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Master of Architecture & Master of Urban Design

Graduate students interested in an advanced preparation in Architecture with a specialization in Urban Design may apply for admission to the M.Arch. Professional & M.U.D. Dual Degree Program.  

Like the M.U.D., the program is offered at the Kent State University Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) in downtown Cleveland.  For many students, the M.Arch./M.U.D. begins with a study abroad component in Europe from our base of operations in Florence, Italy.  The first semester includes experiences in many cities throughout Europe.  For students choosing to begin in Cleveland, experiences include in depth engagement in the city from the onset of the program.  

Working on projects of significance within Cleveland and other regional cities allows students to focus on relevant problems.  The potential for innovation is strong and the development of new ways of thinking about the problems of the city provides opportunity for students' work to have real impact.  Students have opportunities to collaborate with CUDC staff, faculty and public and private stakeholders on charrette projects.  The course of study includes topics ranging from urban and architectural theory to urban finance, a class at the Cleveland State University, Levin College of Urban Affairs.  The program is engaged in the city and has been recognized for its many contributions to the life of Cleveland.

The M.Arch./M.U.D. program culminates in a year-long capstone experience at the CUDC facility. The capstone project is similar to a thesis project and results in significant research by the students.


Must have a pre-professional bachelor degree that is part of a 4+1 or 4+2 NAAB-accredited program to be eligible for the M.Arch portion of this dual degree program. 

Students with a non-architecture baccalaureate degree or a bachelor degree in architecture from non-NAAB-accredited programs: please see the CAED Bachelor of Science in Architecture Post-Undergraduate program information and/or consider the Master of Urban Design program or one of CAED's other graduate program options.

Study Abroad Option

The program is also offered with study abroad options.

Course of Study

First Year

  Fall Semester
ARCH 60101 Graduate Design Studio I
Architecture within the Urban Context
ARCH 60301 Theories of Architecture
In-depth Investigations on Contemporary Architectural Theories
ARCH 55705 Forces That Shape Cities
Economic, social and political factors in the making of cities, in a historical perspective
ARCH 65102 Urban Systems
Analysis of housing, commercial sector, open spaces, transportation and infrastructure

  Fall Semester (if taken in Florence/Study Abroad)
ARCH 60101 Graduate Design Studio I
ARCH 60301 Theories of Architecture
ARCH 55707 Representation in Design*
UD 66995 ST: Field Study on European Cities* (substitutes UD 65102)
Analysis of urban spatial relationships through on-site investigations with field trips in Europe
UD 66995
ST: History of Public Realm (substitutes UD 55705)
UD 66995 ST: Modern Cities (elective)

  Spring Semester
UD 60703 Urban Design Studio III (4 credits towards M.Arch)
Urban Design explorations in the making of new places, communities and urban landscapes
ARCH 60922
Methods of Inquiry in Architectural Studies
ARCH 65001 Professional Practice:  Real Estate & Development
ARCH 65002 Professional Practice:  Contract & Planning Law
UD 65632 Urban Ecology


  Intercession [3 Weeks]
ARCH 60150 Project Programming      
Research & Program for 60103

  Summer Intercession II [8 Weeks]
ARCH 60103 Graduate Design Studio III     
Master Project in Areas of Concentration

Second Year

  Fall Semester
UD 60705 Capstone Project Preparation      
Research and Program for 60704
UD 66995 ST: Community Design Charrette
UD 65101 Community Development Process
ARCH xxxxx elective (*)

  Spring Semester
ARCH 60704 Urban Design Studio IV
Independent Urban Design project, with an Advisor
ARCH 65003 Professional Practice: Leadership, Ethics & Office Management
UD 66995
ST: Urban Development & Finance (at Cleveland State University)

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Application Requirements + Advising

If you have questions, please contact:

Ms. Lisa Pozo
Administrative Secretary, CAED Graduate Programs
330-672-3765 -