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Professional Activities

Rebecca Meehan, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, presented a poster titled “Use of Electronic Health Records in LTPAC: Qualitative Case Study of Early Adopter Facility” at the 2014 Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Health IT Summit held in June 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Belinda Boon, School of Library and Information Science, presented "Carpe Diem-Seize the Day! Five Things You Can Do NOW to Transform Your Library" at the Texas Library Association District 9 Meeting in Midland, Texas on Sept. 20, 2014.

Peter C. Kratcoski, Department of Sociology, Kent State University at Stark, and Maxmilian Edelbacher, presented "Investigation of Insurance Fraud" at the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sept. 19, 2014.

Summary: The paper focuses on the different types of fraud relating to insurance, the motivations for engaging in fraud and the different methods used by insurance agencies and police agencies to detect and prevent insurance fraud.

Additional Comments: The paper will be published in a book titled Handbook for Detectives. It will be published by CRC/Taylor and Francis Group in early 2015.


An article written by Daniel Roland, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, has made the most-read articles at the Journal of Religious and Theological Information website. The article is titled "The Response of Mainline Protestant Clergy Members to the Moral Panic Regarding Harry Potter."


Marianne Martens, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, and Dorothy Stoltz, authored "E-Books Enhance Development of the Whole Child Up for Debate" in the School of Library Journal, Aug. 19, 2014.

Jennifer M. Cunningham, Department of English, Kent State University at Stark, authored "Features of Digital African American Language in a Social Network Site," Written Communication, Vol. 31, Issue 4, (2014): 404-433.

Web link:

Joseph Hendry, Police Services, authored a magazine article, "Physical Security: Are We Protecting People or Trapping Them?" in Campus Safety, Vol. 22, No. 5, Framingham, Massachusetts: EH Publishing, Inc. Robin Hattersley (Ed.), (2014), 22-23.

Summary: Although access control solutions can save lives, when inappropriately deployed, they could prevent or delay evacuation, placing more people in harm’s way.

Web link:

Richard Feinberg, Department of Anthropology, and Alexander Mawyer, Center for Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawai`i at Manoa, authored "Senses of Space: Multiplying Models of Spatial Cognition in Oceania," in Ethos, Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology, Edward Lowe; guest editors, Richard Feinberg and Alexander Mawyer, Vol. 42, Issue 3, (2014): 243-252.

Summary: Feinberg and Mawyer co-edited a special issue of Ethos, Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology. The issue is titled "Spatial Orientation and Cognition in Oceania and Indonesia." The article, "Senses of Space: Multiplying Models of Spatial Cognition in Oceania,” was the introduction to the special issue.

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