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College of the Arts
School of Music

E101 Kent State University's Center for the Performing Arts
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The Master of Music in Conducting is customized toward the skills of the student who may emphasize either choral, orchestral or band conducting.

Admission Requirements

Official transcript(s); 3.0 GPA; goal statement(s); resume; three letters of recommendation; and audition.

Please refer to the university policy for graduate admission.

Graduation Requirements

Minimum 32 total credit hours.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Students are able to recognize, identify, interpret and conduct representative literature from different historical periods, countries and composers.
  2. Students demonstrate and apply advanced conducting techniques including baton technique, use of hands/arms, facial expressions and body language.
  3. Students demonstrate the ability to plan and execute an efficient and productive rehearsal including time management, setting achievable goals, ability to detect and correct errors, providing motivation and inspiration for expressive performance and focused work ethic.
  4. Students utilize and discuss score study techniques such as keyboard score reading, transposition of instruments, instrumental/vocal score order, compositional structure, analysis of chord and melodic structures and audition skills.
  5. Students identify, explain and utilize performance pedagogy appropriate to the specific vocal or instrumental area of study.
  6. Students identify, associate, differentiate and utilize performances practices appropriate to the literature of the various stylistic periods.
  7. Students display interpretation and expression in music through discussion in conducting lessons, explanation in rehearsals and demonstration in rehearsal and performance settings through conducting gestures and the resulting musical product.
  • Conducting
  • Conducting - Choral Conducting concentration
Course Title Credits
MUS 62411 Music Bibliography and Research Methods 2
  68687 Recital 1
  55XXX Ensemble** 4
Conducting Projects*: choose from the following 8
  64111 Conducting Projects: Choral (2-4)  
  64121 Conducting Projects: Band (2-4)  
  64131 Conducting Projects: Orchestra (2-4)  
Music Theory: choose from the following based on theory placement exam* 2-4
MUS 51141 16th Century Counterpoint (3)  
  51151 18th Century Counterpoint (3)  
  61131 Schenkerian Analysis (2)  
  61171 Analytical Techniques I (2)  
  61172 Analytical Techniques II (2)  
  61191 Seminar in Music Since 1900 (3)  
Music History (choose two from the following) 4-6
MUS 52131 America's Music (3)  
  52161 History of Jazz (3)  
  52171 Music from World Cultures (3)  
  62511 Music History I (2)  
  62521 Music History II (2)  
  62531 Music History III (2)  
  62541 Music History IV (2)  
Course Title Credits
Choose either the Additional Program Requirements or the Choral Conducting Concentration: 7-12
Additional Program Requirements (7-12)
  Music Electives (3-8)  
  Recital (1)  
  Choose one course from the following (2-3)  
  51321 Orchestration (3)  
  52221 Symphonic Literature (3)  
  61331 Band Arranging (3)  
  62227 History of Literature of Wind Band (2)  
Choral Conducting Concentration (7-12)
Students declaring the Choral Conducting concentration should instead take the requirements listed under that concentration

 *Specific course numbers vary depending on focus


Choral Conducting Concentration

Course Title Credits
MUS 52271 Choral Literature I 3
  52272 Choral Literature II 3
    Music Electives 1-6

* Theory Placement Exam may place students into Theory Practicum. This undergraduate course does not count towards degree credit and must be taken in addition to the to the graduate Music Theory requirements.

Note 2: Students who elect the choral concentration must enroll for a minimum of 4 credit hours of major choral ensemble, to include a minimum of 2 semesters of MUS 55141 Kent State University Chorale.