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Portia Yee

Portia Yee

How do you strike a balance between class work, studying, and social activities?  Any suggestions for prospective students on building/maintaining a balance?

Time management is one of the keys to success. It is important to take the time needed to study, but it is just as important to enjoy your hobbies. I know every person is different—some people are "night owls" and some are "morning" people. In undergrad, I could get by with barely studying and cramming the night before an exam. Here, I would say that I have to keep up with the material on a daily basis. I normally go to the gym or exercise after class to unwind and recharge. I also cannot stress how important it is to get enough sleep and occasionally eat Mexican food. I would suggest finding your own rhythm or pattern, and if it works, stick with it (that way you can avoid getting burned out and cramming the night before an exam).

What advice do you have for anyone considering podiatry school?

If you are considering applying to podiatry school, I would definitely spend some time shadowing or observing a podiatrist (or several podiatrists). With podiatry, you can specialize in so many different avenues—diabetic foot care, general foot care, gait analysis, rear- or forefoot surgery, sports medicine, reconstruction, etc. I would also add that any exposure to a cadaver lab and/or a medical terminology course would be beneficial.