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Veronica Dexheimer

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dexheimer is a theoretical astrophysicist.  She specializes in the study of finite temperature/density matter.  Her research focus has been on the properties and dynamics of neutron stars and proto-neutron stars.  In such dense bodies, particles different from the ones present in atomic nuclei, the nucleons, become important. These particles can be hyperons, that contain non-zero strangeness, or broader resonances. There can also be different states of matter inside neutron star, such as meson condensates and, if the density is high enough to deconfine the nucleons, quark matter. As new degrees of freedom appear in the system, different aspects of matter have to be taken into account.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Recent Publications

  • Bulk Properties of a Fermi Gas in a Magnetic Field. Michael Strickland, Veronica Dexheimer, Debora P. Menezes. Published in Phys. Rev. D 86: 125032, 2012.
  • Hybrid Stars in a Strong Magnetic Field. V. Dexheimer, R. Negreiros, S. Schramm. Published in Eur.Phys.J. A48: 189, 2012.
  • Quark core impact on hybrid star cooling. Rodrigo Negreiros, V.A. Dexheimer, S. Schramm. Published in Phys.Rev. C85: 035805, 2012.
  • Neutron Stars with Small Radii - the Role of Delta Resonances. Torsten Schurhoff, Stefan Schramm and Veronica Dexheimer. Published in Astrophys. Journ. Lett. 724: 74-77, 2010.
  • Modeling Hybrid Stars with an SU(3) non-linear sigma model. Rodrigo Picanco Negreiros, V.A. Dexheimer and S. Schramm. Published in Phys.Rev. C 82: 035803, 2010.
  • Kaon properties in (proto)neutron stars. Amruta Mishra, Arvind Kumar, Sambuddha Sanyal, V. Dexheimer and Stefan Schramm. Published in Eur. Phys. J. A 45: 169-177, 2010.
  • Hydrodynamics with a chiral hadronic equation of state including quark degrees of freedom. J. Steinheimer, V. Dexheimer, H. Petersen, M. Bleicher, S. Schramm and H. Stoecker. Published in Phys. Rev. C 81: 044913, 2010.
  • Novel Approach to Modeling Hybrid Stars. V.A. Dexheimer and S. Schramm. Published in Phys. Rev. C 81: 045201, 2010.

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Research Areas
  • Astrophysics
  • Neutron Stars
  • Supernovae
  • Dense QCD Matter
Veronica Dexheimer
Department of Physics
Smith Hall 209
Phone: 330-672-2596
Fax: 330-672-2959
Spring 2015
  • PHY 13002 - 001 General College Physics Ii
  • PHY 13012 - 001 College Physics Ii
  • PHY 60098 - 003 Research
  • PHY 60199 - 005 Thesis I
Summer 2015
  • PHY 60199 - 021 Thesis I
  • PHY 60299 - 030 Thesis Ii
Fall 2015
  • PHY 13002 - 001 General College Physics Ii
  • PHY 13012 - 001 College Physics Ii
  • PHY 65301 - 001 Statistical Mechanics I