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Ph.D. Alumni

Ph.D. Alumni are listed below starting with the most recent graduates.


  • Sherenaz Al-haj Baddar, 2009, Finding Better Sorting Networks, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher


  • Mohammed Jirari, 2008, Computer Aided System For Detecting Masses In Mammograms, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu
  • Kenneth Batcher, 2008, Cache Miss Reduction Techniques for Embedded CPU Instruction Caches, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker
  • Huzefa Kagdi, Missouri University of Science a, 500 West 15th Street, 325 Comput, Rolla, MO, 65409, USA, 2008, Mining Software Repositories to Support Software Evolution, Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Maletic
  • Saleh Al-Shomrani, 2008, A Web-based Distributed and Interoperable Tool for Sharing Mathematical Assessments and Supervising Online Tests, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang


  • Oleg Komogortsev, 2007, Eye Movement Prediction by Oculomotor Plant Modeling with Kalman Filter, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan
  • Yujun Guo, 2007, Medical Image Registration and Application to Atlas-Based Segmentation, Advisor: Dr. Cheng-Chang Lu
  • Hassan Gobjuka, 2007, Topology Discovery and Network Monitoring at the Physical-Layer in Heterogeneous Multi-Subnet Networks, Advisor: Dr. Yuri Breitbart
  • Nouman Bantan, 2007, Routing Protocol and Routing Algorithm for Space Communication, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan
  • Chenyu Yan, 2007, Approximating Distances in Complicated Graphs by Distances in Simple Graphs with Applications, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan


  • Hong Wang, 2006, Design and Implementation of an FPGA-Based Scalable Pipelined Associative SIMD Processor Array with Specialized Variations for S, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker
  • Asrar Haque, 2006, Bounded Wait Communication for Systems with Distributed and Autonomous Components, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan
  • Nawar Malhis, 2006, Detecting Gene Regulation Relations in Microarray Time Series Data, Advisor: Dr. Arden Ruttan


  • Mostafa Rahmani, 2005, The Quartet Property in Multistage Interconnection Networks, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher
  • Michael Scherger, Texas A&M University - Corpus Ch, 6300 Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, TX, 78412, USA, 2005, An Object Model Framework, Runtime Environment Support, and Database System Software for a Multiple Instruction Stream Associati, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker
  • Irina Lomonosov, 2005, Routing Schemes for Special Graph Classes, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan
  • Raid Zaghal, 2005, Interactive Protocols for Extensible Networking, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan


  • Mingxian Jin, Fayetteville State University, 1200 Murchison Road, Fayetteville, NC, 28301, USA, 2004, Evaluating the Power of the Parallel MASC Model Using Simulations and Real-Time Applications, Advisor: Dr.Johnnie Baker
  • Angela Guercio, 2004, Introducing Triggers and Active Repository for Asynchronous and Non Deterministic Events in Reactive Multimedia Systems, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal
  • Seung Yang, 2004, A Framework for Complex Composition of Netcentric Systems, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan
  • Michael Collard, 2004, Meta-Differencing: An Infrastructure for Source Code Difference Analysis, Advisor: Dr.Jonathan Maletic
  • Zhen Ye, 2004, Wavelet Domain Multiresolution Markov Models for Image Segmentation and Denoising Applications, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu


  • Weidong Liao, Shepherd University, King Street, Shepherdstown, WV, 25443, USA, 2003, IAMC Framework: Design and Prototyping, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang
  • Andrian Marcus, 2003, Semantic Driven Program Analysis, Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Maletic
  • Chi-Hsiang Lo, 2003, Medical Image Registration by Maximization of Mutual Information, Advisor: Dr.Cheng Chang Lu


  • Stephen Ryan, 2001, A Logic Based Abstract Model and Visual Environment for Distributed Simulation and Design of Complex Systems over the Internet, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal
  • Jeffrey Childs, 2001, The Decomposition of 1D and 2D Signals with a G-Reductive Sum of Gaussians, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu
  • Adel Salem, 2001, Multimedia Browser (MMB) , Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter
  • Maher Atwah, 2001, Parallel Computation of the Static and Dynamic Convex Hull, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker


