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Dr. Evgenia Fotiou

Assistant Professor

Evgenia Fotiou has a PhD in cultural anthropology and Latin American studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she completed doctoral research on ayahuasca use in the context of tourism. She is interested in health and healing in cross-cultural perspective as well as indigenous religions, and is currently researching the revitalization of pre-Christian religion in modern Greece. She has taught as a lecturer at the UW-Madison departments of Anthropology and Gender and Womens Studies (2011–2012), and as an ACM-Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Indigenous Religions at Luther College, where she taught courses in the Department of Religion and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work (20122014). She was guest editor of a special issue on ayahuasca and healing for the journal Anthropology of Consciousness (Spring 2012). She is on the board of directors for the Society of the Anthropology of Consciousness and a founding member of the International Society for the Academic Research on Shamanism.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities



2014          “One Heart”: Personal Insights into Spiritual Dimensions of Participation in Contemporary Ayahuasca Rituals. In Seeking the Sacred with Psychoactive Substances, Chemical Paths to Spirituality and to God. J. Harold Ellens ed. Pp. 71-99. Westport, Conn: Praeger.

2014          “We are the Indians of Greece”: Indigeneity and Religious Revitalization in Modern Greece. CrossCurrents 64(2):219-235.

2014          On the Uneasiness of Tourism: Considerations on Shamanic Tourism in Western Amazonia. In Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Amazon and Beyond. Beatriz C. Labate and Clancy Cavnar eds. Pp. 159–181. New York: Oxford University Press.

2012          Working with “La Medicina”: Elements of Healing in Contemporary Ayahuasca Rituals. Anthropology of Consciousness 23(1):7-29.

2010          Encounters with Sorcery: an Ethnographer's Account. Anthropology and Humanism 35(2):192-203.

2008          Shamanic Tourism and the Commercialization of Ayahuasca. Peripheria 11:12-15.

Dr. Evgenia Fotiou
Department of Anthropology
Phone: 330-672-6862
Fax: 330-672-2999
Spring 2015
  • ANTH 18210 - 004 Intro To Cultural Anth
  • ANTH 38096 - 002 Ind Invest - Anthropology
  • HONR 40096 - 027 Individual Honors Work
  • ANTH 48250 - 001 Culture And Curing
  • ANTH 58250 - 001 Culture And Curing
  • ANTH 68096 - 002 Individual Investigation
  • ANTH 68199 - 002 Thesis I
  • ANTH 68299 - 002 Thesis Ii
Summer 2015
  • ANTH 68199 - 009 Thesis I
  • ANTH 68299 - 011 Thesis Ii
Fall 2015
  • ANTH 18210 - 002 Intro To Cultural Anth
  • ANTH 38096 - 007 Ind Invest - Anthropology
  • ANTH 48095 - 004 St : Peoples And Cultures Of
  • ANTH 58095 - 004 St : Peoples And Culture Of Ama
  • ANTH 68096 - 006 Individual Investigation
  • ANTH 68199 - 008 Thesis I
  • ANTH 68299 - 008 Thesis Ii