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Resumes and Interviewing Tips

Resume:  Do you have a professional looking resume?

Often resumes do not look professional.  Make sure you are using the tools available to you.  Career Services has many examples to start the process.  To obtain the template, follow this link.

A few items to note:

  • Have more than one person read and review your resume.
  • Reread you resume several times and know what is on it.
  • Make sure it looks profession (consistent font, consistent pitch, adequate white space, etc.).
  • Have your resume critiqued at one of the walk in sessions at Career Services (see link for hours).
Interview:  Are you prepared?

Potential employers will not hire you if you are not prepared.  Some preparation tips:

  • Have several copies of your resume (and Student Information Form) in the event you are asked for them.
  • Are you prepared to talk about everything on your resume?
  • Do you have questions about the potential employer?  Google the Company and take notes so you can ask them questions about the Company.  Hopefully, these will be questions that will help you learn more about the employer.  This is a critical step and will show that you prepared for the interview.  If you cannot find information about the employer, contact one of the following:  Career Services, Mr. Rose, or any accounting professor.
  • Do you have questions about the potential position?  Google typical questions that you may want to ask on an accounting internship interview.  This is a critical step and will show that you prepared for the interview.  Hopefully, these will be questions that will help you learn more about the position.  If there is more than one interviewer, but at different times, it is OK to ask the same questions (are you getting the same responses?).
  • Did you clean up your social media sites (i.e., Facebook)?
  • Will you look professional?  (Follow this LINK of suggestions on what to wear.)
  • Be on time for the interview?  Arrive 10 minutes early and plan for traffic delays.
  • Are you well rested?  Your interview may be early in the morning.
  • Relax and take a deep breath before you walk in.  Firms are also looking for a personality fit – so relax and try not to be nervous.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Do you have a portfolio case with you to carry your extra copies of your resumes and Student Information Form?  In addition, you can have your questions for the potential employer written down and also you can take a few notes during the interview if needed.
  • Are you prepared for the typical interviewer questions you may be asked?  It is always a good idea to practice answers to some likely questions!  Google typical questions that you may be asked on an interview for an accounting internship or ask a student that may have been through the process in the prior year.  Be prepared to answer GPA questions.  Employers may have questions about your prior work experience (any work that you may have done).  These positions and/or responses indicate whether you are a responsible person, your interaction abilities, etc.  Try to relax when giving your response.
  • Keep your responses positive.  For example, if you are asked which area do you want to work in, you may have a specific preference, but you may want to consider being open to other areas and communicate this with the potential employer in the event they offer you an area you did not really want.
  • For office visits, you may have to fill out an application.  You should have necessary information with you to complete the application such as reference names/addresses/numbers.
  • Did you follow up the interview with a professionally written thank you email or letter?  This is very important. Always remember to ask for a business card from each interviewer so that you have all of the contact information you need for your thank you note.  If you decide to send your thank you note by e-mail, compose your message in a word document first so that you can check your grammar and spelling before copying it into an e-mail.  Read it a few times before sending it.  Your thank you note should have a professional tone.
  • Your notes on the potential employer?  As soon as you leave the interview, write down your impression of the company and the people that you talked with. If you asked specific questions or acquired specific information during the interview you should also write down those items. Then, prepare for your next interview, or if this is your last interview, try to relax and wait.  If you want to talk about your interview or the company, always feel free to contact Mr. Rose or any of your accounting instructors.