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CAED Profile

Dr. Brett Tippey, Architect

Program Coordinator for Architectural Studies, Assistant Professor


Dr. Brett Tippey teaches design studios and lecture courses in the history of modern architecture and structural typology. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture (2001) from Ball State University, a Master of Architectural Design (2005) from the University of Navarra (Spain) and a Doctorate in the history of modern Spanish architecture (2011) from the University of Navarra. His research and publications focus on the work and theory of Richard Neutra, the history of twentieth-century architecture in Spain, and Neutra's involvement with the development of modern architecture in Spain and Latin America. Dr. Tippey is also a registered architect (Indiana) and he has completed professional architectural projects in the USA, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, including public libraries, conference/retreat centers, healthcare facilities, K-12 schools and institutes of higher education.
Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

TIPPEY, Brett. “Genuine Invariants: The Origins of Regional Modernity in Twentieth-century Spain,” in Architectural History (journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain), vol. 56, 2013.

TIPPEY, Brett. “At Home in the Subtropics: Richard Neutra and the Hispanic Patio,” 2013 ACSA Fall Conference, Florida Atlantic University. October 2013.

TIPPEY, Brett. “Richard Neutra y la humanización de la vivienda moderna española,” in ArquiTectónica, vol. 18-19, published by the Department of Architecture of the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Fall 2010, pp. 83-92. 

TIPPEY, Brett. “From modernization to humanism: Spain’s evolving impressions of Richard J. Neutra,” in Architectural magazines (1900-1975): chronicles, manifiestos, propaganda, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura Universidad de Navarra, T6) Ediciones, Pamplona (Spain). 2012, pp. 495-511. 

TIPPEY, Brett. “Let’s have our own ideas: Re-imagining humanism in the architectural theory of Richard J. Neutra,” in Chapman, Michael and Michael Oswald, eds., imagining… Proceedings of the 27th International SAHANZ Conference, Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand, Newcastle (Australia), 2010, pp. 431-437. 

TIPPEY, Brett. “Bienvenido Míster Neutra: modernización y humanismo en el primer viaje de Richard J. Neutra a España, 1954,” in Viajes en la transición de la arquitectura española hacia la modernidad, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura Universidad de Navarra, T6) Ediciones, Pamplona (Spain), 2010, pp. 495-502.

Research Areas
  • History of Modern Architecture
  • Richard Neutra
  • Modern Architecture in Spain
  • Critical Regionalism
Society of Architectural Historians, Association of Christian Design Professionals
Dr. Brett Tippey, Architect
College of Architecture and Environmental Design
Fall Semester 2014: M 2:00pm-5:00pm W 3:00pm-5:00pm
Phone: 330-672-3934
Fax: 330-672-3809
Spring 2015
  • ARCH 20102 - 003 Second Year Design Studio Ii
  • ARCH 20113 - 001 History Of Architecture Iii
  • ARCS 20121 - 001 Studio For Arch Studies
  • ARCS 20122 - 001 Studio For Arch Studies Ii
  • HONR 40099 - 034 Senior Honors Thesis / Project
Summer 2015
  • AED 10001 - 001 Design Thinking I
  • AED 10002 - 001 Design Thinking Ii
Fall 2015
  • AED 10101 - 003 Design Foundations Studio I
  • ARCH 20101 - 006 Second Year Design Studio I
  • ARCS 30321 - 001 Structural Typology