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Dr. Mary Ann Raghanti

Associate Professor

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Dr. Mary Ann Raghanti
Department of Anthropology
Phone: 330-672-9354
Spring 2015
  • ANTH 18630 - 002 Human Evolution
  • ANTH 38096 - 007 Ind Invest - Anthropology
  • ANTH 68096 - 007 Individual Investigation
  • ANTH 68199 - 007 Thesis I
  • ANTH 68299 - 007 Thesis Ii
  • BMS 80299 - 002 Dissertation Ii
Summer 2015
  • ANTH 18630 - 001 Human Evolution
  • ANTH 68199 - 014 Thesis I
  • ANTH 68299 - 016 Thesis Ii