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Professional Activities

Meghan Harper, School of Library and Information Science, presented "In Search of Wonder: Common Core and More" at the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance in Perry, Ohio, on Oct. 17, 2014.

Summary: Harper served on a panel at the event, discussing classic and contemporary books that can be used across all academic disciplines to enhance students' learning experiences.

Lala Hajibayova, School of Library and Information Science, presented a poster titled "Investigation of Level of Abstraction of Tags: What is Basic Across Basic Resource Genres?" at the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST) in Seattle, Washington on Oct. 31 - Nov. 5, 2014.

Carolyn Brodie, School of Library and Information Science, was awarded the 2014 Presidential Award by the Ohio Education Library Media Association. Brodie is a retired Kent State professor. The award honors individuals in the library field for their service to the School of Library and Information Science.

I. Richmond Nettey, associate dean of the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology, at the invitation of the Association of Technology Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE), delivered a peer-reviewed presentation on “Technology Alumni and Employer Surveys for Program Accreditation: Findings and Feedback to Tomorrow’s Gateway” at the 2014 ATMAE Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Thomas J. Froehlich, School of Library and Information Science, presented "A Brief History of Information Ethics: A New Outlook 10 Years Later (2004-2014)" at the Information Seeking in Context Conference in University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, in October 2014.

Summary: Froehlich’s paper is the most heavily cited article from the University of Barcelona's online journal, bid, and appears as a second entry in a current Google search on "information ethics."

Yin Zhang, School of Library and Information Science, presented "System Function Adoption of an Open Source Digital Repository System: A Global View" and “A Tale of Social Q&As in the United States and China" at the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST) in Seattle, Washington, on Oct. 31 - Nov. 5, 2014.

Summary: Zhang presented two posters and was on the panel "Transforming the Date Landscape: Connecting Data, Policies and Communities."

Rick Feinberg, Department of Anthropology, presented "Anthropology and the Study of Non-instrument Navigation" at the "Lost and Found" Annual Science Symposium in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Nov. 14, 2014.

Summary: The presentation was an introduction for scientists not in anthropology to Pacific Islanders' voyaging and navigational history and techniques.

Web link:

Additional Comments: This was an invited talk as part of a daylong annual science symposium sponsored by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. Other presenters included neuroscientists Eleanor Maguire (University College of London) and Yasser Roudi (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), both of whom have worked with 2014 Nobel Prize winners John O'Keefe, Edvard I. Moser and May-Britt Moser; animal behavior specialist Susanne Åkesson (Lund University, Sweden); George Hobbs (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia); and Harvard partical physicist John Huth, who has been working on Higgs boson research at the CERN lab in Switzerland.


Kiersten Latham, School of Library and Information Science, and Corina Iannaggi, graduate student in the School of Library and Information Science, authored a magazine article, "Instantiation: Academia's Pop-Up Museum" in Proceedings from the Annual Meeting of the Document Academy, Vol. 1, Article 2, 2014.

Summary: The paper was presented at the 2014 DOCAM conference at Kent State University in August 2014. Latham served as co-chair of the 2014 DOCAM conference.

Web link:

Additional comments: The article provides an overview of the creation and installation of the Document Academy (DOCAM) 2014 Instantiation, an experimental exhibition intended to develop a three-dimensional representation of the DOCAM 2014 participants’ spoken presentations. During the installation process, it was evident that the Instantiation resembled a current trend in the museum profession known as “The Pop-Up Museum.” An evaluation of the Instantiation in the context of the Pop-Up Museum uncovered a similar core objective, the ability to create meaningful conversations centered around the participants’ documents on display. This objective was supported by participants’ responses to follow-up questions about their experience participating in and conversing about the Instantiation while attending the conference. It is believed that other academic conferences could benefit from a project similar to the Instantiation and the process outlined in this article can be used as a model for its creation.

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