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Michael Allen

Doctoral Student

The academic year 2013-2014 marks my sixth year in Kent and fourth year as a doctoral student.  After receiving my Bachelor of Science (Earth Science- Meteorology) from California University of Pennsylvania (2008) and my Master of Arts from Kent State University (Geography in 2010), I matriculated into the Doctoral Program.  I have served as a research assistant working with several agencies including the National Science Foundation, U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation, California Air Resources Board, and New York State Department of Health.  Currently, I am a research assistant investigating water clarity issues using climate indicators including the Spatial Synoptic Classification.  I have also served as an instructor of record for multiple courses where I share my passion for Geography with my students. 

My dissertation combines my research interests of climate variability and change with human response during heat waves and cold spells.  It focuses on the ways in which seasons are defined in climate-health research by taking into account temporal and spatial variability.  For example, "winter" is currently defined without regard to these variations in time and space.  By comparing the mortality across seasons and during anomalous temperature events, I am evaluating the ways in which seasons are defined, impact human health, and change over time.

I am actively involved on campus serving as Executive Chair of Graduate Student Senate, President of the Geography Graduate Student Association, Teaching Fellow for Graduate Student Orientation, and recently received a University Fellowship from the Division of Graduate Studies.  These roles enhance my professional development and networking opportunities.  Recently, I was appointed as one of two students to the Kent State University President Search Committee.  I currently serve as the Graduate Student Representative for HMGSG of the Association of American Geographers and American Meteorological Society’s Committee on Applied Climatology.  In February, I begin a term on the AMS Board on Environment and Health.  In 2012, I was invited to attend the 4th International Student Training Workshop on Health and Environmental Changes in Mega Urban Areas.

Interests:  Climate Variability and Change - Bioclimatology - Anomalous Temperature Events - Seasonality

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities


Spencer, J., M. Allen, S. Sheridan (Manuscript under review):  Cold-Related Moribidity and Mortality:  A Review of Causes, Spatio-temporal Variability and Risk Factors. 

Allen, M.J., C.C. Lee (Manuscript under review):  Investigating High-Mortality during the Winter Season:  Mapping Patterns of Temperature and Pressure.

Allen, M. J., S. C. Sheridan (2013):  High- mortality days during the winter season: comparing meteorological conditions across five U.S. cities. International Journal of Biometeorology DOI: 10.1007/s00484-013-0640-4.

Sheridan, S.C., M.J. Allen, C.C. Lee,  L.S. Kalkstein (2012):  Future heat vulnerability in California Part II:  Projecting future heat-related mortality. Climatic Change, 115 (2), 311-326.

Sheridan, S.C., C.C. Lee, M.J. Allen, L.S. Kalkstein (2012):  Future heat vulnerability in California Part I:  Projecting future weather types and heat events.  Climatic Change, 115 (2), 291-309.

Hajat, S., S. Sheridan, M. Allen, M. Pascal, K. Laaidi, A. Yagouti, U. Bickis, A. Tobias, D. Bourque, B.G. Armstrong, T. Kosatsky (2010):  Which days of hot weather are identified as dangerous by Heat-Health Warning Systems?  A comparison of the predictive capacity of different approaches.  American Journal of Public Health, 100 (6), 1137-1144


Allen, M. J. (2013):  A Study of Chronic Bronchitis in New York State using Spatial Synoptic Classification and Distributed Lag Non-Linear Modeling Techniques.  13th European Meteorological Society Meeting, Reading, UK.

Allen, M. J. (2013):  The Variability of Seasons:  Evaluating Spatial and Temporal Trends in the United States.  International Geographical Union 2013 Kyoto Regional Conference, Kyoto, Japan.

Allen, M. J. (2013):  Seasons in Climate-Health Research:  A Critical Evaluation of Delineation Methods.  XVth International Symposium in Medical Geography, East Lansing, MI.

Allen, M. J., C. C. Lee (2013):  Evaluating Mortality through Composite Mapping:  A Seasonal Perspective.  93rd Annual American Meteorological Society Meeting. Austin, TX.

Allen, M., C. Lee, A. Sedorovich-Perry (2012):  Evaluating Transition Weather Types during the Winter Season.  24th Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology.  Columbia, South Carolina. 

Allen, M. J. (2012):  A Reexamination of Winter Weather Issues Using Distributed Lag Models.  Association of American Geographers National Conference:  Temperature & Human Health Part II:  Temporal Aspects.  New York City, New York. 

Allen, M. J. (2011):  High-mortality days during the winter season:  comparing meteorological conditions across 5 U.S. cities. 19th International Congress of Biometeorology.  Auckland, New Zealand. 

Allen, M. J. and A. Sedorovich (2011):  Chronic Bronchitis Hospital Admissions in New York State.  19th International Congress of Biometeorology.  Auckland, New Zealand. 

Corobov, R., N. Opopol, S. Sheridan, M. Allen (2011):  Record heat waves in Moldova in 2007:  Identification, description, and health consequences.  East Lakes Division of the Association of American Geographers Regional Meeting.  Youngstown State University.

Allen, M. J. (2011):  New York State:  Examining acute bronchitis in children (<5 years) using the Spatial Synoptic Classification (1991-2006).  Association of American Geographers National Conference:  Synoptic Climatology and Health Outcomes:  New York State.  Seattle, WA.

Allen, M.J. (2010):  Statistical considerations in the development of Heat Watch-Warning Systems.  U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation Workshop:  Improving Public Health Response to Heat Events; National Center for Public Health:  Chişinău, Moldova. 

Allen, M.J. (2010):  Impact of winter weather on human health.  25th Annual Graduate Student Senate Colloquium.  Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.

Allen, M.J. (2010):  The impact of winter weather on human health:  A regional approach to understanding vulnerability in the United States.  Association of American Geographers National Conference:  Special session on season variability in weather-related mortality.  Washington, D.C.

Corobov, R., N. Opopol, S. Sheridan, M. Allen (2010):  Record heat waves in Moldova in 2007:  Identification, description, and health consequences.  90th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting:  1st Environment and Health Symposium. Atlanta, GA. 

Allen, M. J., V. N. Bringi, G. Huang (2007):  A study of snow characteristics using 2D video and dual-polarized radar:  The case of 20 January 2007.  National Science Foundation:  Research Experience for Undergraduates.  Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.


Allen, M. J. (14 October 2012):  Extreme Temperature Environments:  Planning for the Future.  4th International Student Training Workshop on Health and Environmental Changes in Mega Urban Areas.  Beijing, China.  Dr. Mark Rosenberg

Allen, M. J. (27 April 2012):  Graduate Studies, Geography, and Public Health.  College of Public Health Doctoral Meeting.  Kent State University, Aimee Budnik

Allen, M.J. (1 March 2011).  Health and Weather:  Factors that Contribute to High Mortality during the Winter Season.  Experimental Aviation Association Chapter 1252.  Columbia Station, OH.  Sandra Maurer. 

Allen, M.J. (22 January 2011).  Assessing the Influence of Weather During Wintertime High Mortality Days.  Northeast Ohio Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.  Brunswick, Ohio.  Mark Thorton. 

Allen, M.J. (12 December 2010):  Weather:  How it works and why it’s important.  Central Elementary School, Brecksville, Ohio.  Cuyahoga Valley Career Center.  Gretchen Weber

Allen, M.J. (31 March 2010):  The wonderful world of weather.  Derry Area High School Physical Sciences:  Michelle Dorazio.


Pennsylvania Geographical Society (2013 – present)

International Society of Biometeoorlogy  (2010 - present)

Association of American Geographers  (2009 - present)

National Weather Association (2006 - present)

American Meteorological Society  (2005 - present)

Graduate Student Senate  (2009 - present)

Graduate Student Orientation  (2012 - present)


Michael Allen
Department of Geography
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