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Research News

CS Colloquium 4/1/2011 "STREAMIT: Dynamic Visualization and Interactive Exploration of Text  Streams"

Posted Mar. 17, 2011

Time: Friday, 1 April 2011, 3:45 - 5:00 PM
Place: MSB 228

Speaker: Ye Zhao, Kent State University


Text streams demand an effective, interactive, and on-the-fly method to
explore the dynamic and massive data sets, and meanwhile extract
valuable information for visual analysis. In this talk, we propose such
an interactive visualization system that enables users to explore
streaming-in text documents without prior knowledge of the data. The
system can constantly incorporate incoming documents from a continuous
source into existing visualization context, which is ``physically''
achieved by minimizing a potential energy defined from similarities
between documents. Unlike most existing methods, our system uses dynamic
keyword vectors to incorporate newly-introduced keywords from data
streams. Furthermore, we propose a special keyword importance that makes
it possible for users to adjust the similarity on-the-fly, and hence
achieve their preferred visual effects in accordance to varying
interests, which also helps to identify hot spots and outliers. We
optimize the system performance through a similarity grid and with
parallel implementation on graphics hardware (GPU), which achieves
instantaneous animated visualization even for a very large data
collection. Moreover, our system implements a powerful user interface
enabling various user interactions for in-depth data analysis.
Experiments and case studies are presented to illustrate our dynamic
system for text stream exploration.

Short Bio:
Ye Zhao is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science
at the Kent State University. His research interests include natural
phenomena modeling, physically-based simulation and visualization, data
and information visualization, image and geometric processing, and
general purpose computing on graphics hardware (GPGPU).