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VI. Developing and Recognizing Our People

All university divisions will actively pursue this goal; some specific action steps are noted below.

6.1 Develop leadership skills in a wide range of faculty and staff – create bench strength 

  • Utilize professional development opportunities for employees (Enrollment Management and Student Affairs)
  • Develop and implement diversity training, diversity seminars, and professional development opportunities focused on diversity for faculty, staff, and students (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
  • Promote leadership skills of division’s management staff through professional development series (Information Services)
  • Develop and implement a training program that strengthens Kent State’s culture of excellence and facilitates cultural change to attain the university’s goals (Human Resources).

6.2 Recruit and retain the highest-quality faculty and staff in the nation

  • Develop a mentoring system for faculty (Academic Affairs)
  • Increase external funding to support faculty positions, i.e. research scholars (Research and Sponsored Programs)
  • Continue to use established candidate recruitment and selection procedures to hire a diverse, quality workforce; recognize and reward top-performing staff (Enrollment Management and Student Affairs)
  • Develop leading practices in the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
  • Promote the achievements of faculty and staff (University Relations)
  • Develop leading practices in the recruitment, retention, and recognition of outstanding faculty and staff (Human Resources).

6.3 Develop and implement a diversity plan with a focus on inclusive excellence

  • Incorporate diversity-related goals into leader performance evaluations (All divisions)
  • Promote an inclusive, non-discriminatory, welcoming and highly productive workplace throughout the university (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Human Resources)
  • Create an inclusive environment, broadly defined, for student-athletes, coaches, administrators and other stakeholders (Intercollegiate Athletics)
  • Support the university’s diversity plan and demonstrate the division’s commitment to diversity in all marketing output (University Relations)
  • Support efforts of Information Services diversity working group to enhance awareness of diversity issues among staff (Information Services)
  • Implement a training reporting application to consolidate staff training information (Information Services).

6.4 Align faculty and staff rewards with institutional priorities

  • Provide incentives for faculty who secure external funding (Research and Sponsored Programs)
  • Continue employee recognition programs (Human Resources; Enrollment Management and Student Affairs)
  • Support and promote the health and well-being of the university community through implementation of a strategic and comprehensive health and wellness approach (Human Resources).

6.5 Ensure effective communication and ownership of the university strategy and values at all levels

  • Communicate strategy by enhancing transparency and setting clear expectations (All divisions)
  • Conduct division- and unit-level meetings; develop town hall-style meetings; complete annual reports and WEAVEonline assessment (Enrollment Management and Student Affairs).