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Summer 2014 Education Workshops

Workshops marked > are approved or are pending approval for continuing education contact hours from the Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board (RCS029601). Each workshop credit hour is equal to 15 contact hours. Workshops marked * are approved for Ohio School Psychologist Association (14-09-21) Mandatory Continuing Education credit.

Mouse Icon  Denotes an online workshop. Please note: All online courses and workshops have an additional distance learning fee of $10 per credit hour.

To register for a workshop, visit the Credit Registration Information page. 


Mouse Icon21st Century Skills and Technology, Information and Media Literacies
Come explore the convergence of 21st century skills with technology, information and media literacies. Participants will investigate ways that these new literacies can help transform learning. A collection of technology-enhanced strategies and lessons will be developed to help students achieve content standards and become competent in 21st century skills.

ONLINE; July 21-Aug 10
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
ITEC 40093, CRN # 14966
2 graduate credit hours, $950
ITEC 50093, CRN #14967
Julee Henry, instructor, LDES

Children of Incarcerated Parents:  What Educators Need to Know
More than 1.5 million children have at least one parent in prison or jail.  This workshop explores the impact parental incarceration has on children in the urban public school system and dispels the myths of the criminal justice system.  Teachers will share their experiences and learn intervention techniques that foster positive outcomes in teaching children of incarcerated parents. 

M, T, June 23 & 24
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
HDFS 41093, CRN # 15160
1 graduate credit hour, $475
HDFS 51093, CRN # 15161
Parking, $6
Jimmy Tyree, instructor, LDES

 Mouse IconClassroom Management: Addressing All Students' Behavioral Needs
This workshop is designed to help school personnel better address the behavior needs of all students, with and without disabilities.  

ONLINE; July 14 - Aug 16
3 graduate credit hours, $1425
SPED 50093, CRN # 14968
Wiley, Andrew, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconThe Culture of Poverty: Understanding the Hidden Rules
A whole person approach will be utilized to understand the influence of the hidden rules of economic class upon the development of children, adolescents and adults, including a specific focus on individuals living in poverty. Participants will learn a framework to examine strengths and weaknesses by looking at personal resources: coping, emotional, financial, mental, physical, relationships, spiritual, support systems and knowledge of the hidden rules. Best practices for educators and human services professionals will be identified.

ONLINE; June 9 - June 27
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
CI 40093, CRN # 14969
2 graduate credit hours, $950
CI 50093, CRN # 14970
Kathryn Knapp, instructor, TLC

 Mouse IconDesigning Web Sites: An Overview
The World Wide Web is used extensively in educational and business settings as a means of presenting original information. The variety and availability of programs for web design have increased; however, it is important to first learn basic Web designing principles and skills. This workshop provides skills in organizing and writing information for the Web, structuring a site, enhancing site usability and evaluating one's efforts.  Participates will create a blueprint of a website in this workshop that will assist in the future creation of the website. This workshop is independent of and does not teach specific software and other technologies used in building the site.

ONLINE July 7 – July 18
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
ITEC 40093, CRN # 15166
1 graduate credit hour, $475
ITEC 50093, CRN # 15167
Marian Maxfield, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconDeveloping Web Sites with Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver is one of the most highly-rated visual Web site development tools. It provides users with powerful tools to lay out pages, develop, and maintain Web sites and add a wide variety of sophisticated Web features. Dreamweaver is extensible, modular and is intended to meet the development needs of all Web developers, from beginners to experts. The focus of this workshop is to learn the essential operations and controls of Dreamweaver and begin to understand fundamental coding strategies behind the scenes, driving modern web development. Student projects aim to implement real-world strategies for authoring flexible and highly accessible websites using XHTML and CSS. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A COMPLEX PROGRAM. STRONG COMPUTER SKILLS ARE REQUIRED.

ONLINE; June 16 - July 11
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
ITEC 40093, CRN # 14971
2 graduate credit hours, $950
ITEC 50093, CRN # 14972
Richard (Ben) Hollis, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconDifferent by Design:  Designing Online Courses for Student Learning
This fully online, asynchronous course will help make clear why the online environment is different from the face-to-face classroom, as you learn how to design courses that are especially effective for online learning. In this workshop, you will learn the essentials of instructional design, and how to design/re-design your course to promote student learning online. Participants will create the pedagogical framework and structure of an online course, so students are asked to come with a course in mind that they want to work on. Instructional design principles and practices learned in this course can also be applied to face-to-face courses. 

ONLINE; June 9 – July 4
2 graduate credit hours, $950
ITEC 50093, CRN: 15158
Bethany Simunich, instructor, LDES

 Mouse IconFamily History for Teachers, Counselors and Social Workers
Family history research can be used in K-12 and university classrooms, counseling and social work settings, and various other health and human services.  This online workshop will allow participants the time and resources necessary to research their own family histories, will teach the academic and affective benefits of using genealogy, and will offer practical examples of implementation with children and adults that align with content standards in social studies, language arts, science, technology, and counseling.  Family history can provide authentic opportunities for developing research skills and incredible motivation for reluctant learners.

