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Curriculum Committee Agenda 4-19-13

College of Education, Health and Human Services
Curriculum Committee Agenda
9 AM - 12 PM ~ 308D WH
April 19, 2013


Welcome and Introductions (Joanne Arhar and Cathy Hackney)

 Information/Discussion Items

FLA / EDAD:  Workshop EDAD 40093 Anti-Bullying:  Assessing School Climate

FLA / EDAD:  Workshop EDAD 50093 Anti-Bullying:  Creating Culturally Responsive Learning Spaces for All Children

LDES / SPSY:  Workshop SPSY 50093 Restraint Training for School Psychologists

LDES / CHDS:  Workshop CHDS 50093 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Culture & Helping ProfessionalsCatalog

Revision for All Teacher Education Programs:  Beginning September 2013, the Ohio Assessments for Educators will replace the Praxis II series as the required Ohio educator licensure assessments.  As a result, all teacher education programs that lead to licensure must revise the catalog to reflect this change.  (NOTE: only the overall documentation was uploaded.  If you need to view an individual program change please see Luci)

Review and Approval of Minutes

Dec. 21, 2012

Jan. 14, 2013 Electronic Vote 

Undergraduate Proposals

FLA - Event Planning Minor (Andrew Lepp)
Proposal revises the Event Planning Minor to correct an error.  RPTM 36092 Practicum in Therapeutic Recreation is removed and RPTM 36192 Practicum in Leisure Services Management is added.  Total program hours do not change.  Effective Fall 2014.

HS-SPMD Minor (Kim Peer)
Proposal revises the Sports Medicine Minor by adding and removing courses and reducing total program hours from 34 to 32.  Effective Fall 2014.

TLC - BSE Integrated Social Studies (Alicia Crowe)
Revises program requirements for BSE in Integrated Social Studies.  Revisions include adding, removing and revising courses in the program.  Total program hours do not change.  Effective Fall 2014.

TLC-ADED 22275 (Alicia Crowe)
Establishes new course, Issues and Trends in Social Studies Education; 3 credit hours; lecture course;  no prerequisites; effective Fall 2014.

TLC-ADED 32275 (Alicia Crowe)
Revises course in areas of course content, description, prerequisites, title, title abbreviation and other.  Effective Fall 2014.

TLC-ADED 42275 (Alicia Crowe)
Revises course in areas of course content, description, title, title abbreviation and other.  Effective Fall 2014.

Graduate/Undergraduate Proposals

TLC-MCED 42358/52358 (Bette Brooks)
Revises course in areas of course content, description, prerequisites and other.  Effective Fall 2014.

Graduate Proposals

 TLC / MAT MCED:  Establish Program, Claudia Khourey-Bowers,
Program Development Plan to establish a new degree program.  Purpose of the MAT MCED degree is to provide an entry-level graduate degree that is most appropriate to the needs of the teaching profession and potential career-change teacher candidates.

TLC / CI:  Program Revision, James Henderson, Effective Fall 2014
The purpose of the proposal is to revise admission policy, graduation policy, and course requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy Curriculum and Instruction major.

LDES / SPED: Program Revision, Sonya Wisdom, Effective Fall 2013
This proposal revises admission requirements for the M.Ed. Special Education major, to correct an omission in the University catalog.

LDES / ITEC / MEd-MLIS:  Program Revision, Drew Tiene, Effective Fall 2013
Proposal revises the admission requirements for the K-12 School Library Media licensure dual degree program, to mirror those in the Library and Information Science major.  It also clarifies admission and graduation policy.

 TLC / ECED 80296:  Course Inactivation, Janice Kroeger, Effective Fall 2013

TLC / MCED 52358: Course Revision, Bett Brooks, Effective Fall 2014
This proposal is to increase the number of weeks in student teaching from twelve to sixteen.  Changes made to contact hours, course description, and content to reflect this increase.

TLC / CI 87791:  Course Revision, Mike Mikusa, Effective Fall 2014
Proposal changes the format of the PhD seminar in mathematics education from 3 credit hour course to 1 credit hour that will meet each semester.  Content was revised to reflect this change.

TLC / CI 6/77010:  Course Revision, Alicia Crowe, Effective Fall 2014
The purpose of this proposal is to update the content of the course and to remove the prerequisite.

HS / NUTR 63523:  Course Inactivation, Natalie Caine-Bish, Fall 2013