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How It Works:

  1. Visit any of these locations during the regular season:

    • Student Recreation and Wellness Center (330-672-4REC)
    • Kent Student Center (330-672-2554)
    • Ice Arena (330-672-RINK)
    • Stopher Hall Area Desk (330-672-3600)
    • Dunbar Hall Area Desk (330-672-3610)
    • Twin Towers Area Desk (330-672-3915)
    • Tri Towers Area Desk (330-672-3244)

  2. Present your Flashcard to one of our staff members, who will assist you with signing out a bike. Bikes are available daily for free.
  3. Before riding, make sure to inspect the bike thoroughly. If you find anything wrong, simply alert our staff member.
  4. Enjoy your trip! Remember to wear a helmet and lock the bike when not in use. This equipment is available with your rental.
  5. When you’re done, return the bike to its point of origin.

    Flashfleet bikes are proudly protected by BikeGuard: The Free Bike Registry.

Safety Tips:

Always wear a helmet

Flashfleet helmets are one size fits all. The helmet should fit snugly, without gaps at the sides and not obstructing your field of vision. Wear the helmet flat on the head, not tilted back at an angle. Make sure the chin strap fits securely and the buckle stays fastened. The straps should be fitted to allow two fingers between the strap and your chin.

Always lock your bike

Properly locking the bike with the cable lock provided is necessary to avoid theft and vandalism. The cable should be uncoiled and roped through the rear wheel, bike frame and around the bike rack or other fixed object.

Always follow traffic laws

The same laws that apply to motorists apply to cyclists and you should obey all traffic control devices. Use hand signals to indicate stops and turns. Always ride in the furthest right lane, in the same direction as traffic.

Always ride predictably

Ride in a straight line. Do not swerve in the road or between parked cars. Check for traffic before entering the street or intersection. Anticipate hazards and adjust your position accordingly.

Always be visible

Wear brightly colored clothing. Declare yourself by making eye contact with motorists.


An Award Winning Program: