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Hashir Mouhiuddin

Hashir Mohiuddin
Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
Undergraduate College: University of Kansas

Have you begun to prepare for Boards yet?  If so, what are you doing in terms of preparation?  Any advice?

Well, I have the USMLE Step 1 book somewhere in my room, that has to count for something right? Although I haven't started studying from actual board review materials, I still feel like I'm in great shape. For starters, tutoring both semesters of Anatomy has really kept me up to date, especially for Lower Anatomy. Given the fact that Lower Anatomy is a significant portion of the boards, I feel pretty confident in that area. Additionally, KSUCPM's curriculum is set up in such a way that the Spring semester before boards reinforces concepts from previous semesters. For example, between Pod Med and Intro to Surgery, we're relearning concepts from Micro, Lower Anatomy and Pharm that should make  studying for boards much less tedious.

How do you strike a balance between class work, studying, and social activities?  Any suggestions for prospective students on building/maintaining a balance?

Stay caught up! Although I haven't exactly been practicing what I preach lately, I try and spend an hour or two every night going over that day's lectures. In doing so, I can afford myself the ability to take most weekends off and enjoy social activities. Additionally, the nice thing about having exam weeks is that it gives us flexibility in scheduling vacations and trips. When one exam week ends, the studying load is pretty light for the next few weeks, providing you a great block of time to schedule a trip, or just take some time off to relax. Time management is key, but I think what's most important is prioritizing. And yes, skipping a night of Pathology to watch The Walking Dead is an acceptable form of prioritizing.