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College of Arts and Sciences
School of Biomedical Sciences

Phone: 330-672-2263
Fax: 330-672-9391


The Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biomedical Sciences–Physiology Interdisciplinary prepares graduates in areas that include cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine and neuroendocrine, reproductive or exercise physiology. In this context, emphasis in placed on an integrative approach for both research and graduate education. As with other program areas, the physiology program takes advantage of the latest molecular and cellular techniques to address questions related to human diseases.

Admission Requirements

M.S.: Official transcript(s); 3.0 GPA, GRE, goal statement and three letters of recommendation. The M.S. also requires a bachelor's degree with preparation adequate to perform graduate work in the desired field. This commonly includes two years of chemistry, one year of mathematics, one year of physics and courses in anthropology, biology and psychology as appropriate to the field. Admission with deficiencies may be accorded, but these must be made up during the first two years of graduate study.

Ph.D.: Admission to the Ph.D. also requires either completion of the M.S. or direct matriculation to the doctoral program following completion of no less than 20 hours of graduate coursework (including the core) and will be accorded upon the recommendation of the student’s guidance committee and the school director.

Please refer to the University policy for graduate admissions.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS (22-26 credits)
Course Title Credits
CHEM 50245 Biochemical Foundations of Medicine (4) 4
Choose from the following series: 6-7
BMS 6/70449

Medical Physiology I  (4)
Medical Physiology II (3)
BSCI 5/70433

Mammalian Physiology I (3)
Mammalian Physiology II (3)
Choose from the following series: 6-9
PSYC 6/71651

Quantitative Statistical Analysis I (3)
Experimental Design and Method (3)
EXPH 63050


Research Process in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology (3)
Quantitative and Research Methods in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology (3)
Advanced Research Design and Statistics in Exercise, Leisure and Sport (3)
Choose one of the following tracks: 6
Cardiopulmonary Physiology Track: choose two of the following courses:  
BMS 6/70451 Microcirculation (2)  
  6/70452 Pulmonary Physiology (2)  
  6/70729 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (4)  
Excersice Physiology Track  
EXPH 6/75081 Energy Metabolism and Body Composition (3)  
  6/75082 Cardio-Respiratory Function (3)  
TOTAL 22-26


Suitable electives related to the student’s dissertation research will be chosen and approved by the advisory committee.

Each doctoral candidate, upon admission to candidacy, must register for BMS 80199 Dissertation I for a total of 30 hours. It is expected that a doctoral candidate will continuously register for Dissertation I, and thereafter BMS 80299 Dissertation II, each semester, including one term each summer, until all requirements for the degree have been met.