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Dr. T. Kam Manahan

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Vanderbilt University 2003

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Munro-Stasiuk, Mandy J., T. Kam Manahan, Trent Stockton, and Traci Ardren

2014    Spatial and Physical Characteristics of Rejolladas in Northern Yucatán, Mexico:  Implications for Ancient Maya Agriculture and Settlement Patterns. Geoarchaeology 29: 156-172.

Alonso, Alejandra,  Adrián Velázquez,T. Kam Manahan, Belém Zuñiga, Norma Valentín, and Traci Ardren

2013    Análisis de las técnicas de manufactura de los objetos de concha de Xuenkal, Yucatán.  In Técnicas Analíticas Aplicadas a la Caracterización y Producción de Materiales Arqueológicos en el Área Maya, edited by Adrián Velázquez Castro and Lynneth S. Lowe, pp. 109- 134.  Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas: Universidad Autónoma de México.

Manahan, T. Kam, Traci Ardren, and Alejandra Alonso

2012    Household Organization and the Dynamics of State Expansion: The Late Classic – Terminal Classic Transformation at Xuenkal, Yucatan, Mexico.  Ancient Mesoamerica 23(2):345-364

Munro-Stasiuk, Mandy J., Scott Sheridan, and T. Kam Manahan

2011    Rejolladas (Dry Sinkholes) as Microclimatological Niches in Yucatán, Mexico.  Papers of the Applied Geography Conference.

Ardren, Traci, T. Kam Manahan, Julie Wesp, and Alejandra Alonso

2010    Cloth Production and Economic Intensification in the Area Surrounding Chichen Itza. Latin American Antiquity 21(3):274-289.

Tiesler, Vera, Andrea Cucina, T. Kam Manahan, T. Douglas Price, Traci Ardren, and James H. Burton

2010    Ancient Maya Mortuary Practices During the Late Classic Period: A Taphonomic Approach to the Study of Five Burials from Xuenkal, Yucatan, Mexico.  Journal of Field Archaeology 35(4):365-379.

Manahan, T. Kam, and Traci Ardren

2010    Transformación en el tiempo: definiendo la naturaleza de Xuenkal, Yucatán, durante el Clásico Terminal. Estudios de Cultura Maya 35: 11-32.

Munro-Stasiuk, Mandy J., and T. Kam Manahan

2010    Satellite and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Analysis of Karst Terrain Near the Ancient Maya Center of Xuenkal, Yucatán, Mexico. Acta Carsologica 39(1):85-97.

Research Areas
  • Household archaeology
  • Settlement patterns
  • Sociopolitical and economic organization of ancient Maya civilization
Dr. T. Kam Manahan
Department of Anthropology
226 Lowry Hall
Phone: 330-672-9329
Fall 2014
  • ANTH 18420 - 001 Introduction To Archaeology
  • ANTH 38096 - 003 Ind Invest - Anthropology
  • ANTH 48095 - 004 St : Ancient Maya Art / Arch
  • ANTH 58095 - 005 St : Ancient Maya Art / Arch
  • ANTH 68199 - 003 Thesis I
  • ANTH 68299 - 003 Thesis Ii
  • ANTH 68430 - 001 Problems In World Prehistory
Spring 2015
  • ANTH 18420 - 002 Introduction To Archaeology
  • ANTH 38096 - 004 Ind Invest - Anthropology
  • HONR 40099 - 036 Senior Honors Thesis / Project
  • ANTH 48450 - 001 States And Empires
  • ANTH 58450 - 001 States And Empires
  • ANTH 68096 - 004 Individual Investigation
  • ANTH 68199 - 004 Thesis I
  • ANTH 68299 - 004 Thesis Ii