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Eric Taylor

Assistant Professor (NTT)

I am interested in the health effects of earth materials and recently completed my graduate education and research at The Ohio State University under the direction of former Kent alumnus Steven K. Lower. My research focus has been on the biophysical nature of biological interactions with earth materials, such as how bacteria interact with iron sulfides, or how human lung cells respond to the presence of asbestos. I currently teach introductory courses (Environmental Earth Science, How the Earth Works, Earth and Life Through Time) in geology at the Stark campus in North Canton, OH. I am interested in the science and learning of geology and am developing a service learning program for the Environmental Earth Science and How the Earth Works courses in conjunction with Stark Parks so as to provide students with a field-based learning experience.

My future goal regarding geoscience education includes developing flipped lectures for my introductory courses, wherein students watch short video clips of the lecture material normally given during lecture use the classroom time for hands-on projects, field trips, or other activities designed to teach the material.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

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Taylor, E. S., Lower, S. K., and Lins, R. D. 2011. Molecular Dynamic Simulations of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR): Effects of Glycosylation, Dimerization, and the Presence of Inorganic Solids. In: The 25th Anniversary Symposium of The Protein Society Program with Abstracts. Protein Science. 20: 205.

Taylor, E. S., Mossman, B. T., Wylie, A. G., and Lower, S. K. 2011. “Molecular Mechanism for the Induction of Mesothelioma by Asbestos.” Biophysical Journal. 100, 160a.

Taylor, E. S., Mossman, B. T., Wylie, A. G., and Lower, S. K. 2010. Molecular Mechanism for the Induction of Mesothelioma by Asbestos. Geological Society of America: Abstracts with Programs. 42: 57.

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Taylor, E. S.; Lower, S. K., 2008. Thickness and surface density of extracellular polymers on Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 74 (1), 309-311.

Taylor, E. S.; Lower, S. K.; Wylie, A. G.; Mossman, B. T., 2008. The Strength of Disease: Molecular Bonds Between Asbestos and Human Cells. EOS Trans. 89 (53), Abstract B53B-0479-Fall Meet. Suppl.

Research Areas
  • Geology and Human Health
  • Geoscience Education
  • Toxicology of Earth Materials
Eric Taylor
Department of Geology

Main Hall 431
Stark Campus
330-244-3431 or from any campus, call 5-3431

Phone: 330-244-3431
Spring 2015
  • GEOL 11042 - 601 Earth And Life Through Time
  • GEOL 11043 - 601 Earth Life Through Time Lab
  • GEOL 22000 - 600 Introductory Geology Seminar
  • GEOL 23063 - 600 Mineralogy
  • HONR 40099 - 605 Senior Honors Thesis / Project
Summer 2015
  • GEOL 11040 - 620 How The Earth Works
  • GEOL 40095 - 600 St : Natural Hazards And Geolog
Fall 2015
  • GEOL 11041 - 602 How The Earth Works Laboratory
  • GEOL 21062 - 601 Environmental Earth Science
  • GEOL 31070 - 600 Petrology
  • GEOL 42035 - 600 Scientific Methods In Geology