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Curriculum Committee Agenda 9-20-13

EHHS Curriculum Committee
Sept. 20, 2013
Electronic Meeting


Welcome back to the good work of the College Curriculum Committee!

Thank you for agreeing to be an active member of this important committee. Please make every attempt to be present for all meetings so that we might have a quorum and conduct our business.  Our meetings will begin promptly at 9:00 and will dismiss by noon. We expect that all committee members will have read and considered the proposals on the agenda before the meeting. Each month’s agenda and the proposals to be considered for review will be posted on the CCC web page. If you are unable to attend a meeting, please find a substitute to represent your School.  Because we have only one workshop proposal to consider this month, we will NOT meet next Friday, Sept. 20. The proposal will be posted on the CCC website for your review. Please read it immediately. If you have issues with it, let Cathy know by Friday, 5:00PM, so that we can raise it to “discussion” level immediately if necessary. Thanks!  Before our next scheduled meeting on Oct. 18, we would like to you to review the guiding principles of the committee. You may want to consult the CCC web pages, which are found by clicking the committee link on the left side of the EHHS web page. In particular, the link below will take you to a page explaining the responsibilities of those associated with the CCC.  We are also attaching the revised process chart that we will follow for any curriculum proposal approval. The process now includes meetings with Dean Mahony three different times during the new program approval process. Thanks to Susan Augustine for making a complicated process seem less so!

Again, thank you for joining the CCC. Please do review the proposal on the web page and respond to Cathy by 5PM Friday if you have issues that need to be discussed by the group.

Best,Cathy and Joanne

Process to Establish Graduate / Undergraduate Major/Degree

PROPOSALS to Establish Graduate/Undergraduate Major/Degree
Curriculum Services

 I.           Planning Stage
Meet with Cathy/Joanne, Susan, School Director, [Mary Ann Stephens, graduate], and Therese Tillett to discuss intent and curriculum process.  If proposal is determined to be feasibleàmeet with EHHS Dean, School Director, and Cathy/Joanne to discuss (written outline optional) the conceptual framework and rationale (include market demand) for the new program.  If Dan supports the proposal's moving forwardàgo to step II (below).  If Dan does not support the proposal, it dies at this point or is returned for reconsideration.

 II.         Preliminary (using OBR Guidelines): Secure OBR Approval
 School Curriculum Committee-SCC (attend)àCollege Curriculum Committee-CCC (attend)à[Mary Ann Stephens, graduate]àTherese/EPC (grad/ug)àOBR [RACGS (grad)/Program Approval Office (undergrad)] for review (up to 6 weeks); proposal is not specific at this stage, work on Full Proposal while this is being reviewed

A.       Submit Program Development Plan (PDP) [grad]/Letter of Intent [undergrad]
           ·   format to match form used (grad/undergrad), see form link above
           ·   maximum 5 pages (grad)/2 pages (undergrad)
           ·   for more information on procedures for review and approval of graduate degree programs:

III.      Full Proposal
SCC (attend)àCCC (attend)àEHHS Dean's approval/signature (deliver presentation)à[Mary Ann, grad]à EPC (grad/undergrad-attend)àFaculty Senate (attend)àBoard of Trustees (approval, don't attend)àOBR [RACGS (grad)/Program Approval Office (undergrad)] for review (up to 6 weeks, grad/3-6 months, undergrad)à[RACGS formal presentation and response document, meetings scheduled every 2 months; grad]àposted online for 10 daysàChancellor (signs)

B.       Full Proposal
C.       External letters of support, survey results
D.      Needs Analysis and Faculty Credentials:
          ·   include data-driven market research that addresses student demand that will increase enrollment, potential for employment upon graduation, competitive advantage for the                                      university, reasonable non-duplication with other programs and appropriate multi-year financial analyses. (use focus groups, survey, etc)
E.       Catalog copy: admission/graduation requirements, job opportunities, course requirements, student learning outcomes
F.       Keywords to identify program (GPS)
G.       New courses, through Workflow

IV.       Online Program (if applicable)

contact: Deb Huntsman (OCDE); (possibility: may have to exclude certain states because of their restrictions/requirements); submit any required OCDE paperwork with Full Proposal:
A.       CCP form
B.       OBR Change Request for Online/Hybrid Delivery
·      how do you support students (resources)?
·      who is teaching each course?
·      show that you have same measurement of student success, expectations, quality of degree, standards, etc. as face-to-face program


Mary Ann Stephens, Dean, Graduate Studies
650 Cartwright Hall

Therese Tillett, Director, Curriculum Services
204 Michael Schwartz Building
2-8558   ttillet1@kent.eduDeborah Huntsman

Director, Office of Continuing & Distance Education
120 Lincoln Building

Information / Discussion Items   

FLA / EVAL:  Workshop EVAL 50093 ST Study Group:  Evaluation and Assessment of IB Grading Standards