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Type Legend: DD Diversity–Domestic; DG Diversity–Global; ELR Experiential Learning; KAD Kent Core Additional; KBS Kent Core Basic Sciences; KCM Kent Core Composition; KFA Kent Core Fine Arts: KHU Kent Core Humanities; KMC Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning; KSS Kent Core Social Sciences; WIC Writing Intensive

Please read the sections in the University Catalog on Kent Core, diversity, writing-intensive and the experiential learning requirements.


Type Course Title Credits
  US 10097 Destination Kent State: First Year Experience 1
II. MAJOR PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (42 credits)  Courses count in major GPA 
Type Course Title Credits
  ENG 24001 Introduction to Literary Study 3

Literature in English I*
Literature in the United States I*

Literature in English II*
Literature in the United States II*
    38001 Critical Theory and Reading 3
WIC   49091 Senior Seminar** 3
  English Elective*+ 6
  English Writing and Language Studies: Choose one course from each of the following categories:
(No more than one lower-division course will count toward the major.)
  Category A: Writing  
  ENG 20002 Introduction to Technical Writing (3)  
    20021 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)  
    30050 Writing and Rhetoric in a Digital Age (3)  
    30051 Writing, Rhetoric and New Media (3)  
    30062 Principles of Technical Writing (3)  
    30063 Business and Professional Writing (3)  
    30064 Argumentative Prose Writing (3)  
    30065 Expository Prose Writing (3)  
ELR   30066 Writing in the Public Sphere (3)  
    30067 Writer's Workshop in Fiction I (3)  
    30068 Writer's Workshop in Fiction II (3)  
    30069 Writer's Workshop in Poetry I (3)  
    30070 Writer's Workshop in Poetry II (3)  
    30071 Creative Nonfiction (3)  
    30072 Editing and Publishing: Fiction and Nonfiction (3)  
    37101 Critical Rhetorical Studies of Texts in Context (3)  
    37201 Writing in Communities (3)  
    38895 Special Topics in Writing (3)  
    39895 Special Topics in Rhetoric, Composition and Writing (3)  
ELR   43092 Teaching Poetry in the Schools (3)  
  Category B: Linguistics and TESL  
  ENG 31001 Fundamental English Grammar (3)  
    31002 History of the English Language (3)  
    31003 Introduction to Linguistics (3)  
    31004 Lexicography/Lexicology (3)  
    31005 Child Second Language Acquisition (3)  
    31006 World Englishes (3)  
    31007 TESL Pedagogy (3)  
    31008 Grammar for TESL/TEFL (3)  
    41001 Sociolinguistics in Schooling (3)  
  Choose from the following: Historical Literature (Choose one course from category C and one course from category D; choose a third course from category C, D or E.) 9
  Category C: Early Period  
  ENG 33001 American Literature to 1865 (3)  
    33010 African-American Literature to 1900 (3)  
    34001 Medieval Literature (3)  
    34002 British Literature from 1500-1660 (3)  
    34003 British Literature from 1660-1800 (3)  
    34055 Shakespeare (3)  
    34065 Chaucer (3)  
    37001 Classical Rhetoric (3)  
  Category D: Modern Period  
  ENG 33002 American Literature from 1865 to 1945 (3)  
    33003 American Literature from 1945 to Present (3)  
    33012 Modern African-American Literature (3)  
    34004 British Literature from 1800 to 1900 (3)  
    34005 British and Irish Literature from 1900 to Present (3)  
  Category E: Topics  
  ENG 34095 Special Topics: Major Author Studies (3)  
    39095 Special Topics in Literary History (3)  
  Choose from the following: Genre Studies, Cultural Studies, Literary Theory* 6
DD ENG 21003 Introduction to LGBT Literature (3)  
    32001 Children's Literature (3)  
    32002 Young Adult Literature (3)  
    33013 Pan-African Women's Literature(3)  
    33014 African American Women's Literature(3)  
    33015 African Literatures (3)  
DG   34011 World Literature in English (3)  
DD   34021 Women's Literature (3)  
    34031 Short Story (3)  
    34041 Fairy Tales (3)  
    35101 Literature and Other Disciplines (3)  
    35201 The Bible as Literature (3)  
DD    35301 LGBT: Critical Perspectives (3)  
    36001 Applied Literary Criticism (3)  
    39195 Special Topics in Drama (3)  
    39295 Special Topics in Poetry (3)  
    39395 Special Topics in Fiction (3)  
    39695 Special Topics in Ethnic Literature in the United States (3)  
    39795 Special Topics in Women's Literature (3)  
    39995 SpecialTopics in Cultural Studies (3)  
Type Course Title Credits
  Foreign Language*** 14-20
  Kent Core Additional (must be from two categories) 6
  Kent Core Basic Sciences (must include one laboratory) 6-7
  Kent Core Composition 6-8
  Kent Core Humanities and Fine Arts (minimum one course from each) 9
  Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning 3-5
  Kent Core Social Sciences (must be from two disciplines) 6
  College General Requirement (must be from Kent Core Basic Sciences)**** 3
  College General Requirement (must be from Kent Core Social Sciences)***** 3
  General Electives (minimum 18 upper-division credit hours)
Credits required depends on meeting minimum 121 credit hours and minimum 42 upper-division credit hours

* Only 15 credit hours of lower-division English courses will count toward the major. May include Kent Core courses: ENG 21054, ENG 22071, ENG 22072, ENG 22073 or ENG 21001, ENG 21002, ENG 21003

** English majors must earn minimum C (2.000) grade in 49091 Senior Seminar to fulfill the writing-intensive course requirement.

*** Fulfills College General Requirement

****One additional course taken from the Kent Core Basic Science courses in the following Arts and Sciences disciplines: Anthropology (ANTH), Biological Sciences (BSCI), Chemistry (CHEM), Geography (GEOG), Geology (GEOL) or Physics (PHY). Students may take the courses listed in the "introductory" sequences with the restrictions noted above in the Kent Core Basic Science section. The course may not be from the student's major.

*****One additional course taken from the Kent Core Social Sciences courses in the following Arts and Sciences disciplines: Anthropology (ANTH), Applied Conflict Management (CACM), Geography (GEOG), Criminology and Justice Studies (JUS), Political Science (POL), Psychology (PSYC) or Sociology (SOC). The course may not be from the student's major.

+ Any 20000-, 30000- or 40000-level English courses, excluding ENG 21011, ENG 41009, ENG 41092, ENG 41192 and ENG 41292. No 10000-level English courses may be used to meet program requirements.

Foreign Language note: Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Arts and Sciences must have the equivalent of Elementary I and II in any language and the English major requires Intermediate I and II of the same language.

All students with prior foreign language experience should take the foreign language placement test to determine the appropriate level at which to start. Some students may begin their university foreign language experience beyond the Elementary I level and will complete the requirement with fewer credit hours and fewer courses. This may be accomplished by: (1) passing a course beyond the Elementary I through Intermediate II level or (2) receiving credit through Credit by Exam (CBE), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), the Advanced Placement (AP) exam or credit through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program; or (3) being designated a "native speaker" of a non-English language (consult with the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office for additional Information). When students complete the requirement with fewer than 14 credit hours and four courses, they will complete the remaining hours with general electives.