ONLINE; June 16 – July 11
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
CI 40093, CRN # 14973
2 graduate credit hours, $950
CI 50093, CRN # 14974
Kathryn Knapp, instructor, TLC

Mouse IconFour Dimensions of Classroom Management
Learn the importance of the four dimensions of classroom management and how each may be implemented in a classroom setting for positive classroom management.

 Hybrid, July 15 – Aug 1
T, July 15, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. and ONLINE
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
CI 40093, CRN # 14975
1 graduate credit hour, $475
CI 50093, CRN # 14977
Parking, $3
Pam Paustenbach, Society for the Prevention of Violence

>*Gestalt Experiential Group Workshop
The intent of this small group experience is to provide an occasion for personal growth and the opportunity to learn about group dynamics and leadership experientially.  It is intended for healthy, normal adults to gain awareness of self-in-relating to others through interpersonal encounter.  The group's ethical processes and interventions are based on research on marathon groups, Gestalt groups and other experiential models.  Facilitation will vary from individual, dyadic, sub-group and group-as-a-whole focus.

F, June 27
6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
S, June 28
9:00 a.m. – 10 p.m.
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
CHDS 40093, CRN # 15164
1 graduate credit hour, $475
CHDS 50093, CRN # 15165
Ansel Woldt, instructor, LDES
Special Fee:  $30.00

Mouse IconGrant Writing-A
Learn basic grant writing skills, including proposal development, acquisition and management. Review strategies for developing successful grants. 

ONLINE; June 9 – July 6
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
EDAD 40093, CRN # 14978
2 graduate credit hours, $950
EDAD 50093, CRN # 14979
Diana VanWinkle, instructor, FLA

Mouse IconGrant Writing-B
Learn basic grant writing skills, including proposal development, acquisition and management. Review strategies for developing successful grants.

ONLINE; July 21 – Aug 16
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
EDAD 40093, CRN # 14980
2 graduate credit hours, $950
EDAD 50093, CRN # 14981
Diana VanWinkle, instructor, FLA

Mouse IconHalfway Up the Stairs: Early Middle Level Education and Effective Teaching and Learning in Grades 4-5
Are you an early childhood teacher planning to work with students in grades 4-5?  In this workshop you will explore the philosophy, curriculum and organization of schools and educators serving children in grades 4-5. Strategies, programs, practices and curriculum for children in grades 4-5 will be examined.

ONLINE; July 28 - Aug 8
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
CI 40093, CRN #14255
1 graduate credit hour, $475
CI 50093, CRN #14256
Kathryn Knapp, instructor, TLC

Mouse Icon>*Intrapersonal Conflict and Stress Management
This workshop will explore a variety of ways to help manage intrapersonal conflict – conflict within your own self – and how these techniques can be applied to both reduce stress and enhance optimal performance. A broad range of stress reduction techniques will be presented, and participants will be able to experiment with various approaches to see which ones are most compatible with their individual needs and preferences. We will also consider different facets of emotional and social learning, and their roles in addressing intrapersonal conflict. 

ONLINE; June 23 - July 24
2 graduate credit hours, $950
CHDS 50093, CRN # 14985
Jennifer Maxwell, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconLeadership and You
The primary objectives of this workshop are A) Assist students in developing communication competencies and interpersonal relationships; B) Develop personal leadership skills and apply those skills through projects in and outside the classroom; and finally C) Explore the ways in which leadership acts as a means for understanding the norms, values, and beliefs that shape practices within organizations.  Some of the central issues we will be addressing in the workshop are: Identifying a personal leadership style.  What is the meaning of leadership? What are some of the different characteristics of leadership? What are the moral purposes of leadership?

ONLINE; June 09 – July 11
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
CHDS 40093, CRN # 15159
Deanna Donaugh, instructor, LDES

Mouse Icon>*Managing and Negotiating Conflict in Your Personal and Professional Life
Learn effective classroom management strategies that lead to improved classroom instruction and academic achievement.  The instructor will focus on helping participants feel successful in the classroom as they create a classroom environment where the teacher can teach and the students can learn without the distraction of disruptive students.  

ONLINE; July 21 - Aug. 15
2 graduate credit hours, $950
CHDS 50093, CRN # 14988
Jennifer Maxwell, instructor, LDES

Mouse Icon**NEW** Mobile Technologies for Educators
Technology but more specifically, mobile devices and applications have become integrated into the daily lives of people on a personal, educational, and professional.  The use of mobile devices and the methodological and best practice in K-12 classrooms are essential in the 21st century classroom.  It is important for participants to be able to understand the basics and integration of mobile technologies to engage, motivate, and assist students in the learning process and achievement.  Mobile technologies are increasing in society and within the learning and teaching environments because mobile technologies are readily available and are easy and effective tools to aid in effective and efficient teaching and learning.  Participants will review the current mobile technologies and how they can be implemented into a unit lesson for student learning and achievement. 

