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Scott Sheridan


My research interests are in synoptic climatology, climate change, and bioclimatology. Perhaps foremost, I've worked on addressing the problem of heat vulnerability through a number of different avenues, from survey work on heat perception, to the development of over 30 heat-warning systems across the globe, and projections of future vulnerability. I am also interested in all other aspects of applied climatology, including climate and crime, atmospheric composition, and agriculture. I also serve as the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Biometeorology.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

 Ballinger, T.J. and S.C. Sheridan, 2013: Associations between circulation pattern frequencies and sea ice minima in the western Arctic.  International Journal of Climatology, 10 pp., in press.

Sheridan, S.C. and C.C. Lee, 2013: Synoptic Climatology.  Oxford Bibliographies, in press.

Sheridan, S.C., D.P. Pirhalla, C.C. Lee, and V. Ransi, 2012: Evaluating Linkages of Weather Patterns and Water Quality Responses in South Florida Using a Synoptic Climatological Approach.  Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 52, 425-438.

Sheridan, S.C., C.C. Lee, M.J. Allen, and L.S. Kalkstein, 2012: Future heat vulnerability in California  Part I: Projecting future weather types and heat events.  Climatic Change, 115, 291-309.

Sheridan, S.C., M.J. Allen, C.C. Lee, and L.S. Kalkstein, 2012: Future heat vulnerability in California  Part II: Projecting future heat-related mortality.  Climatic Change, 115, 321-326.

Sheridan, S.C., and A.J. Kalkstein, 2010: Seasonal variability in heat-related mortality across the United States.  Natural Hazards, 55, 291-305.

Sheridan, S.C., and C.C. Lee, 2010: Synoptic climatology and the general circulation model.  Progress in Physical Geography, 34, 101-109.

Hajat, S., S.C. Sheridan, M.J. Allen, M. Pascal, K. Laaidi, A. Yagouti, U. Bickis, A. Tobias, D. Bourque, B.G. Armstrong, T. Kosatsky, 2010: Which days of hot weather are identified as dangerous by Heat-Health Warning Systems?  A comparison of the predictive capacity of different approaches.  American Journal of Public Health, 100, 1137-1144.

Research Areas
  • Climatology
  • Biometeorology
  • Climate Change

Association of American Geographers

International Society of Biometeorology

American Meteorological Society

Scott Sheridan
Department of Geography
Center for Ecology and Natural Resources Sustainability
Mcgilvrey Hall

Monday 1-4

Wednesday 1-4

Phone: 330-672-3224
Spring 2015
  • GEOG 17063 - 002 World Geography
  • GEOG 37066 - 001 Geography Of Europe
  • GEOG 60199 - 001 Thesis I
  • GEOG 60299 - 001 Thesis Ii
  • GEOG 80199 - 001 Dissertation I
  • GEOG 80299 - 001 Dissertation Ii
  • GEOG 80998 - 001 Research
Fall 2015
  • GEOG 37085 - 001 Geog Of Latin Amer And Carib
  • GEOG 80998 - 001 Research