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How do I apply for the Writing Internship Program (WIP)?

You can contact Sara Cutting, the Director of Writing Internship Program at and/or Chris McCracken, the Assistant Director of Writing Internship Program, at, to get more information on what application materials you need to supply along with your application form, i.e. recommendation letters, etc.

Where can I get an application for the program?

You can download an application form to print and fill out from our website.

When do I need to submit the application?

In order to participate in the internship program , your complete application along with all supplemental materials must be submitted to Sara Cutting in 205 Satterfield by the ninth week of the semester prior to the internship.  Please check flyers, or our facebook page each semester for the up to date exact deadline.

How do I know if I qualify to participate in the Writing Internship Program (WIP)?

Potential internship applicants must have Junior or Senior standing. You must have completed at least one of the English courses listed below or have taken other writing intensive courses.

  • Principles in Technical Writing (30062)
  • Business & Professional Writing (30063)
  • Argumentative Prose (ENG 30064)
  • Expository Prose (ENG 30065)
  • Writing in the Public Domain (ENG 30066)
  • Senior Seminar (ENG 49091)

What type of course credit will I receive for participating in the internship program, is it a paid experience?

The Writing Internship Program places you in an internship where you will receive three credit hours of upper division elective course credits towards your English major or minor. There is no monetary pay for the internship.

Is my internship location pre-decided? Do I get a choice in where I want to spend my semester working?

The Writing Internship Program will place you based on your interests and talents.

Will the Writing Internship benefit me even if English is not my primary focus because I am double majoring, or minoring in English?

Yes. The Writing Internship Program will work with you to find an internship placement best suited to your multifaceted needs to best prepare you for your future career plans. The skills you learn through this program will travel with you throughout your lifetime and can be applied to many different settings. 

To figure out if this program is for me, can you tell me what the typical Writing Internship intern is like as a student? How do I know if I will be able to handle the work?

Absolutely, the typical student intern participating in the Writing Internship Program is a self-motivated, self-reliant, independent-thinking student. He or she is comfortable with responsibility and is a problem-solver that can think on their feet to deal navigate the unexpected in internship situations. The intern must able to meet due dates, and should enjoy engaging in writing projects both individually and through interacting with their Internship coordinator, onsite supervisor, and colleagues at the internship sites.

Can the Writing Internship Program be used for Honors course credit?

Actually, there is a separate section of the Writing Internship Program course registration devoted exclusively as an Honors course to serve Kent State’s Honors students. Please keep in mind, registering for the Honors section of the internship will include a few additional responsibilities as an intern in order to qualify you to receive Honors course credit.

How many hours per week will I spend at my internship location?

You are required to spend 10 hours per week at your internship location. You will work with your supervisor at your internship site to determine your schedule.

What if I don’t have my own transportation?

There are internship opportunities available on campus as well as some locations that are accessible by PARTA.

Will I be required to attend a class in addition to my internship hours?

Interns typically meet with the internship director, graduate assistant coordinator and other interns 3-4 times per semester. These meetings are intended to help students solve problems and discuss experiences at internship sites.

What additional work will I be required to do beyond my on-site hours?

Interns are expected to keep a reflective journal to be turned in twice a month throughout the semester. Interns will also submit a final report that consists of an updated resume and cover letter and a 5-7 page report as a final reflection on your internship experience.

 How will my final grade be determined?

Your final grade will be calculated as follows:     

  • On-site work and supervisor evaluation.
  • Final Report
  • Reflective Journals
  • Internship Meetings