ONLINE; June 23 – July 4
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
ITEC 40093, CRN # 15162
1 graduate credit hour, $475
ITEC 50093, CRN # 15163
Marian Maxfield, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconMulticultural Education Policy and Practice: Intersection of Race, Gender & Social Class
In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore multicultural issues, resources, experiences, dispositions, skills and strategies relating to self and others with an emphasis on the intersecting dimensions of race, gender, and social class, as well as foundational perspectives and problems in diversity policy in human services and educational institutions. This workshop has face to face meetings plus additional online instruction. No textbook required.

Hybrid, ONLINE; July 10 – July 31
R, July 10, 900 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
T, July 22, 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.|
M, July 28, 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
CULT 40093, CRN # 15408
3 undergraduate credit hour, $1341
CULT 50093, CRN # 15409
CULT 70093, CRN # 15410
3 graduate credit hour, $1425
Parking, $12
Lisbeth Justice, instructor, FLA

 Mouse IconPhotoshop® I
Focus on the fundamental operations and controls of Photoshop. The workshop will feature lectures, demonstrations and tutorial lessons from the text. 

ONLINE; July 14 - Aug. 8
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
ITEC 40093, CRN # 14989
2 graduate credit hours, $950
ITEC 50093, CRN # 14990
Richard (Ben) Hollis, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconPodcasting and Screen Capturing for Educators and Trainers
This Web-based workshop will help prepare educators and trainers to expand their lessons beyond the traditional face-to-face classroom. Participants will explore ways in which newer technologies can enhance their own teaching and their students' learning by using audio recording and screen capturing software.  Students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of software and Web sites to help aid in online instruction, including Audacity, Jin, Camtasia and Blogger.       

ONLINE; June 02 - 22
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
ITEC 40093, CRN # 14991
2 graduate credit hours, $950
ITEC 50093, CRN # 14992
Elizabeth Thomas, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconProblem-Based Learning: An Interactive and Engaging Student-Centered Learning Environment
Solving everyday ill-structured and complex problems with diverse audiences is a required skill needed to prepare students for the rapidly paced Global Market.  Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a student-centered methodology that provides an interactive learning environment to engage students.  PBL requires students to resolve everyday problems through research, higher-level thinking, and cooperation.  You will apply the basics of PBL by creating a PBL unit to use within the classroom.  The online workshop will cover instructional strategies, cognitive aids, teacher and student roles within PBL.

ONLINE; July 21 – Aug 16
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
CI 40093, CRN # 15174
2 graduate credit hours, $950
CI 50093, CRN # 15175
Marian Maxfield, instructor, TLC

>*Q Methodology in Assessment and Research
The purpose of this workshop is to introduce statistical and methodological principles associated with the use of Q method in assessment and research, and to locate Q Methodology in the framework of contemporary science. Attention will focus on factor-analytic and epistemological foundations followed by illustrative applications. 

MTWRF, May 19 - 23
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
2 graduate credit hours, $950
EVAL 50093, CRN # 14993
EVAL 70093, CRN # 14994
Parking, $15
Steven Brown, professor, FLA

Reading Strategies for Struggling Readers
This workshop will expose participants to research-based procedures for teaching struggling readers.  Learn strategies for teaching students decoding, phonemic awareness, word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing across the curriculum.  Participants will also learn how to assess and diagnose their students' needs to apply the most effective strategies.  Each strategy will be introduced and modeled during the workshop.

M, T, June 23 and 24
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
1 graduate credit hour, $475
CI 50093, CRN # 14995
Parking, $6
Lisa Hauser, instructor, TLC

Mouse IconResponse to Intervention: A Promising Practice for Identifying and Helping Struggling Learners
Participants will obtain a solid understanding of the logic behind RTI, how RTI is implemented in schools, and how RTI can be used to identify students who have learning disabilities.

 ONLINE; June 9 – July 3
2 undergraduate credit hours, $894
SPED 40093, CRN # 14996
2 graduate credit hours, $950
SPED 50093, CRN # 14997
Andrew Wiley, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconSocial Networking for Educators
Social networking has become a common means of communication among students and faculty alike.  The purpose of this workshop is to teach the fundamentals of social networking and the impact it has on education.  This online workshop will help participants: identify various social networking tools to use as teaching aids, recognize ways in which social networking can enhance teaching and learning, and identify the pros and cons of social networking. 

