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Coming Soon: A Special Celebration of Excellence

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Working together, the people of Kent State University represent a powerful force – a force that continues to accomplish great things.   As university faculty and staff, you are an essential part of bringing "Excellence in Action" to life every day.

Your commitment is recognized, greatly appreciated and will be celebrated. Watch for the announcement of an upcoming event that will do just that. Posted Feb. 21, 2011

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Kent State Safety in Action With ThreatLine Reporting System

Kent State’s ThreatLine, a confidential phone-reporting service operated by the Department of Police Services, is now more than a year old, and its existence shows why Kent State University’s campus is consistently regarded as one of Ohio’s safest.

news briefs Threatline
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ThreatLine provides an additional means to anonymously communicate information about threats of violence to the campus police department. The phone line and website are toll-free and available at any time of day.

Dean Tondiglia, associate director of public safety, says the police department hasn’t received many calls, but that’s not a bad thing.

“We’re not measuring success based onthe number of calls we receive,” he says.  “It’s about having a program in place to allow people who would not otherwise report threatening activity to inform us. It’s one piece of a bigger plan to address violence on campus.”

Anonymity is the key feature of ThreatLine. Tondiglia says the police department doesn’t want people to be hesitant about reporting potential threats.

“We encourage people to call,” he says. “We don’t want to close the door on anonymous tips.”

ThreatLine does not replace 911 in the case of an immediate emergency, and it is not meant to be a replacement for filing an official report with the Kent State University Department of Police Services.

ThreatLine reportable events include: Threats of physical harm, harassment, sexual assault, suspicious or disruptive behavior on campus and information regarding weapons or drugs on campus.

Tondiglia also says it’s difficult to attribute any certain thing to Kent State’s excellent standard of safety, as that safe environment could be the result of a combination of things.

“Students and staff are very good with contacting us about suspicious behavior,” he says. “The community itself helps a lot. We don’t have a high crime rate. I’m sure ThreatLine would be used a lot more if there were more crime in the area.”

 Individuals with information about violence or threats of violence on campus are encouraged to contact Kent State Police Services at 330-672-SAFE (7233) or

By Tom Crilley Posted Feb. 21, 2011

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International Opportunity is College Career Highlight for Recreation, Park and Tourism Major

Kate Jefferies, senior Recreation, Park and Tourism Management major, is a Kent State student with a mission. Just this past summer she presented her senior honors thesis paper, “An Exploration of the Nature of Extraordinary Experiences" at the World Leisure Organization’s conference in Chun Cheon, South Korea, and she hopes to continue her mission of humanitarianism after she graduates in May 2011.

news briefs Parks and Tourism
Kate Jefferies

The World Leisure Organization conference brings together educators, government officials, students, and representatives from non-governmental organizations like tourism, recreation and sports to discuss various issues concerning the conference’s theme. Jefferies’ thesis paper, in which she researched the factors that lead to college students’ memorable leisure experiences, focused on improving college life, tourism and leisure services.

Jefferies says that her advisors were always compassionate and enthusiastic about her research and helped push her to apply for the conference.

“Kent State professors and faculty helped me to get to South Korea through their unwavering guidance and support” she says.

Jefferies credits her experience at Kent State as inspiration for her drive to help others. “The classes and experiences I've had here have inspired me to explore the world more,” she says. Jeffries also says that her study abroad trip to Uganda in 2009 sparked a desire to learn more about the global community.

Currently, Jefferies is undecided about her future. Although she says her main priority is working for the Peace Corps, she feels that it’s important to have an open mind and weigh different options. Jefferies definitely wants to be as involved in global issues as possible as she says she finds that subject matter refreshing and informative, and enjoys being immersed in other cultures.

 “As long as I'm still challenging myself and traveling,” she says, “everything else will fall into place.”

For more information about the Recreation, Park and Tourism Management program, visit its website at

By Erin Dwinnells


Posted Feb. 21, 2011

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Nomination Deadline Extended for 2011 Distinguished Scholar Award

The University Research Council is now accepting nominations for the 2011 Distinguished Scholar Award.

In conjunction with the annual Celebration of Scholarship, the University Research Council sponsors a program of annual awards to three distinguished scholars for outstanding research and/or creative activities at Kent State University. The cash award is $1,500, and nominations are made by peers. Awardees are selected by a committee of faculty members from related disciplines and endorsed by the full council.

To be eligible, a faculty member must be nominated. Self-nominations are acceptable. The nomination deadline has been extended to Feb. 23, 2011.  After all the nominations are received, the University Research Council will contact each nominee individually for detailed information and additional material to support their nomination. The awards will be presented at the Distinguished Scholar Award ceremony, which will take place during the annual Celebration of Scholarship event on April 15, 2011.

Only tenured/tenure-track and emeriti faculty at Kent State may nominate someone for a Distinguished Scholar Award. Individuals may nominate only one candidate per year.

Except in unusual circumstances, only full professors who have been at Kent State for a full five years are eligible to receive a Distinguished Scholar Award. In order to receive the award, nominees who have been at Kent State for less than 10 years must demonstrate a record of sustained scholarship and/or creative activity since coming to Kent State.

An individual may only receive one Distinguished Scholar Award. Finalists from the previous year will be asked if they wish to be considered again for the award. Therefore, it is not necessary to nominate an individual who received a nomination in the previous year.

The 2010 Distinguished Scholar Award recipients are Dr. John Dunlosky, Department of Psychology; Dr. Robert Flexer, School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences, and Dr. Phil Rumrill, also from the School  of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences.

The Nomination Form is available online: Posted Feb. 21, 2011

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100 Commitments Presentation: Innovation, Adaptation and Diversity

In the face of severe economic challenges, a university must find ways to enhance teamwork and group achievement in order to achieve its goals.   Relying on modern research, common sense and good humor, the presenters will ask the audience to explore a different definition of workplace diversity through a participatory presentation of ideas about decision-making styles and personal approaches to communication.  Participants will take with them new ideas and reassurance of old ideas to make their work teams more effective in moving Kent State University forward.

Date:  Feb. 23, 2011

Time:  1 – 3 p.m.

Room: 1018 Library

Speakers: Lee Gill, Chief Diversity Officer/ Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Equity – The University of Akron
A.G. Monaco, Associate Vice Chancellor, Louisiana State University

For additional information about this presentation, contact Peter Lisius, music and media catalog librarian, at or  Roman Panchyshyn, catalog librarian, at Posted Feb. 21, 2011

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