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Degree Through Regional Cohort

Principal License and Master's (M.Ed.)/Ed.S. Degree Regional Cohorts

2015 Regional Cohorts For Master's (M.Ed.)/Ed.S. and Principal Licensure

  • Earn your Master's (M.Ed.)/Ed.S. with principal licensure in just two years!
  • If interested, partial scholarships (i.e., $2,800) available to cohort members.
  • If interested, $100 will be awarded to cohort members to implement their research-based solutions.
  • Leadership awards will be presented to cohort members who receive scholarship funds.
  • Graduate with 14 authentic artifacts that demonstrate how you lead for future job interviews.
  • Travel to school districts in your region to better understand what it means to lead in diverse contexts.
  • Co-create and facilitate a regional conference with your cohort members for teachers and school leaders in your region for free continuing education units.
Up to 25 candidates will be accepted per cohort.


For the 2015-2016 academic year, candidates may apply for their Master's (M.Ed.)/Ed.S. and Principal Licensure in the following regional cohorts:


EDAD Cleveland East

  • For Cleveland East candidates, classes will begin in the Orange School District.  Throughout a candidate's studies in the Cleveland East cohort, the candidate will have opportunities to take classes each semester in surrounding school districts within the Cleveland East Region. The locations will be determined by the candidates accepted into the Cleveland East cohort.

EDAD Cleveland West

  • For Cleveland East candidates, classes will begin in the Parma School District.  Throughout a candidate's studies in the Cleveland West cohort, the candidate will have opportunities to take classes each semester in surrounding school districts within the Cleveland West Region. The locations will be determined by the candidates accepted into the Cleveland West cohort.

EDAD Main Campus

  • For Main Campus candidates, all classes will take place on the Kent State main campus in Kent, Ohio. Candidates will have opportunities for field excursions to other schools throughout their studies.

The deadline to submit all of the following required documents for the partial scholarship is 
July 1, 2015


Apply for Master's (M.Ed.)/Ed.S. Degree through Office of Graduate Studies

Candidates must apply for their master's (M.Ed.) or Ed.S. degree through the Graduate Studies office ON-LINE HERE. Candidates will need to also submit:

  • an original transcript* with the print date of less than one year (i.e., 2013)
  • a $30 application fee
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Goal statement
*The address for sending original transcripts is:  Kent State University, Division of Graduate Studies, Cartwright Hall, 650 Hilltop Drive, Kent, Ohio 44240

When you apply on-line, you must select the cohort for which you are applying located in the intended major section of the on-line application (i.e., EDAD Cleveland East, EDAD Cleveland West, or EDAD Main Campus); otherwise, we will not be aware of your interest in the partial scholarships being offered.  Please do NOT forget this step.  It is critical to your application process.



Are you interested in possibly earning a partial scholarship and funds to implement your research-based solutions? If yes, then follow the steps noted below:

Partial Scholarship Application Process for Regional Cohorts:

Candidates need to submit the following documents to be considered for a partial scholarship and $100 to use towards implementing research-based solutions within the regional cohorts:



1.    Candidates must be nominated by one of the following:
  • Superintendent
  • Central Office Leader
  • Building Level Leader
  • Self-Nominated

Partial Scholarship Nomination Form



2.     Candidates must provide at least 1 letter of recommendation from EACH of the following 4 stakeholder groups in the candidate’s current school district. Candidates may submit up to 2 letters from EACH group. 
  • School Leaders (e.g. principals, dean, assistant principals, teacher leaders, superintendents, central office leaders, etc.)
  • Teachers
  • K-12 Students (e.g. current or past students)  
  • Family Members of Students (e.g. current or past families)  

Partial Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Form



3.     Candidates must respond in writing to the following questions:
  • Which regional cohort am I applying for?
  • What is my current position?
  • In your current position, how do you improve student learning for all students?
  • What experiences, talents, and knowledge will you bring to the cohort?



4.     Please make sure you send the nomination form, letters of recommendation from community stakeholders, and essay responses as PDF files in ONE email to:
  • Nancy Miller, Academic Program Coordinator, Graduate Student Services at


Thank you for your interest in our EDAD Principal Licensure Regional Cohorts!