ONLINE; June 9 - 29
2 undergraduate credit hour, $894
ITEC 40093, CRN # 14998
2 graduate credit hour, $950
ITEC 50093, CRN # 14999
Julee Henry, instructor, LDES

Technology in the Classroom: Get Smarter than a SMART Board
Learn how to make your classroom more interactive by mastering SMART Board tools and SMART Notebook software. Gain hands-on experience in creating classroom lessons and activities that encourage collaboration and creativity. See how the visual impact of highlighting information, writing notes, drawing diagrams and illustrating ideas can help motivate and encourage students.

S, June 7 & 14
8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
ITEC 40093, CRN # 15245
1 graduate credit hour, $475
ITEC 50093, CRN # 15246
Parking, $6
Bethany Simunich, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconTeen Dating in the 21st Century: The Impact of Alcohol, Drugs, and Sex
This workshop is designed to provide parents, students, and professionals the skills and tools to work with teenagers who are involved in dating.  Teenage dating has evolved during the 21st century to a point that teens as young as twelve and thirteen are now dating and engaging in sexual activities, as well as the use of drugs and alcohol.  It is conceivable that today's youth are engaging in these adult-like activities without the maturity or knowledge of how to protect themselves from harm.  It is paramount that parents and professionals learn what is needed to assist teens in making good decisions and being safe in today's society.  Those who understand and provide appropriate guidance can make a difference in teenagersbeing safe or being harmed by others, or by situations in which they are vulnerable.  

ONLINE; June 2 - 27
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
CHDS 40093, CRN # 15000
1 graduate credit hour, $475
CHDS 50093, CRN # 15001
Sandra Miller-Jones, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconTime Management
For teachers and students alike, planning, priority setting, scheduling, project management and decision-making are important skills that can be applied both in school and in one's personal life. Attend this workshop and learn how time management can enhance all aspects of your life. 

ONLINE; July 21 - Aug. 8
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
CI 40093, CRN # 15002
1 graduate credit hour, $475
CI 50093, CRN # 15003
Christine Perrow, instructor, TLC

Mouse IconUnderstanding "Tweens": No Longer Children, Not Yet Teens
This workshop will provide participants with knowledge of early adolescent development appropriate for grades 4-5 to meet partial requirements for ODE Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement.  Students will gain an understanding of the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of "tweens," children ages 9-11. The contemporary family and societal context and their implications for development at this age will also be examined. Students will apply their learning in an observational setting. 

ONLINE; July 14 - 25
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
HDFS 41093, CRN # 14252
1 graduate credit hour, $475
HDFS 51093, CRN # 14254
Kathryn Knapp, instructor, TLC

Mouse Icon>*Understanding Power and Control in Interpersonal Relationships: A Course for Educators, Counselors and Social Workers
This course has been developed for professionals to enhance their ability to recognize power inequalities and the effects of coercion and force in the context of trust-based relationships. The effects of trauma and disassociated coercion in battering relationships, domestic violence, and child abuse will be explored, as well as models of collaborative and balanced power in interpersonal relationships. Participants will be provided with information designed to enable them to develop individualized screening and assessment plans. 

ONLINE; June 2 - July 3
2 graduate credit hours, $950
CHDS 50093, CRN # 15007
Jennifer Maxwell, instructor, LDES

Mouse IconUnderstanding and Working With Difficult Children
This workshop is designed to provide individuals who are working with children, or plan on working with children, pertinent information regarding recognizing and understanding behavior problems in children.  Not all children with behavior problems will display identical difficulties.  Eclectic approaches are needed to address specific behavior issues.  Workshop participants will be educated on the diversity of problems and children.  Referrals and assessment needs will be discussed. 

ONLINE; July 1 - Aug. 1
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
CHDS 40093, CRN # 15004
1 graduate credit hour, $475
CHDS 50093, CRN # 15005
Sandra Miller-Jones, instructor, LDES

 What Are You Looking At?
 "What are you looking at?" is a workshop that is designed to foster discussion about what factors contribute to our sense of self, self-esteem, values and lifestyle. Participants will be challenged to investigate various forms of media and communication and think critically about the impact these have on our society, particularly young adults. Individuals working with young adults and teens may find this workshop of value as it may increase awareness on cultural messages this population is unable to escape.

T, W, R June 24 – 26
8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
1 undergraduate credit hour, $447
CHDS 40093, CRN # 15252
1 graduate credit hour, $475
CHDS 50093, CRN # 15253
Parking, $6
Joanna Cline, instructor, LDES

Worksite Coordinator
This is a CBI Pre-Serve workshop and open to CTE and CBIP students only.  For more information contact Shonne van Nostran at or 330-672-0671 in the Career Technical Teacher Education office.

M-F; July 21-25
8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
2 undergraduate credit hours, $850
CTTE 40093, CRN # 15061
2 graduate credit hour, $950
CTTE 50093, CRN # 15062
Parking, $6
David Browne, instructor, TLC