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Farid Fouad

Ph.D., Northeastern University, 2003
Postdoctoral Fellow, Purdue University

Our research interests are focused on the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with potential applications in the fields of pharmaceuticals and material sciences.  Nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur heterocyclic compounds are key building blocks in medicinally and biologically active compounds.  They are predominant among all types of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals products.  Heterocyclic compounds also have many industrial uses as components in dyes, antioxidants, copolymers, bases, and ligands.  Both conventional and microwave assisted synthetic techniques are adopted in our research.  We have developed an efficient microwave assisted synthesis of fused triazolo-benzopyidoxazepines for biological testing.  Another area of interest is the syntheis of heterocyclic superamolecular compounds as liquid crystals, organic semiconductors and organic gelators.  The structure of many heterocylic compounds permits their self assembly and aggregations via possible intermolecular hydrogen bonding, π-stacking, and metal coordination, making them attractive tunable optical and electronic targets.  Students in our laboratory will have the opportunity to learn and practice organic synthesis, structure elucidation and physical measurements.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities
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Farid Fouad
Department of Chemistry
111 Science Research Lab (Kent)
Phone: 330-672-5374
Fax: 330-382-7562