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The Internship Advantage

Internships enhance classroom learning by integrating real-world work experience, confirming or redirecting career decision-making, improving job opportunities after graduation, providing networking opportunities, and supplementing income while earning a degree. Part of a student's education is learning what is required of them to be a professional. Going through the professional application process early in their college career will make preparing a resume/cover letter and interviewing second nature by the time the student is ready to graduate.

College To Career (C2C)

The growth in technology has made college a necessary prerequisite for many manufacturing jobs. Midsize and large manufacturers on a global scale and small local manufacturers are on the rise again, especially in NE Ohio. However the need for a new type of highly skilled worker is strong and growing. Furthermore, these same manufacturers have realized that to obtain the employee they need and want, they must focus on college students and graduates.  Many of these manufacturers will face future death in less than 10 years, if there is no one qualified to replace their highly-skilled, well-paid production leads. This pilot program will seamlessly help students go from college to the workplace while simultaneously addressing the concerns of today's manufacturing companies.  This program provides a strong link between academic and "real world" learning. Ideally, this "College 2 Career" program seeks to place first semester sophomore students with a manufacturing company so they can work at least eight hours/week during the academic year and full time during the summers until they graduate. The students will receive company specific coursework and training while progressively taking on more responsibility with the ultimate goal of being hired full time upon graduation. Companies may contribute to curriculum and mentor students.    While this concept has been developed for the manufacturing industry, it is applicable in many areas. If your company is interested in being part of the program or you are a student who would like to apply, please contact

Student Quotes

"My internship with NASA Glenn Research Center represents the single most valuable contributor to my college education. While at NASA, I discovered that NASA employs some of the brightest and most prolific people in the science and engineering fields. The resulting academic environment was extremely stimulating and motivating. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to have experts explain their research to me, show me their research facilities, and generally involve me in their work. There are few places in the world where people are so passionate about the organization for which they work, and the work which they do there. My colleagues motivated me to think harder, to work smarter and to immerse myself in the NASA culture. My work at NASA also gave me a much more concrete idea of the direction I would like my career to go. This discovery has allowed me to better plan my future education, and has given me an idea of the steps I need to take to secure my desired career. Just doing this one internship will give me a much better chance of securing another work experience, as I have been able to network effectively and prove my own skills to the largest aerospace research organization in the world. Having this experience has given me the confidence and motivation that I need to continue my education, and move forward on a path toward a meaningful career in research and technology." B. K.

"BGI is a very special place and filled with some of the brightest minds in aviation. It is very humbling to be a part of it. There's a lot from the internship experience that I'm sure will pay dividends for me some time later in life. I'm lucky and proud to be with BGI. It is awesome to have a job you can brag about." E. Q.

"Newark is a blast to say the least. Just in the past two days, I've been in the cockpits of 737s, A320s, and a few 777s. I love it!!!!" J.I. (United Airlines)

"Interning at Quality Resources, LLC allowed me to pursue a career in corporate and business aviation that I previously never thought of as an opportunity. Aviation departments are looking to hire people with experience and doing an internship is a great way to build valuable experience. Kent State University's new internship program incentivizes area businesses to hire interns, which in turn will help the students succeed in their careers." C.O.

"Interning with Parker is a great opportunity where I get to see and work with engineering principles and procedures, while gaining real world experience from a Fortune 500 company that cannot be taught in the class room." A.G.

National Heat Exchange CC -"This internship has allowed me to apply my Kent State education to a real-world professional environment while earning a wage and gaining experience necessary for being competitive in the post-graduation career search." K.S.


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