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Student Employment Handbook - Employee Types

Federal Work-Study and University Funded Students

University Funded Student Employees
Employing departmental budgets are charged 100% of the wages for all University Funded student employees.

Federal Work-Study Funded Student Employees
Students who are employed under the FWS program are awarded FWS by the Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) as part of their total financial aid package. This federal program pays 75% of the student's wage, while the employing department pays 25%. Students earning FWS funds may ONLY be paid on a hourly basis. Students may be employed on- or off-campus with FWS funds, and may also be employed in a community service position. Refer questions to the SFAO at 330-672-2972.

  • FWS Eligibility & Employment Requirements
    FWS is available to both undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate financial need. To be considered for FWS, a student must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and answer "yes" to the question: "Are you interested in work-study employment?" The FAFSA is available online at Since FWS funds are limited, students should complete the FAFSA according to the SFAO Financial Aid Timeline.

As a FWS recipient, students must meet the credit hour enrollment requirement and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Federal regulations mandate that no exceptions be made on the required enrollment status minimum.

Students may work in an hourly FWS AND University Funded position at the same time. In addition, students may work in more than one FWS position at a time, but should monitor earnings so that they know when they are nearing their FWS award limit.

  • FWS Earnings Limit
    Students eligible for FWS will receive a Financial Aid Award Letter from the SFAO. The award amount listed indicates the FWS earnings limit for the award year. Earning the maximum FWS award depends upon the number of hours worked and the pay rate. Because FWS is a source of Federal Financial Aid, the total gross FWS earnings for the year cannot exceed the FWS award amount.

The SFAO monitors the earnings of each FWS student employee for each employment period to ensure that FWS wages earned are consistent with those permitted under the provisions of Federal regulations. Students receiving FWS are required to record hours worked on a paper or online timecard. The SFAO will indicate to Career Services when a student's earnings have reached the FWS award amount, and Career Services will alert the employing department. The student's wages will be paid from University Funding unless the Career Services Center is notified by the employing department, in writing, that they wish to terminate the student's employment.

Students should monitor their earnings with each paycheck so they will know when their earnings limit is approaching. FWS money is received as it is earned through a paycheck and it is not applied directly towards the tuition bill.

  • Adjustment of FWS Award Amounts
    The SFAO may be able to adjust a FWS award amount if a student has an "unmet financial need" and funding is available. If a student falls below half-time enrollment or receives additional financial aid which changes his/her total financial aid eligibility, student's employment may be terminated, or the FWS award amount reduced. If a change in FWS occurs, the SFAO will notify the Career Services Center in writing. Career Services will then contact the employing department regarding whether it is possible to pay the student with 100% University Funding.
  • FWS Suggested Weekly Work Hours
    Hours are based on Minimum Wage ($7.95 as of January 1, 2014) over a 30-week Academic Year. (Example: $2,500/$5.96 per hour (75% of $7.95) = 419 hours, 419 hours/30 weeks = 14 hours per week.)
$1,250 $2,500 14 hours
$1,500 $3,000 17 hours

Grant Funded Student Employees Working Off Campus

A Principal Investigator (PI) who has received grant funding to support the employment of students off campus through KSU Student Employment must complete the steps below BEFORE the hiring process can begin. 

  1. Submit the Grant Funded Student Employment Request Form to the Career Services Center for approval. 
  2. Once approved, the PI will consult with the Office of General Counsel to develop an Off-Campus Student Employment Agency Agreement. 
  3. Submit the approved and signed Agency Agreement to Career Services in order to begin the hiring process.

High School Students

The employment of high school students provides work experience to potential Kent State students and employment for particular groups of high school students, including students with disabilities. Departments are also able to fill positions where KSU student candidates have not been found or little interest has been generated among the college student population.

High school students employed by Kent State University are not required to meet the credit-hour enrollment requirement. Post-Secondary Option (PSOP) high school students enrolled at Kent State and high school students who are not enrolled at KSU can NOT be hired through CampusWorks and should visit the Career Services Center to complete a Student Job Hiring Form.

The employment of high school students must meet all of the requirements of Chapter 4109 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and the State of Ohio's Minor Labor Laws.  

In addition, departments must adhere to the University Policy regarding on-campus activities involving minors.

  • All high school students under the age of 18 seeking employment during the academic year must obtain an original Age and Schooling Certificate furnished by either the high school or the Board of Education of the student's school district. Students under the age of 16 must also secure this document for summer employment.

    Ages 14 & 15: Certificate required for Fall, Spring, and Summer employment
    Ages 16 & 17: Certificate required for Fall, and Spring employment *

    * Unless the student has graduated from high school

  • The Application for Minor Work Permit must be signed by the high school student's initial on-campus employer in order to obtain an Age and Schooling Certificate. The Age and Schooling Certificate must be presented to the Career Services Center in order to establish permission to work as a high school student. The student will then be required to complete additional State and Federal forms required to establish eligibility to work on campus.

International Students

Work Hour Limits
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has limited part-time employment for international students to no more than 20 hours per week during the semester.  Allowing an international student to work more than 20 hours per week could have serious implications for the student and the University. International students may work up to the 28-hour work week limit when classes are not in session (winter and spring breaks and summer).

International Students Without a Social Security Number
The Social Security Administration requires an international student without a social security number to prove he or she has obtained an on-campus position, and show evidence of that employment, or a Social Security number will not be issued. Consequently, departments planning to employ these students MUST TAKE THE FOLLOWING STEPS: (Download Steps to On-Campus Employment)

  1. On-campus employers may interview and offer employment to international students without a social security number, but MAY NOT allow the student to begin work until they have completed the required employment eligibility forms through the Career Services Center.
  2. Once supervisors have identified an international student for employment, they must complete Section I of the Social Security Employment Verification Form and Student Job Offer Form. Students will then take both forms to the Office of Global Education for the completion of next steps. We suggest supervisors retain copies of the forms in the student's employment file in their office.
  3. The Office of Global Education will complete the Social Security Employment Verification Form and the I-9 form. Students will then take the completed Social Security Employment Verification form to the Social Security Administration Office in Ravenna (444 Enterprise Parkway, Ravenna, Ohio) to apply for a Social Security number.
  4. Students must then call the Payroll Office at 330-672-8640 (located in room 236 Schwartz Center) to schedule an appointment to complete Federal, State, and City tax forms. They will need to present their verification of application for a Social Security number and I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form in order to complete their Tax Withholding Form. Students will then return with these forms, along with their Student Job Offer Form to the Career Services Center to finalize the employment eligibility process.
  5. Once the student receives their Social Security card, THEY ARE REQUIRED to visit the Registrar's Office (108 Schwartz Center) and the Payroll Office (236 Schwartz Center) so that their Kent State record may be updated to include their Social Security number. Failure to do so may result in paycheck delays and errors in income reporting