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Past Short Courses

I went to China fearing the communist government and the Jasmine Revolution; I ended up with new friends and an experience of a lifetime.  I wish I could go back onto the Great Wall and have it take my breath away from its beauty.        

-Lauren, broadcast journalism (International Storytelling Shanghai, Spring 2011)

Check out some of the past faculty -led short courses. If you have questions or wonder if a past course will be repeated, contact Sara M. Sobeh at

Spring / Summer 2014

Course: Science Documentary Film
Destination: Costa Rica

Instructor: David F. Smeltzer /
Dates: December 27, 2013 - January 15, 2014

During the field part of the course in Costa Rica, students will learn the logistics, research techniques and cinematography skills needed to shoot digital film in the tropics. Students will also learn location sound recording skills and interviewing skills to gather good sound needed for their documentary films. Upon their return to Kent, students will script and record narration, add music and graphics and create a fine cut of their films to be presented during Finals Week of the spring 2014 semester.


Course: International Storytelling
Destination: Estonia

Instructors: Gary Hanson / and Mitch McKenney /
Dates: Spring 2014 semester with two-week trip to Estonia over Spring Break

Collaborate across disciplines and cultures in this beautiful and important part of the world. Now independent after years of Russian occupation, Estonia is a growing high-tech hub (home of Skype) that still cherishes is old-world culture. Reporting and editing teams will produce stories for a multimedia site using audio, video, images and text.

Visit to learn all about this wonderful experience and to apply for admission.


Course: International Children's Literature and Librarianship
Destination: Denmark

Instructor: Marianne Martens /
Dates: June 2014 -- hybrid course, combining online courses delivery with face - to - face class time in Denmark

From its notoriety as home of the Vikings, to its current status as home of the happiest people in the world, Denmark is famous for Hamlet, Kierkegaard, pastry, and leaders in architecture and design. But Denmark also has a long and solid tradition of cultural production for young people -- just think of Hans Christian Anderson, Tivoli Gardens, and Legoland. In this academically rigorous course on international cultural production for children, Denmark will serve as a case study for such, providing students with hands-on perspectives on international children's literature, librarianship, museums, and a view of how different cultures construct "childhood".

Spring / Summer 2013

Course: Modern Media & Democracy
Destination: Prague

Instructors: Candace Bowen / and Cat Goodall /
Dates: Summer 2013 five-week course during Summer III with three weeks in Kent, followed by a two-week trip to Prague

This course is sponsored in part by the Prague Freedom Foundation, and student costs will be quite low thanks to substantial scholarship support. It is open to JMC and COMM majors only and has a 10 student limit

In Kent, learn about Czech history and culture, and choose a topic to investigate, such as politics, health campaigns, art or architecture, based on your own area of interest. While in Prague, research your interest area, explore the city, and develop your storytelling skills. Contribute to the course website and add to your portfolio.
Complete the application here, or contact the instructors for more information.

Course: Design Abroad
Destination: Berlin and Prague

Instructors: Jillian Coorey / and Gretchen Rinnert /
Dates: Spring 2013 semester course with two-week trip to Berlin and Prague over Spring Break

Design Abroad is a learning adventure for design and photo illustration students, that will not only take you to two amazing European cities, but will also help build your portfolio.
Visit the Design Abroad course website for more information.

Course: International Storytelling
Destination: Brazil

Instructors: Gary Hanson / and Mitch McKenney /
Dates: Spring 2013 semester course with two-week trip to Brazil over Spring Break

This extraordinary multi-media storytelling course has been to China and India, and now heads to Brazil! Visit to learn all about it and to apply for admission. See DatelineDelhi and DatelineShanghai (below) to learn about the previous trips - you'll want to pack your bags immediately!

Course: Global Advertising and PR
Destination: London

Instructors: Danielle Coombs / and Michele Ewing /
Dates: Spring 2013 semester course with travel to London May 16 - 31.

This hugely popular class is back for a second year, but according to rumor, it may not go in 2014, so act now! Open to undergraduate and graduate students. Visit for more information, including course content, costs, itinerary, and selection criteria.

Course: LIS 61095 Museum Origins
Destination: Florence, Italy

Instructor: Kiersten Latham /
Dates: Summer 2013: two weeks online/two weeks in Florence/two more weeks online

The birth of the modern museum finds its roots in Europe, especially in Italy. In the context of today’s world, students will “go back in time” to understand the origins of western museums and the meaning of publicly shared collections through a series of competing dualisms in knowledge creation and organization. Students will explore the history of the modern museum and spend two weeks visiting actual sites and collections that played a role in this history.  Exploring the past in this way is geared specifically to help today’s museum workers gain a better understanding of their own role and purpose in their community, society and nation. Visit This Site for more information.

Spring / Summer 2012

Course: International Storytelling
Destination: India

Instructors: Gary Hanson / and Mitch McKenney /

Students from Amity University partnered with CCI students, and reporting and editing teams produced stories for a multimedia site using audio, video, images and text. The results of this extraordinary experience are on

Course: Global Advertising and PR
Destination: London

Instructors: Danielle Coombs / and Michele Ewing /

Students examined and compared advertising policies and practices between the United States and United Kingdom across a number of domains, including product categories (health and beauty, fashion, sport, music, etc.) and brands, regulations, and ethical considerations. During their time in London, students had the opportunity to expand and ground this knowledge by meeting with experts and producing reflective analyses of their content areas.  The course website - - includes photos, videos and stories showing the students' experiences and their work.

Spring / Summer 2011

Course: Global Comparative Media
Destination: Paris/Geneva

Tours of important media centers and guest lectures by media practitioners in Paris and Geneva allowed students to examine differences and innovations in French and Swiss journalism, media policies, programming, regulations and advertising. Itinerary included France 24 TV and the World Health Organization.

Course: Photographing the World
Destination: Greece/Turkey

Instructor: Bryan Rinnert

Students investigated Turkish and Greek cultures and produced photographs that highlight how people live, interact, work, play, relate or relax, including portraits, street photography, posed shots or informal, candid images. Student photography also examined landscapes, including architecture, monuments and natural environments. Throughout their travels, students shot, edited and critiqued their work.

Course: International Storytelling
Destination: Shanghai

Instructors: Mitch McKenney / and Gary Hanson /

A Spring 2011 full-semester course during which students spent two weeks in China over spring break at the invitation of Shanghai International Studies University, which hosted the visit and provided student-partners to serve as guides and interpreters. The KSU students produced a multimedia collection of news and feature stories that can be seen here:

A student stands on the Great Wall of China.