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Research News

Department of Psychology: Achievements June 2011 – March 2012

Posted Mar. 27, 2012

Recent research conducted by Department of Psychology faculty members between June 2011 and March 2012 includes two new grant awards; one book; 16 articles published in high impact journals (1-yr impact factor score > 3.0); two new editorships; and eight invited presentations.  

New Grant Awards   

Kerns, K. (PI). NIH: NINR R03, "Pets as Compensatory Support Figures," $141,536.   

Hughes, J. & Gunstad, J. (Co-PIs); (A. Sterns, PI). NIH: NIA  R43, "Smartphone Delivered Comprehensive Heart Failure Self-management System," $307, 079.   

Currently Active Extramural Grant Awards   

Ben-Porath, Y. (PI).  University of Minnesota Press, "MMPI-2 RF Score and Interpretive Report Development and Support," $85,000.   

Docherty, N. (PI).  NIH grant entitled "Cognitive Bases of Schizophrenic Language Symptoms," $1,451,576.   

Dunlosky, J. & Rawon, K. (Co-Investigators).  James S. McDonnell Foundation, Collaborative Activity Award: Applying Cognitive Psychology to Enhance Educational Practice: II; Total funding to KSU: $884,101 (total funding across six sites: $6,492,617) (PI: Roediger, Washington University).    

Rawson, K., & Dunlosky, J. U.S. Department of Education, Cognition and Student Learning Grant, "Developing the Retrieval-Monitoring-Feedback (RMF) Method for Improving the Durability and Efficiency of Student Learning," (KSU), $1,266,796.   

Folk, J. (PI).  March of Dimes Foundation, "Cognitive and Linguistic Skills in Congenitally Deaf Readers," $270,108.   

Fountain, S. B. (PI). NIDA AREA Grant R15DA023349, "Adolescent Nicotine Exposure and Adult Cognitive Processes in Rats," $219,000.  

Gunstad, J. (PI).  Butler Hospital, "Hemodynamic and Cognitive Function in Cardiovascular Disease," $62,858.   

Gunstad, J. (PI), Hughes, J., and van Dulmen, M. (Co-Directors).  NIH grant entitled "Cognitive Effects of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Heart Failure," $2,581,686.   

Gunstad, J. (PI).  National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Disease entitled "Extended Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Cognitive Function," $554,169.   

Hughes, J. (PI), and Gunstad, J. (Co-Director).  National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute grant entitled "Cognitive Impairment & Self-management in Adults with Heart Failure," $2,038,271.   

Updegraff, J.A. (PI).  NIH grant funded by National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research entitled "Message Framing for Oral Health in a Diverse Longitudinal Sample of Americans: A Social Psychological Approach," $407,726.   

Van Dulmen, M. (PI) and Flannery, D. (Co-Director).  National Center for Injury and Prevention and Control grant entitled "Prospective Risk and Protective Factors for Suicide and Co-occurring Risk Behaviors," $897,518.   

Van Dulmen, M. (PI).  Regents of the University of Minnesota grant entitled "The Development Construction of Adult Competence," $116,507.   

Significant Publications (May 2011 – March 2012)   


Ben-Porath, Y.S. (2012). Interpreting the MMPI-2-RF.  Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.   

Publications in High-impact Journals (1-yr IF score > 3.0)   

Pillai, V., Kalmbach, D.A., & Ciesla, J.A. (2011). A meta-analysis of electroencephalographic sleep in depression: Evidence for genetic biomarkers. Biological Psychiatry, 70, 912-919.   

Kalmbach, D.A., Ciesla, J.A., Janata, J.W., & Kingsberg, S.A. (2012). Specificity of anhedonic depression and anxious arousal with sexual problems among sexually healthy young adults. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 9, 505-513.   

Berenson, K., Downey, G., Rafaeli, E., Coifman, K.G. & Leventhal, N. (2011). Perceived rejection as a trigger for rage in borderline personality disorder. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 120(3), 681-690.   

Pacella, M.L., Armelie, A., Boarts, J., Wagner, G., Jones, T., Feeny, N. & Delahanty, D.L. (in press). The impact of prolonged exposure on PTSD symptoms and associated psychopathology in people living with HIV: A randomized test of concept.  AIDS and Behavior.   

Docherty, N.M.  (In press).  On identifying the processes underlying schizophrenic speech disorder.  Schizophrenia Bulletin.   

Docherty, N.M., McCleery, A., Divilbiss, M., Schumann, E.B., Moe, A. & Shakeel, M.K. (in press) Effects of social cognitive impairment on speech in schizophrenia.  Schizophrenia Bulletin.   

Docherty, N.M.  (In press).  Missing referents, psychotic symptoms, and discriminating the internal from the externalized.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology.   

Hertzog, C. & Dunlosky, J. (2011).  Metacognition in later adulthood:  Spared monitoring can benefit older adults' self-regulation.  Current Directions in Psychological Science, 20, 174-180. 

Rawson, K.A., & Dunlosky, J. (2011).  Optimizing schedules of retrieval practice for durable and efficient learning:  How much is enough?  Journal of Experimental Psychology:  General, 140, 283-302. (Lead article.)   

Flessner, C.A., Freeman, J.B., Sapyta, J., Garcia, A., Franklin, M.E., March, J. et al. (2011). Predictors of accommodation in pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 50(7), 716-725.   

