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Type Legend: DD Diversity–Domestic; DG Diversity–Global; ELR Experiential Learning; KAD Kent Core Additional; KBS Kent Core Basic Sciences; KCM Kent Core Composition; KFA Kent Core Fine Arts: KHU Kent Core Humanities; KMC Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning; KSS Kent Core Social Sciences; WIC Writing Intensive

Please read the sections in the University Catalog on Kent Core, diversity, writing-intensive and the experiential learning requirements.

Course Title Credits
  US 10097 Destination Kent State: First Year Experience 1
II. MAJOR PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (62 credits) Courses count in major GPA 
Type Course Title Credits
  VCD 13000 Introduction to Visual Communication Design 3
    13001 Introduction to Visual Communication Design Studio 1 3
    20000 Basic Computer Graphic Design and Illustration 3
    20001 Photo Illustration Sophomore Portfolio Review 1
    20003 Intermediate Computer-Graphic Design/Illustration 3
    20010 Introduction to Design Research 3
    23001 Introduction to Typography 1 3
    28000 Photography 3
    28002 Photography II 3
    30008 Junior Portfolio Review-Photo Illustration 2 1
    34006 Motion Design 3
    38001 Photographics 2 3
    38003 Photo Technology 2 3
    38004 Advanced Photography 2 3
    38009 Internship Seminar-Photo Illustration 1
    40025 Professional Portfolio 3 2
ELR   40192 Internship II-Graphic Design/Illustration 3
    43004 Issues for Graphic Design Businesses 3
WIC   45000 Graphic Design Perspectives 4 3
    48005 Color Photography 3
    48007 Photo Illustration Techniques 3
ELR    49199 Senior Capstone 3
  Choose from the following: 3
  VCD 40095 Special Topics: Graphic Design/Illustration (3)  
    43001 Interaction Design: Communities and Culture (3)  
    43002 Typographic/Photographic Graphic Design (3)  
Type Course Title Credits
KFA ARTH 22006 Art History: Ancient and Medieval Art 3
KFA   22007 Art History: Renaissance to Modern Art 3
    Art History upper-division course 3
KAD COMM 15000 Introduction to Human Communication 3
KSS JMC 20001 Media, Power and Culture 3
    22004 Visual Storytelling 3
  LIS 30010 Information Fluency in the Workplace and Beyond 3
  Choose from the following: 3
  FIN 26074 Legal Environment of Business (3)  
KSS JUS 26704 Issues in Law and Society (3)  
KHU/DG PHIL 21001 Introduction to Ethics (3)  
  VCD 34004 Visual Ethics (3)  
  Kent Core Composition 6-8
  Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning 3-5
  Kent Core Humanities (fulfilled if PHIL 21001 is selected) 3
  Kent Core Social Sciences (fulfilled if JUS 26704 is selected) 3
  Kent Core Basic Sciences (must include one laboratory) 6-7
  Kent Core Additional 3
  General Electives (number of credits required depends on meeting minimum 126 credit hours)5 15-18

1. Student must receive minimum B- (2.700) grade in VCD 13001 before enrolling in VCD 23001. Students may take VCD 13001 a maximum three times until a minimum average B- grade is achieved.
2. VCD 30008 must be taken concurrently with 38001, after completion of VCD 38003 and 38004. Junior Portfolio Review is an examination in conference with the visual communication design faculty acting as committee. Students who successfully pass review may continue in the B.S. degree program in Photo Illustration. Students not receiving a passing grade will be provided academic advice for additional coursework and resubmission of portfolio for review.
3. Spring only
4. A minimum C (2.000) grade must be earned to fulfill the writing-intensive requirement.
5. Any VCD course taken is calculated in the major GPA.

Special Major Note:

Students who pass 15 credits of non-remedial academic coursework each fall and spring semester and the 1-credit First Year Experience course will accumulate 121 credits in four years. This major requires 126 credits for graduation. Students can stay on track for graduation by:

  • Declaring their major as freshmen and completing all courses in sequence (bear in mind that switching majors may cause a delay in graduation);
  • Prioritizing required courses above electives;
  • Meeting regularly with their academic advisors to stay on track;
  • Passing each required course the first time attempted and maintaining the minimal GPA for the major;
  • Successfully completing more than 15 credit hours of relevant coursework (field-based work, internship) during academic semesters; and/or
  • Completing relevant coursework (field-based work, internship) during summer sessions.