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Admission to advanced study is required of all teacher education majors and minors prior to enrolling in upper-division education courses. Upon completion of coursework as determined by program area, students should have satisfied the prerequisites for admission to advanced study. Students must complete an application for advanced study and submit it to 304 White Hall by the second Friday of the term during which all prerequisites for advanced study will be completed and at least one semester before the term upper-division professional coursework is started. Applications are available at Students in teacher education majors and minors must be officially admitted to advanced study to take upper-division professional coursework. Please note: Admission to advanced study is not required for students pursuing a major in Educational Studies, Community Health Education, Speech Pathology and Audiology or Trade and Industrial Education. For the Trade and Industrial Education major, this applies only to those who obtained initial licensure through the Route B Education Licensure Program [teachers recruited from business and industry). For information on requirements for the ASL/English Interpreting concentration in the Special Education major, see the next section.

Briefly, the professional requirements consist of the following items:

  • College Writing: Students are required to attain minimum C (2.000) grade in each writing course (ENG 11011 and 21011 or equivalent) (Integrated Language Arts majors must attain minimum B [3.000] grade).
  • Mathematics: The following courses must be completed with minimum C (2.000) grade for the majors Early Childhood Education, Middle Childhood Education and Special Education (except ASL/English Interpreting concentration):
    • MATH 14001 Basic Mathematical Concepts I
    • MATH 14002 Basic Mathematical Concepts II
  • Pre-Advanced Study Coursework: To be eligible for advanced study, students must earn a minimum C (2.000) grade in CULT 29535 Education in a Democratic Society and minimum C (2.000) grade in one of the following courses (please note that a minimum C grade must be earned in all of the four courses for teacher licensure programs):
    • EPSY 29525 Educational Psychology (course not required in the ASL/English Interpreting concentration in the Special Education major)
    • ITEC 19525 Educational Technology
    • SPED 23000 Introduction to Exceptionalities
  • Grade Point Average: All students must show evidence of a minimum 2.750 cumulative GPA with conditions for the following majors:
    • Adolescence/Young Adult Programs: A minimum 2.600 GPA in the chosen adolescence/young adult content area is required for admission to advanced study, student teaching and graduation. A minimum C (2.000) grade is required in each course within the content area. The following majors are affected: Earth Science, Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Mathematics, Integrated Science, Integrated Social Studies, Life Science, Life Science/Chemistry and Physical Science.
    • Special Education (exception ASL/English Interpreting concentration): A minimum 3.00 GPA in the professional coursework is required for student teaching and graduation.
    • Education Minor: Students in a program eligible to declare the Education minor must achieve a certain minimum GPA in their content area to declare the Education minor, be admitted to advanced study, participate in student teaching and be recommended for licensure. The following majors require a minimum 2.750 content GPA for the preceding activities: Art Education, Music Education, Dance (Dance Education concentration), Technology (Technology Licensure concentration) and various foreign language majors. A 2.500 cumulative GPA is required for all of those areas, except for Art Education, which requires a 2.750 cumulative GPA.
  • Faculty Advisor: Each student must have a faculty advisor assigned in the appropriate program area.
  • Advising Sheet: All College of Education, Health and Human Services students must have an advising sheet on file in 304 White Hall during the freshman year. The advising sheet is a formal evaluation of the student's progress toward a degree program. This may be accomplished by appointment with an academic advisor or by requesting an advising sheet by mail. The request form can be accessed through the Vacca Office of Student Services' website at
  • Professional Education Agreements: The College of Education, Health and Human Services, under the auspices of the Ohio Department of Education (Ohio Revised Code Section 3319.31), requires the acknowledgement that candidates will be asked legal questions by the Ohio Department of Education and the time they apply for licensure through the State of Ohio. Students are required to electronically sign all five professional education statements at Falsification of information is grounds for dismissal and non-licensure.
  • Standardized Testing: All teacher education majors and minors (exception, the ASL/English Interpreting concentration within Special Education major) are required to demonstrate basic competencies in reading, writing and mathematics before progressing in a degree program. Students are required to take the Praxis I (or Alternative Praxis) if they have not adequately demonstrated the competencies through the ACT, SAT and/or COMPASS exams (for qualifying students). Students may take the written or computer-based version of Praxis I. Alternative Praxis tests are avilable for students who do not pass Praxis I. Information regarding Praxis I is available in the Vacca Office of Student Services, 304 White Hall, in the student services offices of the Regional Campuses and at Students must have all passing standardized test scores on file in 304 White Hall prior to submission of application for admission to advanced study. The specific competencies are listed below (note: the COMPASS placement test is for qualifying students and is taken solely for placement into freshman-level courses and cannot be taken for any other purpose):
    • Reading: minimum 26 ACT reading score or 620 SAT verbal score or 93 COMPASS reading score or 174 Praxis I reading score.
    • Writing: minimum 25 ACT English score or 92 COMPASS writing score or 172 Praxis I writing score (
    • Mathematics: minimum 25 ACT mathematics score or 620 SAT mathematics score or 174 Praxis I mathematics score

Note: Early Childhood Education and Middle Childhood Education majors are required to complete additional pre-advanced study courses with specified minimum grades.

Please be aware that reapplication may be necessary if postponing advanced study coursework or if withdrawn for one year or more.

Requirements for Admission to Advanced Study for the ASL/English Interpreting Concentration (Special Education major)

  • Minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Official advising sheet on file in 304 White Hall, This is accomplished by appointment with a professional advisor or through a written request form obtained from
  • Meeting with faculty advisor
  • Signed professional education agreement
  • Minimum C grade in the following courses
    • CULT 29535 Education in a Democratic Society
    • ENG 11011 College Writing I (or ENG 10001 or HONR 10197)
    • ENG 21011 College Writing II (or ENG 10002 or HONR 10297)
    • ITEC 19525 Educational Technology
    • ASL 19201 Elementary American Sign Language I
    • ASL 19202 Elementary American Sign Language II