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Provisional Agenda

North Atlantic Council

  1. Shaping the Future: Delivering Security in the 21st Century
    1. Current NATO Operations
    2. Potential Operations
    3. Partnerships: Keeping a Global Perspective
  2. Afghanistan – Strategic Plan post 2014
  3. Capability Improvement: Smart Defence
  4. Missile Defence Cooperation with Russia

Political Affairs Committee

  1. NATO Enlargement. 
  2. NATO – EU Relations
  3. NATO – RUSSIA Relations
  4. Enhancing Partnerships- existing pfp nations and strategic global partners
  5. Afghanistan- Strategic Plan post 2014
  6. Emerging Security Challenges: Energy Security; Cyber Security- Water Security 

Defense Planning Committee

  1. Afghanistan- Strategic Plan post 2014
  2. NATO – EU Relations and Operations
    1. Permanent Structure for Relations; 
    2. Access to NATO Planning and NATO Capabilities;
  3. Stability and Reconstruction Issues 
  4. New Member Integration. 
  5. Defence Spending
    1. Smart Defence 
    2. NATO Common Funding   

Nuclear Planning Group

  1. Non-Proliferation of WMD and Security of Materials 
  2. Nuclear Threats
  3. Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) capability
    1. Missile Defence for the protection of NATO territory; 
    2. TMD Cooperation with Russia.
  4. Impact of New Start and UK/France Nuclear Weapon Reductions   

Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) 

  1. Balkans – Kosovo 
  2. Mediterranean – Active Endeavor 
  3. Afghanistan- Strategic Plan post 2014
  4. NATO Training Mission – Iraq 
  5. Other Potential Operations