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Undergraduate Program


The Marketing Department at Kent State University offers three major programs of study: Managerial Marketing, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. If you are not sure on which major you are interested in, click here to take the quiz and find out!

Managerial Marketing

This program is designed to give students hands-on experiences in and outside the classroom that prepare them for a career in marketing, especially in jobs where independent decision-making and analytical skills are highly sought. The program provides depth of knowledge and critical skills in key areas of marketing. Students enter the program in their junior year and progress through the major together as a group. The program is demanding and requires a high level of commitment from students, but delivers an exceptional educational experience.

For course information on the Managerial Marketing major, click here.


For students who seek a broad overview of marketing and a flexible learning experience, the Department offers the Marketing major. Most courses are offered Fall, Spring, and Summer, and many courses are offered online. While less hands-on than the Managerial Marketing program, students in the Marketing major will be able to tailor their courses to their own interests and will be well prepared to succeed in a wide range of marketing positions. Because of its flexibility, many students in other majors are able to add Marketing as a second major.  As is true for all our majors, we encourage students to engage in an internship to enhance their classroom experiences.

For course information on the Marketing major, click here.


The Entrepreneurship major is an interdisciplinary program that offers coursework enhanced with experiential learning opportunities. The goal is to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in individuals, whether they plan on starting their own business or wish to work for a large business that values people who can think like entrepreneurs.

For course information about the Entrepreneurship major, click here.


Double Majors

For those students interested in pursuing a second major while studying Marketing, more information can be found below.



In addition to the three majors, a minor in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship are also available.


Marketing is a great compliment to a number of majors, such as Advertising, Fashion Merchandising/Design, Communications, Accounting, Business Management, and Finance.

For course information on the Marketing minor, click here.


An Entrepreneurship minor has the ability to compliment virtually any major and would be useful for individuals interested in starting their own business or who want to work in an existing company that thrives on creating new products and services.

For course information on the Entrepreneurship minor, click here.