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JMC Alumnus Starts Own Radio Show

Posted Sep. 20, 2011

By Nicole Gennarelli
Greg HallamanGreg Hallaman,’79, currently hosts, produces and sells advertising for “The Greg Hallaman Show” on 1010XL, WJXL-AM radio, the ESPN Radio affiliate for the North Florida region, in Jacksonville, Fla. and on the internet at

Hallaman, originally from Youngstown, Ohio, graduated from Kent State with a Fine and Professional Arts degree in Telecommunications, and a degree from the Honors College. Since then he has held many different positions from being the Detroit Red Wings feature and staff writer for Inside Hockeytown magazine to a professional hockey broadcaster/public relations director in Indiana, Kansas and New York.

Hallaman’s new radio shows made its debut August 9 and runs from 9-10 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He is also a broadcaster and marketing director for Media Rapid Sports, a company that promotes student athletes via individualized websites, and also by streaming live sports events, for which Hallaman does the play-by-play.

It's a "pay to play" situation down here, so once you convince the station executives that you have the background and talent to be on the air, which I was able to do with CDs & DVDs from my past positions in sports, plus my resume, you negotiate air time at a price, and then go about selling commercial time within the show that you own,” Hallaman said. “I'm hoping that KSU alumni who may work for companies with a presence in the North Florida region would have an interest in advertising on the show, or anyone who has a book to promote, services to offer, goods to sell, a cause that needs attention or a website that needs traffic.”

Media Rapid Sports is the best vehicle to help student athletes advance to the next level of competition or receive consideration to play on a college scholarship, Hallaman said.

“The days of sending a highlight video to a coach and having it collect dust on a shelf are gone,” he said. “Our student athlete websites offer the ability to show kids playing their sport, statistics, news coverage, biography, resume and, if desired, interviews with the athlete and/or coaches.  We shoot game footage and cover entire leagues, so, to anyone who represents youth sports organizations and would like to provide the next level of service to all the parents and kids, an affiliation with Media Rapids Sports may provide all the answers.”

As electronic and automated as the world is and continually becomes, there will always be a need for, and value in, the written word, Hallaman said.

“I guess I would say that if you can write and you're good at it, be true to that and keep cultivating it, because the number of adults in society who can put together good sentences, let alone paragraphs, is diminishing by the day,” he said. “Whatever direction young people are going in this industry, I'd say be versatile, be informed, don't be shy about promoting yourself, and don't let yourself get lazy or content.  The Kent State experience was extremely instrumental in paving my way professionally and personally.”  

For more information about The Greg Hallaman Show, including sponsorship opportunities, you can email