Hurricane Katrina: using GIS to eliminate disparities in perinatal health Statistics in Medicine 27(20): 3984-3997.
  • Mills, J.W. and A. Curtis (2008) Geospatial approaches for disease risk communication in marginalized communities. Progress in Community Health Partnerships Research, Education and Action 2 (1): 61-72.
  • Curtis, A., Mills, J.W. and M. Leitner (2007) Katrina and vulnerability: the geography of stress Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 18(2): 315—330.
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  • Sheridan, S. C. and T. J. Dolney, 2003: Heat, mortality, and level of urbanization: Measuring vulnerability across Ohio, USA. Climate Research, 24, 255-265.

Emerging Infectious Disease

  • Lentz, JA.,  Blackburn, J.K. and A Curtis (2011) Evaluating Patterns of a White-band Disease (WBD) Outbreak in Acropora palmata Using Spatial Analysis: A Comparison of Transect and Colony Clustering, PLoS ONE 6(7): e21830. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0021830
  • Blackburn, J.K., Curtis, A., Hadfield, T.L., O’Shea, B., Mitchell, M.A., and M.E. Hugh-Jones  (2010) Confirmation of Bacillus anthracis from Flesh Eating Flies Collected During a West Texas Anthrax Season  Journal of Wildlife Diseases 46(3) 918-922
  • Blackburn, J.K., Mitchell, M.A., Holley Blackburn, M.C, Curtis, A., and B.A. Thompson   (2010) Evidence of antibiotic resistance in free-swimming top-level marine predatory fishes Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 41(1) 7-16
  • Blackburn, J.K., Curtis, A., Currin Mujica, F., Jones, F., Dorn, P. and R. Coates (2008) The development of the Chagas’ Online Data Entry System (CODES-GIS), Transactions in GIS 12(2): 249-265.
  • Blackburn, J., McNyset, K., Curtis, A. and M. Hugh-Jones (2007) Modeling the geographic distribution of bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax disease, for the contiguous united states using predictive ecological niche modeling American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 77(6): 1103-1110.
  • Dorn, P.L., Monroy, C. and A. Curtis (2007) Triatoma dimidiata(Latreille, 1811): A review of its diversity across its geographic range and the relationship among populations  Infection, Genetics and Evolution 7(2): 343-352.
  • Curtis, A (1999) Using a spatial filter and a geographic information system to improve rabies surveillance data Journal of Emerging Infectious Disease 5(5): 603-606.


Health and GIS

  • Curtis, A., Mills, J.W. and J. Blackburn (2007) A spatial variant of the basic reproduction number for the New Orleans yellow fever epidemic of 1878 The Professional Geographer 59(4): 492-502.
  • Curtis, A (2008) Three-dimensional visualization of cultural clusters in the 1878 yellow fever epidemic of New Orleans International Journal Health Geographics 7:47.
  • Hinman, S., Blackburn, J. and A. Curtis (2006)  Spatial and temporal structure of typhoid outbreaks in Washington DC 1906-1909: evaluating local clustering with the Gi* statistic International Journal of Health Geographics 5:13.