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Florence Costs

The cost doesn't even compare to the value of this trip -- while there is a dollar sign attached to this commitment, the benefits outweigh any price.  

-Courtney, magazine journalism (CCI Florence semester Spring 2011)

Yes, it will cost you to spend a semester in Florence, but don’t let that deter you. Exactly how much sticker shock you’ll face depends on what you’re used to spending for college. For example, if you normally live in a residence hall, you’ll find that housing in Florence costs about the same as you’ve been paying. If you’re used to commuting, it’s a whole different story. Here’s some good advice:

Take a deep breath when you see the cost and realize that you will never regret it. If you are considering going then make that dream come true by any means. I’m happy to come back home and work hard to pay off the loans. This experience was worth every single penny it took.

-Ryan, applied communication, Stark Campus (CCI Florence semester Spring 2011)

You’ll see below that fixed costs for the Florence semester equal between $8,000 and $9,000 plus tuition. That includes airfare, housing, etc., but it does not include money for food, travel and personal expenses. How much you’ll need for that varies greatly, depending on your lifestyle: Do you like to travel first class and eat in four-star restaurants every day, and are you determined to see every country in Europe?  Or are you excited to spend time getting to know Florence and Tuscany, willing to stay in hostels when you do travel, and plan cook in your apartment most of the time? Over four months, those choices add up to thousands of dollars.

The best advice from students who’ve been there is simply to live within your means – whatever they are. Know how much money you have for the semester, and budget it out over the four months. And no cheating – You don’t want to get 10 or 12 weeks in and run out of money. As Ryan says, take a deep breath, and then click over to the Financing and Scholarships page to get busy finding and saving money. And don’t forget that so far, the College has given every CCI Florence student $1,000.

Costs change from semester to semester, depending on variables such as airfare prices and the dollar-to-euro exchange rate. Here are the costs for Fall 2014. And FYI, you must bring a laptop.

• Tuition: Standard full-time Kent State tuition applies
• Airfare ranges from $1,100 to $1,800, and we just have to take what’s available. You are free to fly independently if you have access to frequent flier miles or some other means to cheaper travel.
• Program Fee (see Note 1): $2,600.00
• International Health Insurance (mandatory policy) 4 months: $203.25
• Field Trip Fees (see Note 2): $1,450.00
• Housing in Florence, includes utilities and final cleaning (see Note 3): $3,527.00

(See the fine print at the bottom of the page for notes)

As stated above, that adds up to between $8,880.25 and $9,580.25 plus tuition. Add to that your money for food, travel and personal expenses, and you have your total. But remember, some of that is money you’re used to spending: tuition, housing, food, and personal expenses. The major extras are the program and field study fees, airfare and travel. Remember also that students with less money and fewer resources have made this happen. You can too.

Note 1: The Program Fee covers the following costs:
-OGE and KSUFlorence Administrative Fees
-Teaching materials and readers (Some textbooks must be bought by students in the US and are not covered.)
-Internet connection in the facility
-Museum fees in Florence
-Stay permit
-Library acquisitions (for the KSU Florence library based on faculty requests)
-Orientation session by Florence police officer and others
-Welcome event and other Social and Cultural Activities
-Extra costs during the semester such as bank fees, program documentation shipping, etc.

Note 2: The Field Trip Fee covers the following student costs during field trips:
-Travel and Hotel
-Museum tickets in the city of the destination
-Logistical services of the faculty and of the possible chaperone accompanying students.
-Please note that the students' meals during the trips are not included in the field trip fee.
The traditional destinations chosen by the director are:
Rome (2 nights, 3 days)
Venice (1 night, 2 days)
Perugia (day trip)
Milan (day trip)

Note 3: This housing cost allows for normal utility usage by Italian standards. Excess usage of utilities will incur additional charges. Keep in mind that normal usage by Italian standards is much more frugal than by American standards. Always be conscious of your water and electric usage. Damage will also incur additional charges. PLEASE NOTE: DAMAGE IS EXTREMELY COSTLY IN THE FLORENCE APARTMENTS AND EQUALLY SHARED BY ALL WHO RESIDE IN THE APARTMENT. The final cleaning charge included in the housing cost is the minimum if you leave the apartment like you found it when you moved in. If you leave trash, dirty dishes, etc. you will be charged an additional amount, which will be charged to your Bursar’s account.