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Mark Krumm



I grew up in the south eastern Wyoming and obtained my Master’s in Audiology at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. After completing my graduate education, I worked as an educational audiologist in Ranchester, Wyoming. Located in the shadows of the Bighorn mountains, Ranchester is a rural community in which buffalo, deer, moose and bald eagles are common sights. After developing an interest in auditory evoked potentials, I left Wyoming for Wichita State University (WSU) to obtain my Ph.D. I completed by dissertation on the subject of late auditory evoked potentials in children. Just as important, I gradually recognized that WSU was a leader in NCAA bowling and baseball.

We moved to Minot, North Dakota: Logan, Utah: and now Kent State University. Having lived in rural communities most of my life, it was natural for me to develop an interest  in telemedicine as a means to provide hearing health care. Using telemedicine technology, a clinician at one location is able to provide services to patients at other communities using a computer network or an Internet connection.

Although telemedicine has been around for over 100 years, it is only beginning to be used by some audiologists for hearing services to rural and inner city health clinics. My work has resulted in research in which I was able to conduct hearing tests with subjects 600 miles away from me and yet obtain accurate results. I hope to validate telemedicine protocols in audiology so that complete services can be administered to difficult to test populations including infants. Presently, I am working with different researchers in Hawaii, Brazil and in the state of Ohio on various audiology telemedicine projects.