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Professional Activities

Paul Sherman, School of Library and Information Science, presented "Ethnography at the Speed of Business" at the User Experience Akron Meetup Group in Akron, Ohio, on Feb. 18, 2015.

Rebecca Meehan, School of Library and Information Science, John Gachago and John Ritter, presented a webinar titled "Introduction to HL-7" and "HER Functional Model" at the Health Informatics HI Pulse on Feb. 19, 2015.

David Robins, School of Library and Information Science, presented "A Visual Orientation System for e-learning: To Use the Visual to Improve Student Experience" at the Customer Experience 2015 Conference on UX and Service Design in Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 2015.

Summary: The presentation described Robins' latest research on how the use of images, icons and symbols helps users navigate and quickly complete otherwise complex tasks on the Internet.

Richard Feinberg, Department of Anthropology, was a discussant for a formal symposium titled "First Fieldwork: 1960-1985" at the Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Feb. 3-7, 2015.

Marcia Lei Zeng, School of Library and Information Science, presented "A New Paradigm Shift Called Digital Art History" at the International Conference on Chen Cheng-po and Modern East Asian Art History in National Palace of Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, on Jan. 16 and 17, 2015.

Additional Comments: Zeng was an invited panelist on the session. She also was participating in research projects and training at the Academia Sinica Digital Center during her visit in Taipei in January.


John Hoornbeek, Department of Health Policy and Management, authored "The Impacts of Local Health Department Consolidation on Public Health Expenditures: Evidence from Ohio" in the American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 105, Issue S2, (2015): S174-S180.

Summary: Hoornbeek and colleagues examined the effects of local health department consolidations on administrative expenditures in Ohio, identifying both financial benefits and public health service improvements.

Web link:

Additional comments: The American Journal of Public Health is the most prestigious, peer-reviewed journal in the field and has been identified as one of the most influential journals in biology and medicine over the last 100 years. Funding for this work was provided through the Ohio Research Association for Public Health Improvement by the Practice Based Research Network National Coordinating Center at the University of Kentucky and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Peter C. Kratcoski, professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology, authored a section of a book, "Sharon L. Kennedy, Ohio Supreme Court Justice" in Trends in the Judiciary Volume Two, 1st Ed., (Boca Raton, Florida: CRCPress/ Taylor and Francis Group) David Lowe and Dilip K. Das, Eds. (2015), 201-217.

Summary: The candid responses of Sharon L. Kennedy, Ohio Supreme Court Justice, reveal how her prior professional work experience assist her in assessing cases that come before the Ohio Supreme Court

Web link:

Additional comments: Justice Kennedy was a police officer, practicing attorney and domestic relations court judge before assuming the position of Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court.

E. Thomas Dowd, professor emeritus in the Department of Psychological Sciences, authored a section of a book, "Tacit Knowledge Awareness and Its Role in Improving the Decision-Making Process in International Negotiations" in Handbook of International Negotiations: Interpersonal, Intercultural and Diplomatic Perspectives, 1st Ed., (New York, NY: Springer) Mauro Galluccio, Ed., (2015), 15-25.

Summary: Dowd describes several constructs of tacit knowledge structures that underlie the negotiation process, including the negotiators' culture, their religion, their native language, and the epistemologies and cognitive heuristics they use.

Web link:

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