  • Ajwa Iyad, Ashland University, Dept. of Math & CS, Ashland, OH, 44805, USA, 1998, Dissertation, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang
  • Iyad Ajwa, 1998, Parallel Algorithms and Implements for the Grobner Bases Algorithm and the Characteristic Sets Method, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang
  • Sami Mkaddem, 1998, Numerical Modeling of Confined Liquid Crystal Systems
  • Simon James Gray, 1998, MP: A Protocol for the Efficient Exchange of Mathematical Data, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang
  • Darrell Ulm, 1998, Establishing the Power of Associative Computing (ASC) Using Simulations and Virtual Parallelism, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker


  • Hong-In Choi, 1997, Fault Tolerance in Bitonic Sorting Networks and Static Shuffle-Exchange Networks, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher
  • Olaf Bachmann, 1997, Chains of Recurrences, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang


  • Beverly Gocal, 1996, On Routing Clos Networks, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher
  • Jae-Dong Lee, 1996, Minimizing Communication in the Bitonic Sort, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher
  • Stephen Scott, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, One Bethel Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN, 37831, USA, 1996, A Distributed Heterogeneous Computing Environment, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter
  • Box Leangsuksun, Louisiana Tech U, P.O. Box 10348, Ruston, LA, 71272, USA, 1996, Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Parallel Distributed Computing, Advisor: Jerry Potter
  • Koung Lee, 1996, Routing Algorithms on Shuffle Exchange Networks, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher


  • Chokchai Leangsuksun, 1995, Practical Task Mappin Strategies for Heterogeneous Computing Environments, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter
  • Yaser Doleh, IBM, 6300 OAK TREE BLVD, Independence, OH, 44131, USA, 1995, The Design and Implementation of a System Independent User Interface for an Integrated Scientific Computing Environment, Advisor: Dr.Paul Wang
  • Mohamed Rayes, 1995, Parallel Multivariate Polynomial Greatest Common Divisor Computation, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang


  • Mark Merry, 1994, Parallel Algorithms for the Reconfigurable Mesh, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker
  • Yong Shin, deCarta, 4 N 2nd St, San Jose, CA, 95113, U.S.A, 1994, Digital Image Coding Techniques - Codec Design Using Vector Quantization Method, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu
  • Kenneth Weber, Mount Union College, 1972 Clark Ave., Alliance, OH, 44601, USA, 1994, Parallel Integer GCD Algorithms and their Application to Polynomial GCD, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang
  • Reinhardt Zeller, 1994, Solution of the Landau-de-Gennes Equations of Liquid Crystal Physics on a SIMD Computer, Advisor: Dr. Paul Farrell/Dr. Eugene Gartland
  • Majad Al-Hajery, 1994, Bit-Level Bitonic Sorting Networks and their Role in Wormhole Multicast Routing, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher


  • Naveen Sharma, Xerox Corporation, , 1992, Synthesis of Sequential and Parallel Programs for Finite Element Analysis, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang
  • Kathy Liszka, The University of Akron, CAS 227, Akron, OH, 44325-4003, USA, 1992, Generalizing Bitonic and Odd-Even Merging Networks, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher
  • Vilmar Trevisan, UFRGS, Intituto de Matematica, Porto Alegre, RS, 91509900, Brazil, 1992, Univariate Polynomial Factorization, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang


  • Chandra Rajappa, 1991, An Associative Parallel Compiler for an Associative Computing Language, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter
  • Abdelazia Fellah, 1991, Alternating Finite Automata and Related Problems, Advisor: Dr. Sheng Lu
  • Chih-ming Shih, 1991, Adding Fault Tolerance to Cube-Connected Cycles Networks, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher
  • Chandra Astjagoro, 1991, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter