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Student Employment Handbook - Hiring and Supervision

CampusWorks and Experience Job & Internship Board 

CampusWorks is where...

  • On-campus employers log in to submit employment information to complete the hiring process for students they have extended a job offer to via the Student Job Offer Form. Upon submission of this information, CampusWorks generates a detailed, online job offer to students. Employers receive email notification of student job offer decisions and can view completed and ongoing hiring activity.
  • Students log in to establish their eligibility to work on campus, confirm acceptance of job offers, and receive a final confirmation email when their job has been activated. A student's permission to work is granted upon final confirmation of enrollment, completion of paperwork, and other employment eligibility requirements.

Experience Job & Internship Board is where...

  • On- and off-campus employers log in to post jobs and internships and can receive resumes of potential candidates.
  • Students log in and upload resumes, search and apply for part- and full-time jobs, professional degreed positions, internships, and more!

Student Employment Certification Statement

Checklist for Students for Obtaining a Job on Campus

     Print  Print Student Checklist

1)  Search and apply for student jobs on our Experience Job & Internship Board. New jobs are added daily with peak hiring occurring at the beginning of each semester. 

     Additional job search strategies:

2)  After a successful interview, accept your job offer and complete hiring process.

      All FIRST-TIME student employees must:

  • Sign the Student Job Offer Form provided by your hiring department to accept the job offer.
  • Bring the completed Student Job Offer Form to the appropriate student employment office (see below) with acceptable forms of I.D. (i.e. a KSU FLASHcard or driver's license and an original Social Security card or certified copy of a birth certificate) to complete the forms required for employment.
  • Log into CampusWorks and click Accept to electronically sign the Student Employment Certification Statement.      All FIRST-TIME & RETURNING student employees must:
  • Accept job offers online to complete the hiring process by checking your email or logging into CampusWorks.  You will have five days to respond to the offer or it will automatically expire. The job can be resubmitted by contacting the hiring department.
  • Receive a Job Confirmation email when permission to work has been granted and your job has been activated. Permission to work is granted upon final confirmation of student enrollment, completion of paperwork, and other employment eligibility requirements. Returning student employees will be notified in CampusWorks if additional forms are needed.
Campus Department Building
Ashtabula Business Services Office Main Hall
College of Podiatric Medicine Student Affairs Department Main Building
East Liverpool / Columbiana Business Services Main Building
Geauga/Twinsburg Center Dean's Office Main Building
Kent Career Services Center 261 Schwartz Center
Salem / Columbiana Business Services Office Main Building
Stark Student Services Room 134, Main Hall
Trumbull Student Services Office Workforce Building
Tuscarawas Dean's Office Founders Hall


Checklist for Supervisors Hiring Student Employees

1)  Post job openings on the Experience Job & Internship Board.

  • All departments are required to post student jobs through the Career Services Center to ensure equal access under Federal law. Career Services will approve postings within 24 hours for students to view.
  • Departments employing the same student year after year within the same position do not need to post the position until the student resigns or is terminated.
  • On-Campus Internships: Selected positions in departments where professional, supervisor expertise is available to guide and mentor students in career-focused, skills development roles may consider offering student work experiences as on-campus internship positions through student employment.

    Students in on-campus internship positions must be paid and/or earning course credit for the internship. It is strongly recommended that departments pay student interns to ensure compliance with Internships Under the Fair Labor Standards Act. (PDF)

    If a student is registered for academic credit for the internship, supervisors will also be expected to provide feedback and guidance in accordance with academic program expectations.

2)  Accept applications, interview student candidates, and make hiring decisions.

  • Career Services does not administer tests to determine a student's level of skill or proficiency, or offer job placement services. View a sample student employment application in the Forms Library.
  • Background Checks:  Departments hiring for positions requiring a background check prior to employment may use the fingerprinting services available through the EHHS Instructional Resource Center.   Positions include: * working in certain settings with minors such as at the Child Development Center, as an America Reads tutor, or with Recreational Services youth programs, * in certain positions involving campus/building security, * selected positions in the residence halls, and those that involve driving university vehicles.
  • Once a hiring decision is made, departments should inform all applicants that the position has been filled. In an effort to assist students with their job search and interview strategies, be prepared to share feedback and suggestions for improvement. Departments may also refer students to a career counselor for assistance.


  • The hiring department must provide the student with the initial job offer using the paper Student Job Offer Form. The student must sign this form to accept the job offer, and then bring the form, along with acceptable I.D., to the Career Services Center (or RC office) to be eligible to complete the forms required for employment on campus. The completed forms are imaged within 1-2 business days.

4)  Log into CampusWorks and locate the student you wish to hire by searching on the student's FlashLine user name(first part of email address).

  • Current KSU staff with a "manager/supervisor" role, as defined by Human Resources, will be able to log into CampusWorks using their FlashLine user name and Password. Managers who wish to delegate this responsibility to another staff member in their department, may identify up to three "delegates" in CampusWorks to hire on their behalf. Delegates will log in and hire students using their own FlashLine credentials.

    NOTE: For grant funded student appointments, the job offer must be submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) through CampusWorks (or a PI-approved delegate). The PI must also be indicated as the "Supervisor" on the CampusWorks job offer for the purpose of approving time-worked.

  • Once you have located the student, you will be able to view the student's Federal Work Study award status and any outstanding employment eligibility requirements.

4) Submit the following hiring information in CampusWorks:

Student FlashLine user name Work Hours Per Week
Department Index Number Job Begin/End Dates
Position Number Pay Amount/Level
Job Location Supervisor FlashLine user name

5) The Career Services Center will review and approve your online request, or contact you if further information is required. Once approved, notice of your online job offer will be forwarded via email to the student for confirmation of acceptance.

  • Supervisors will be copied on all emails sent to students.

6) The student will have five days to log into CampusWorks to confirm acceptance of the job offer.

  • Job offers not responded to within five days will expire. Supervisors may resubmit the online job offer by completing the hiring form in CampusWorks.

7) Once the online job offer has been confirmed by the student, both the student and supervisor will receive a final confirmation email when the job has been activated in Banner and the student may begin work. Access to Kronos and paycheck generation is dependent upon completion of the entire process (four to five business days -- provided the student accepts the online job offer within one to two business days). Supervisors should NOT permit students to begin work UNTIL a job confirmation email has been received.

NOTE: It is imperative to complete the student job hiring process in CampusWorks prior to the job start date; otherwise, manual intervention is required by both the Career Services Center and Payroll Office.

  • Appointments are activated upon final confirmation of student enrollment and completion of employment paperwork. Failure by students to complete required state and federal forms could result in the university receiving Federal fines ranging up to $1,000 per student.

8) Supervisors may view pending and completed hiring activity in CampusWorks at any time.

Forms Library

Adobe Reader will allow you to complete and print forms.  To save and/or submit a form via email, Adobe Acrobat Pro is required.

Job Action Forms

International & High School Student Forms

Job Application & Performance Appraisal Forms

Employment Verification Form

First-Time Student Employee Forms 

Hire Dates, Appointment Periods, Ending Appointments

Hiring Dates, Appointment Periods

Kent State's standard work week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday; therefore, supervisors must use Sunday and Saturday for student job begin and end dates.

Employers may begin hiring activity in CampusWorks on April 15th for Summer and the following Fall or Fall/Spring, and November 1st for Spring.

Appointment Period Begin Date End Date
Summer 2014 May 11, 2014 Aug 23, 2014
FY 2015 (CPM) July 1, 2014 June 30, 2015
Fall 2014 Only Aug 24, 2014 Dec 13, 2014
Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Aug 24, 2014 May 9, 2015
Spring 2015 Only Jan 11, 2015 May 9, 2015
Summer 2015 May 10, 2015 Aug 29, 2015

Termination/Discontinuation of Student Appointment
As established in the University Policy Register Rule 6.25.1, a student's employment will cease under any of the following circumstances and termination must be communicated by the supervisor to Career Services using the Discontinuation of Student Job form.

  • End of appointment.  Effective with the specified end date of the academic year, semester or summer term designated as the period of appointment, a student employee's appointment will automatically terminate, unless a new appointment is issued.
  • Voluntary.  Student employees may resign from their university appointment at any time, preferably with advance notice, and should notify their supervisor.
  • Involuntary.  At the recommendation of the supervisor, the appointing authority may terminate the employment of a student employee, preferably with advance notice.  No reason is required to substantiate the action.

Position Numbers

  • Position numbers are tied to specific department accounts from which student wages are drawn. Separate position numbers must be utilized to indicate whether student wage dollars are university or federal work-study funded. Inaccurate position numbers will result in the incorrect billing of departmental accounts.
  • Employing departments are responsible for securing and maintaining proper use of position numbers. To have a new position number created for student employment use, contact Cindy Celaschi, or Yi Liu, University Budget Office at 330-672-3750.

Division Contacts for Account & Budget Information

Division Contact Phone
Academic Affairs Jeff Milam
Athletics Colin Miller
Business & Finance Shelley Ingraham
Diversity, Equity, &  Inclusion Diane Matasek
Enrollment Management John Gosky
Human Resources Amelie Anderson
Information Services Michael Testa
Institutional Advancement Kit Studer
President's Office -
General Administration
Denise Zelko
Regional Campuses Jon Carlson
Christine Hill
University Relations Pat Nash

Training, Supervising, and Recognition

  • Communicate Clear Expectations through Orientation/Training Session(s)

    Provide new student employees with an initial orientation/training session(s) which includes written materials and documentation (i.e. a student employee handbook) to support student success and safety. 

    Recommended Orientation/training Session Content

    1)  Job description (job duties/responsibilities, skills/qualifications)

    2)  Performance standards and performance evaluation process

    3)  Dress code

    4)  Office practices, policies, and procedures

    5)  Computer systems/office technology use and policies including:

         »  FERPA  

         »  Secured Use and Confidentiality of University Records and Data

    6)  Telephone use and customer service/business etiquette guidelines 

    7)  Kronos use for timekeep and the payroll schedule

    8)  University work-hour limit and work schedule, breaks, time off/absence from work procedures

    9)  Procedures for work-reporting during a university closure

    10)  Department mission, services, and role within the university

    11)  Supervisor/staff name(s) and contact information

    12)  Disciplinary procedures and Student Employee Grievance Procedures

    13)  Workplace safety and security protocols including: 

           »  Workplace Safety Guidelines and Injury Reporting

    14)  Key policies/resources designed to protect the work environment regarding:
         »  Discrimination and Harassment  (Policy Register 5-16 and  5-16.1)

         »  Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment  Policy Register 5-16.2)  
         »  Sexual Assault  SART (Sexual Assault Response Team)

    15)  Help students connect their student work experience to future career goals

          » Crafting Careers Through Student Jobs  pdf icon

  • Provide Ongoing Training
    Take time to train and develop your student employees in important workplace skills, attitudes, and habits including perseverance, time management, telephone etiquette, quality service practices, and how to handle difficult situations. 

  • Be an Example
    Model strong work habits through efficient, dedicated work practices. Let your own daily work ethic be an example from which students can learn. 

  • Be Firm, Fair, and Flexible
    Be aware of the student employee's commitment to academic success. Although it is important to maintain high standards for job performance and commitment, students also appreciate flexibility to accommodate academic obligations.

  • Give Recognition
    As a team leader, develop and nurture the unique contributions of each team member. When you see a student "go the extra mile", show your appreciation and acknowledge their performance, and when possible, in front of other staff and peers.

  • Give Feedback Frequently
    Provide consistent and appropriate feedback to your student employees. Student workers, like all employees, benefit from feedback (both oral and written) on job performance. Conduct periodic performance evaluations and counsel students if work performance is unsatisfactory. Provide constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.
      »  See sample Student Performance Evaluation in the Forms Library.  

  • Share the Vision
    Have regular meetings with your student employees and let them know how their work fits into the larger mission of the department and university.

  • Be an Educator
    To the degree that we each contribute to the lives of others, we are all educators. How can you contribute to the education of your student employees? 

      » Consider participating in the Students @ Work program to help students connect their campus work experience to their academic and career goals.

  • Supervisor Resources
    See upcoming HR Training and Development opportunities for additional resources to support your role as supervisor.  Supervisors should be informed regarding all pertinent university policies and procedures as outlined in the University Policy Register.

Employee Recognition Ideas

Student employees make a significant contribution to Kent State. The recognition ideas below are just a sample of the many ways you can let your students know just how much you appreciate them -- whether it be during National Student Employment Week (second full week of April) or any time during the year!

No/Low Cost Ideas

  • Write a card, send an email or e-card, to thank students individually for a job well done!
  • Give students a simple and sincere "thank you!"
  • Recognize progress toward goals - don't wait for the end of a project.
  • Offer to write a letter of recommendation for the student.
  • Decorate an office bulletin board or door to recognize your student employees.
  • Make a "thank you" banner and hang it in the office.
  • Create Appreciation Certificates (download certificate) for students.
  • Surprise students with small tokens of appreciation such as candy, cookies, or a treat bag.
  • Other Ideas
    • Place an advertisement in the Daily Kent Stater Student Employee Appreciation Edition (each April) to recognize your students.
    • Have a recognition potluck, ice cream social, or lunch for students where staff bring in lunch and dessert.
    • Make care packages for student employees during finals week.
    • Leave flowers or balloons at the student's work area.
    • Purchase Kent State memorabilia for the students.
    • Hold a special party for graduating student employees