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Networking is about sustaining connections for both personal and professional success and is the #1 job search strategy!

With options like LinkedIn, it's never been easier to build a group of supporters.

It’s not just WHO you know, but WHO knows YOU! 


elevator pitch     Create your ONE-minute pitch NOW!


Develop a list of contacts

  • Talk to the obvious people (your family, former co-workers, faculty, advisors) as well as people you wouldn't normally include in your job search (your doctor, dentist, clergy, hairdresser).  Use the Building a Network worksheet to get started.
  • Professional associations often have student chapters or student membership rates. Association meetings are a great way to make professional contacts!
  • Always be aware of how you act and what you say (in person and online) – you never know when there is a potential contact right in front of you.
  • Prepare your one-minute elevator pitch and if a conversation lends itself, speak up and let people know that you are in the job market. 
  • Don't let fear stop you from reaching out. Instead of thinking, “I don't want to impose on others.”, think, “Every contact I make brings me closer to my job.” 

Network using LinkedIn and other social media  

  • LinkedIn    LinkedIn is the leading social media website for career and job search networking. To join, first create a free personal account on LinkedIn.

    » To build your network, request to connect with coworkers, classmates, friends, faculty, and professionals in your field.

    »  Join career-specific groups in your areas of interest including the "Kent State University Career Services Center" LinkedIn group where you can engage in conversations regarding careers with other students, alumni, and professionals.

    »  To join a group, log in to your LinkedIn account, go to the search bar on the top of the screen, choose the "Groups" option. Type in the group name and select "Join Group".

    »  Be sure to update "Group Settings" to receive a weekly digest email so that you can stay up-to-date with current discussions about careers.
  • Networking through other social media, emails, and phone calls are key strategies for maintaining and building your list of contacts.

Solicit your contacts assistance

  • When contacting someone you don't know, be professional, explain your purpose, and respect their schedule. You must always get permission to use a person's name and  contact info if you wish to have them assist you in your job search.
  • Give your contacts a copy of your resume and explain the type of career you are seeking. The better they understand your interests and goals, the more effectively they can assist you.
  • Never ask a contact for a job. Instead of asking “Can you get me a job at your law firm?”, ask: “Do you know of any openings at your firm?”  Many organizations have Employee Referral Programs and tap their own staff to help them find new hires. 
  • Don't ask inappropriate personal questions.  This is a professional interaction and the impression you leave will determine how hard that contact will work on your behalf.
  • If you schedule an informational interview, be sure to dress professionally and prepare questions to ask during the interview.
  • Nurture relationships through periodic contact, saying "thank you", and letting your contact(s) know the results of your job search.