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Arts & Culture

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Delmas Foundation General Program

Deadline: Rolling  
Funding: $25,000-$50,000  
The Foundation intends to further the humanities along a broad front, supporting projects which address the concerns of the historical studia humanitatis: a humanistic education rooted in the great traditions of the past; the formation of human beings according to cultural, moral, and aesthetic ideals derived from that past; and the ongoing debate over how these ideals may best be conceived and realized.

Programs in the following areas are eligible: history; archaeology; literature; languages, both classical and modern; philosophy; ethics; comparative religion; the history, criticism, and theory of the arts; and those aspects of the social sciences which share the content and methods of humanistic disciplines. The Foundation welcomes projects that cross the boundaries between humanistic disciplines and explore the connection between the humanities and other areas of scholarship.

The Humanities Program is primarily directed to institutions of higher education and humanistic enterprises such as learned societies, museums, and major editorial projects. The program may also consider, on a selective basis, projects that increase the exposure of those outside these institutions to the humanistic experience or that strengthen preparation for the humanistic disciplines in secondary education.

These programs do not fund individuals. Organizations seeking funding, within the scope of the program guidelines, should send a letter of inquiry to the Foundation, addressed to the Foundation Administrator. Letters of inquiry should not exceed two typewritten pages. Endowment contributions will be considered only in cases where the purpose and benefit of the grants are clearly focused. No grants will be made for building campaigns. As a rule the Foundation does not fund indirect costs as components in its grants.  


Delmas Foundation Humanities Research Library Program

Deadline: Rolling  
Funding: $25,000-$50,000  
The program concentrates primarily in those areas of its founders' interests and aims to be fully complementary to the foundation's other program areas (i.e., humanities scholarship, performing arts, and Venetian history and culture). The overall objective of the Research Library Program is to improve the ability of research libraries to serve the needs of scholarship in the humanities and the performing arts, and to help make their resources more widely accessible to scholars and the general public. Wherever possible, grants to libraries seek to promote cooperative cataloguing projects, with an emphasis on access to archival, manuscript, and other unique sources; some elements of interpretation and exhibition; scholarly library publications; bibliographical and publishing projects of interest to research libraries; and preservation or conservation work and research.

The geographical concentration is primarily but not exclusively directed toward European and American history and letters, broadly defined. Technological developments that support humanities research and access to humanities resources are also eligible. Conferences designed to address these issues in collaborative ways, and programs formulated to enhance or leverage similar activity by other institutions, consortia, or funding agencies will also be considered

There are no application deadlines for these programs; inquiries are reviewed on an ongoing basis. After reviewing the letter of inquiry, the Foundation may request further information or a full proposal from the applicant.  


Henry Luce Foundation

Deadline: Rolling  
Funding: $50,000-$200,000  
The program supports exhibitions, publications and research that emphasize an
aesthetic approach to American art, specifically scholarly study of painting, sculpture, prints,
drawings, decorative arts, photography, and architecture. This foundation also supports higher education and programs for Asia, environmental public policy, religion and international affairs,
and special projects.  

Johnson Controls Foundation

Deadline: Rolling  
Funding: $25,000-$50,000  
The Johnson Controls Foundation makes charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations, primarily in communities where Johnson Controls has a presence. Extra consideration will be given to organizations or institutions in which Johnson Controls employees are involved and are contributing their time and/or funds.
In evaluating requests for funds, the Advisory Board has developed policies and guidelines for giving in the following categories:

Contributions in this category will be made to public and private higher educational institutions, adult education programs, and education related organizations, including those which seek to increase public knowledge of economics. Included in this area is the funding of a scholarship program for children of employees of Johnson Controls, Inc. Grants are not usually given to public or private pre-schools, elementary, or secondary institutions, but are limited to colleges and universities.

Culture and the Arts
The Foundation recognizes that arts and cultural activities enrich the quality of life in communities. To assist such programs, it will consider contributions to visual, performing, and literary arts, public radio and television, libraries, museums, and other related cultural activities. Priority will be extended to those serving communities in which Johnson Controls employees live and work, and to those in which these employees are involved with their time and/or funds.

Civic Activities
This category includes assistance to programs in the areas of justice and law, community and neighborhood improvements, the environment, civil rights and equal opportunity, citizenship and safety.  


Kalliopeia Foundation

Deadline: Rolling  
Funding: $25,000  
Kalliopeia Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the evolution of communities and cultures that honor the unity at the heart of life’s rich diversity. Rooted in this mission, our grantmaking goal is to strengthen a collective recognition of the oneness of humanity.

We work toward this goal through three strategic program areas:

Fostering a Global Consciousness of Oneness: Contribute to a growing awareness of what unifies rather than divides people, and evolve our understanding of what it means to live in harmony with the whole of life.

Indigenous Cultures: Empower, encourage, and protect the flourishing of Indigenous Peoples, cultures, and languages that carry forward ancient traditions of kinship with all of life.

Nurturing the Inner Life: Support cultural transition to an increasingly interconnected world through transformative and contemplative work that reconnects humanity to the essential unity at its core.  

Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation Photography Grants

Deadline: Rolling  
Funding: $25,000-$50,000  
As a priority, the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation will support museums and other public institutions by assisting in the creation or expansion of photography departments. The foundation's emphasis is on permanence, which is to say, the acquisition of photographs or the support for study and exhibition facilities. Support is also available for important exhibitions which ideally will be accompanied by quality catalogues, books, or other documents to insure their place as reference resources for the future documentation of photography as a fine art.

In many cases in which an institution or a sponsor for an exhibition has begun a project, such as a catalogue, the foundation is willing to augment the project by providing funds to improve quality. In the appropriate circumstance, the foundation will also assist independent curators in developing interesting photography exhibitions.

The foundation's board meets regularly to consider various business matters and reviews applications at its meetings. No formal application forms are currently being utilized. If a project falls within the context of the foundation's guidelines, applicants should condense the description of the project to only a few pages. If the board finds the project potentially interesting, applicants will be contacted. Please note that the foundation has made several substantial long-term funding commitments, and decisions to fund new proposals are based on its current level of ongoing projects.  


Tiffany and Company Foundation

Deadline: Rolling  
Funding: $50,000-$100,000  
ince its inception in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been guided by the belief that a successful company has a responsibility to the greater community. The Tiffany & Co. Foundation was established in 2000 to focus the company's philanthropic endeavors by providing grants to nonprofit organizations working in two main program areas: the environment and the arts.

The Foundation shows a special appreciation for, and commitment to, advancing the arts by supporting the critically important work of educational, artistic and cultural institutions dedicated to excellence in decorative arts design through the creation of gallery spaces and support of education in the field of design and the decorative arts.

The mission of The Foundation's environment program is to support organizations dedicated to the stewardship of natural resources in the areas of responsible mining, coral reef conservation and urban parks  

William & Flora Hewlett Foundation's Grantseekers

Deadline: Rolling  
Funding: $25,000-$50,000  
The Hewlett Foundation makes grants in five core program areas: education, environment, global development and population, performing arts, and philanthropy. In addition, the Foundation makes grants to support disadvantaged communities in the Bay Area. The Foundation’s grants are awarded solely for charitable purposes. The Foundation funds organizations working in the areas identified above, based on specific goals and strategies outlined by the programs. Almost all grants are awarded to organizations identified by the Foundation.