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Profiles Detail

Nancy M. Docherty

Professor Emeritus & KSU Distinguished Scholar
Education: Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamptom (1991)

Research Area: Clinical - Adult Psychopathology

Research Interests
Cognitive and emotional functioning in schizophrenia; Thought, language, and communication disturbances; Stress-responsiveness of symptoms in schizophrenia; Vulnerability to psychosis.

Lab Site: Kent State University Schizophrenia Research Lab

Courses Frequently Taught

  • Adult Psychopathology (graduate)
  • Clinical Practicum (graduate)


Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Docherty, N.M., St-Hilaire, A., Aakre, J.M., & Seghers, J.P. (2009) Life events and high trait reactivity together predict psychotic symptom increases in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 35: 638-645.

Aakre, J.M., Seghers, J.P., St-Hilaire, A, Docherty, N.M.  (2009) Attributional style in delusional patients: A comparison of remitted paranoid, remitted non-paranoid, and current paranoid patients with nonpsychiatric controls. Schizophrenia Bulletin.

Cohen, A.S., St-Hilaire, A., Aakre, J.M., Docherty, N.M. (2009). Understanding anhedonia in schizophrenia through lexical analysis of natural speech. Cognition and Emotion, 23: 569-586.

Seghers, J.P., Docherty, N.M. (In press). Cognitive impairments, emotion, stress, and language in schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research.

Rubino, I.A., D’Agostino, L., Sarchiola, L., Romeo, D., Siracusano, A., Docherty, N.M. (In press) Referential failures and affective reactivity of language in schizophrenia and unipolar depression. Schizophrenia Bulletin.

Dinzeo, T.J., Cohen, A.S., Nienow, T.M., & Docherty, N.M. (2008) Emotional arousability in schizophrenia: relationship to emotional and physiological reactivity and symptom severity. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 117: 432-439.

St-Hilaire, A., Cohen, A.S., Docherty, N.M. (2008). Emotion word use in the conversational speech of schizophrenia patients. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 13: 343-56.

Nancy M. Docherty
Department of Psychology