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Profile Detail

Chi-hua Chiu

Assistant Professor

Background: Ph.D. in Molecular Evolution, Wayne State University.
B.A. in Biochemistry, University of Colorado-Boulder.

Personal Philosophy: "A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." - Ayn Rand     

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Selected Publications

Evolution of Hox clusters in jawed vertebrates

Raincrow JD, Dewar K, Stocsits C, Prohaska SJ, Amemiya CT, Stadler PF, Chiu CH. (2011). Hox clusters of the bichir (Actinopterygii, Polypterus senegalus) highlight unique patterns of sequence evolution in gnathostome phylogeny. J Exp Zool (Mol Dev Evol) 316: 451-464.

Mulley J, Chiu CH, Holland PW. (2006). Breakup of a homeobox cluster after genome duplication in teleosts. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 103: 10369-10372.

Chiu CH, Dewar K, Wagner GP, Takahashi K, Ruddle F, Bartsch P, Scemama JL, Stellwag E, Fried C, Prohaska SJ, Stadler PF, Amemiya CT. (2004). Bichir HoxA cluster sequence reveals surprising trends in ray-finned fish genomic evolution. Genome Research 14: 11-17.

Chiu CH, Amemiya CT, Dewar K, Kim CB, Ruddle FH, Wagner GP. (2002). Molecular evolution of the HoxA cluster in the three major gnathostome lineages. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 99: 5492-5497.


Primate evolutionary genetics and evo-devo

Chiu CH, Genne-Bacon E. (2010). Accelerated evolution of the oxytocin receptor system in Callitrichine primates. Am J Phys Anthro Suppl 50:81.

Chiu CH, Hamrick MW. (2002). Evolution and development of the primate limb skeleton. Evol Anthro 11: 94-107.

Hansen TF, Carter AJ, Chiu CH. (2000). Gene conversion may aid adaptive peak shifts. J Theor Biol 207: 495-511.

Chiu CH, Gregoire L, Muniz JA, Gumucio DL, Lancaster WD, Goodman M. (1999). A model for the fetal recruitment of simian gamma-globin genes based on findings from two New World monkeys Cebus apella and Callithrix jacchus (Platyrrhini, Primates). J Exp Zool (Mol Dev Evol) 285: 27-40.

Chiu CH, Schneider H, Slightom JL, Gumucio DL, Goodman M. (1997). Dynamics of cis-regulatory evolution in primate gamma-globin gene clusters: Cis-mediated acquisition of simian gamma fetal expression patterns. Gene 205:47-57.



Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities
Research Areas
  • Evolution of the genetic toolkit responsible for body plan formation; genotype-phenotype interactions; comparative genomics of different chordate lineages.
Chi-hua Chiu
Department of Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 330-672-5972
Spring 2015
  • BSCI 30156 - 002 Elements Of Genetics
  • BSCI 40163 - 001 Organic Evolution
  • BSCI 40195 - 017 St : Genetics Lab
  • BSCI 40196 - 013 Individual Investigation
  • BSCI 40600 - 010 Writing In Biological Sciences
Summer 2015
  • BSCI 30050 - 030 Human Genetics
  • BSCI 40163 - 995 Organic Evolution
Fall 2015
  • BSCI 30050 - 004 Human Genetics
  • BSCI 30156 - 002 Elements Of Genetics
  • BSCI 40163 - 001 Organic Evolution
  • BSCI 40195 - 025 St : Genetics Lab
  • BSCI 40600 - 002 Writing In Biological Sciences
  • BSCI 50163 - 001 Evolution
  • BSCI 70163 - 001 Organic Evolution