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Your Guide to Romance This Valentine’s Day

Posted Feb. 13, 2012 | Katie Fickle
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Kent State Communication Studies Professor Sally Planalp
offers tips for Valentine's Day. Planalp specializes in
interpersonal and relational communication.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it is necessary to keep your partner smiling.

“Make it clear to yourself and your partner that he or she is your top priority,” says Sally Planalp, Kent State communication studies professor. “The message of the day is that your partner is important and special.”

Planalp, who specializes in interpersonal and relational communication, offers five tips to keep the spark alive in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

Do something together that you both enjoy: It’s important to keep the relationship exciting. Plan an activity that is out of the ordinary for you and your partner to experience together. Rather than going out for dinner, stay in. Try a new recipe and cook dinner together. Or rather than eating at home, go out.

When you are together, be fully present: Make your partner the focus of your attention. Eliminate all distractions. Don’t look up the score of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ game or take a call from a friend during dinner.

Tell your partner how grateful you are for him or her: Think about all of the things you enjoy about your partner. Think about what it would be like if you didn’t have that person. It will enable you to understand how grateful you are for you partner and to express your gratitude.

Just be sincere: Don’t worry about being smooth. Cheesy lines may come easy, but a heartfelt message, even if stumbling, will be perceived as more genuine. Be sure to think about what you want to say in advance.

Give a gift as a token of appreciation: Don’t just grab a gift off of the shelf. Teddy bears and chocolate are typical. Give your partner a thoughtful gift, but don’t rely on the gift to make the day special.

“On Valentine’s Day, you want your partner to feel like the most important person on the planet, at least to you” Planalp says.