Garcia, S., Alosco, M., Spitznagel, M., Cohen, R., Raz, N., Sweet, L., Colbert, L.,  Josephson, R., Hughes, J., Rosneck, J., & Gunstad, J. (in press). Poor sleep quality and reduced cognitive function in persons with heart failure. International Journal of Cardiology.   

Alosco, M.L., Spitznagel, M., Miller, L., Raz, N., Cohen, R.A., Sweet, L.H., Colbert, L.H., Josephson, R., Waechter, D., Hughes, J., Rosneck, J., & Gunstad, J. (in press). Depression is Associated with Reduced Physical Activity in Persons with Heart Failure. Health Psychology.   

Spitznagel, M., Garcia, S., Miller, L., Strain, G., Devlin, M., Wing, R., Cohen, R., Paul, R., Crosby, R., Mitchell, J., & Gunstad, J. (in press). Cognitive function predicts weight loss success following bariatric surgery.  Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases.   

Stanek-Sellbom, K., & Gunstad, J. (in press).  Cognitive function and decline in obesity. Journal of Alzheimer's disease.    

Gunstad, J., Strain, G., Devlin, M., Wing, R., Cohen, R., Paul, R., Crosby, R., & Mitchell, J. (2011).  Improved memory function 12 weeks after bariatric surgery. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, 7, 465-474.   

Kerns, K.A., Siener, S., & Brumariu, L.E. (2011).  Mother-child relationships, family context, and child characteristics as predictors of anxiety symptoms in middle childhood.  Development and Psychopathology, 23, 593-604.   

Pyc, M.A., & Rawson, K.A. (in press).  Why is test-restudy practice beneficial for memory?  An evaluation of the mediator shift hypothesis.  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition

Hunt, R.R., & Rawson, K.A. (2011).  Knowledge affords distinctive processing in memory.  Journal of Memory and Language, 65, 390-405.  

Vaughn, K.E., & Rawson, K.A. (2011).  Diagnosing criterion level effects on memory: What aspects of memory are enhanced by repeated retrieval?  Psychological Science, 22, 1127-1131. 

Wilkins, N.J., & Rawson, K.A. (2011). Controlling retrieval during practice: Implications for memory-based theories of automaticity.  Journal of Memory and Language, 65, 208-221. 

Gallagher, K.M., & Updegraff, J.A. (in press). Health message framing effects on attitudes, intentions, and behavior: A meta-analytic review. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.    

Hill, C.L., & Updegraff, J.A. (in press). Mindfulness and its relationship to emotional regulation. Emotion.   

Updegraff, J.A., Emanuel, A.S., Gallagher, K.M., & Steinman, C. (2011). Framing flu prevention - An experimental field test of signs promoting hand hygiene during the 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic. Health Psychology, 30, 295-299.   

Gallagher, K.M., Updegraff, J. A., Rothman, A. J., & Sims, L. (2011). Perceived susceptibility to breast cancer moderates the effect of gain- and loss-framed messages on use of screening mammography. Health Psychology, 30, 145-152.   

Van Dulmen, M.H.M., Bossarte, R.M., & Swahn, M.H. (2011). Displacement and adolescent suicide: Introduction to a special section. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 40, 787-789.   

Jones, A.C., Schinka, K.C., van Dulmen, M.H.M., Bossarte, R.M., & Swahn, M. (2011). Changes in loneliness during middle childhood predict risk for adolescent suicidality indirectly through mental health problems. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 40, 818-824.   

Kertes, D.A., & van Dulmen, M.H.M. (2012). Latent state-trait modeling of children's cortisol at two points of the diurnal cycle. Psychoneuorendocrinology, 37, 249-255.   

Van Dulmen, M.H.M., Klipfel, K.M., Mata, A.D., Schinka, K.C., Claxton, S.E., Swahn, M.H., Bossarte, R.M. (in press). Cross-lagged effects between intimate partner violence victimization and suicidality from adolescence into adulthood. Journal of Adolescent Health.   

New Editorships   

Manfred van Dulmen was appointed Founding Editor of the journal, Emerging Adulthood (Sage Publications).   

David Fresco was appointed Associate Editor of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (Published by the American Psychological Association).   

Invited Colloquia, Addresses, Workshops   

John Dunlosky "Improving student success:  Easy to use techniques that really work." Invited colloquium, University of California San Diego; Invited colloquium, Villanova University; Invited colloquium, Tufts University.   

David Fresco "Emotion regulation therapy for complex and refractory presentations of anxiety and depression."  Invited colloquium, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 

David Fresco "Emotion regulation therapy for generalized anxiety disorder." Workshop presented at CBT-DBT Associates, New York, NY, USA. 

Angela Neal-Barnett "Is your job killing you?"  Invited speaker at panel commissioned by the National Association of Black Journalists, Philadelphia, PA. 

Katherine Rawson "Why practice tests improve learning and memory."  Invited talk presented at the 29th Learning and the Brain Conference, Chicago, IL. (Audience included over 100 K-12 teachers). 

David C. Riccio "Stimulus generalization gradients flatten over time: Some implications."  Invited paper presented at the 5th International Conference on Memory, York, United Kingdom. 

Media Attention 

Jill Folk Podcast regarding her forthcoming publication in Reading Research Quarterly to be aired this month on "The Voice of Literacy"