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F. Robert Treichler

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (1960)

Research Interests

Issues of interest include animal models of learning and memory as instruments for assessing neurological function. Primary emphasis is on nonhuman primate tests of multiple problem integration as an indicant of cognitive behavior. Also interested in the history of psychology.

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Courses Frequently Taught

  • History of Psychology (graduate)


Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Treichler, F. R. (2012). Serial list retention by non-human primates: Complexity and cognitive continuity. In D. McFarland, K. Stenning and M. McGonigle-Chalmers.  The complex mind: An interdisciplinary approach. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK.  25-37.

Treichler, F.R., & Raghanti, M.A. (2010).  Serial list combination by monkeys (Macaca mulatta):  test cues and linking.  Animal Cognition, 13, 121-132.

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Treichler, F. R. & Van Tilburg, D. (2002). Premise-pair training for valid tests of serial list organization in macaques. Animal Cognition, 5, 97-105.

Treichler, F. R., & Van Tilburg, D. (1999). Training requirements and retention characteristics of serial list organization by macaque monkeys, Animal Cognition, 2, 235-244.

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F. Robert Treichler
Department of Psychology