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Greta Polites

Assistant Professor

Greta Polites joined the KSU faculty in Fall 2012 as an Assistant Professor of IS. She received her Master’s degree in MIS, as well as her MBA, from the University of South Florida (2003), and earned her Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Georgia (2009). Prior to coming to Kent State, she was an Assistant Professor in the School of Management at Bucknell University. Dr. Polites currently teaches the undergraduate Systems Analysis & Design course (MIS 34068), and is the faculty advisor for the Management Information Systems Association (MISA). She will also be teaching the PhD level Multivariate Statistics course (MIS74017) in Spring 2014.

Dr. Polites' research focuses primarily on IS habits, resistance to new technology adoption, and the interplay between IS habits and organizational routines. She is currently listed among the top 100 IS researchers publishing in the AIS Senior Scholars Basket of 6 journals for the time period of 2009-2012 (representing the 4 years since defending her dissertation). Altogether, her work has been published in MIS Quarterly (twice), European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of the AIS, Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Communications of the ACM, and Drake Management Review. She has also presented her research at the International Conference on Information Systems, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Academy of Management, and Association for Consumer Research conferences, and was a participant in the 2007 ICIS Doctoral Consortium.

Dr. Polites is currently a member of the AIS Special Interest Group on Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology (SIGADIT), and the ACM Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems (SIGMIS). Her editorial service includes serving as an associate editor for three different ICIS tracks: "Global and Cultural Issues in IS" (2012), "General IS Topics" (2013), and "Human Behavior and IS" (2014). She is also currently a co-chair for the AMCIS 2014 SIGADIT minitrack, "The Dark Side of Post-Adoptive Use." She has received several best paper and reviewer awards, including the 2012 Paper of the Year Award from MIS Quarterly, and the  2012 Best Reviewer Award from Information Systems Research.

Dr. Polites enjoys fossil collecting in her spare time, and has received a number of prestigious awards for her fossil shell exhibits. She has participated in contract and volunteer work for the Invertebrate Paleontology Division of the Florida Museum of Natural History since 1996. She has published two papers in the field of invertebrate paleontology, and has two Florida fossil mollusk species named after her (Attiliosa gretae and Opalia politesae).

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities


Karahanna, E., Williams, C. K., Polites, G. L., Liu, B., and Seligman, L. “Uncertainty Avoidance and Consumer Perceptions of Global e-Commerce Sites: A Multi-Level Model,” Drake Management Review (3:1), October 2013, pp.12-47.

Polites, G. L. and Karahanna, E. “The Embeddedness of IS Habits in Organizational Routines: Development and Disruption,” MIS Quarterly (37:1), March 2013, pp.221-246.

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Polites, G. L., Williams, C. K., Karahanna, E., and Seligman, L. "A Theoretical Framework for Consumer e-Satisfaction and Site Stickiness: An Evaluation in the Context of Online Hotel Reservations," Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce (22), January 2012, pp. 1-37.

Polites, G. L., Roberts, N. H., and Thatcher, J. B. “Conceptualizing Models Using Multidimensional Constructs: A Review and Guidelines for Their Use,” European Journal of IS, Special Issue on Quantitative Research Methodology (21:1), pp. 22-48 (advance online publication April 19, 2011; DOI: 10.1057).

Hendricks, J. R., Portell, R. W., and Polites, G. L. “An Aberrant Sinistral Conus (Neogastropoda: Conidae) from the Miocene of Florida, USA,” Research Note, The Nautilus (123:4), December 2009, pp. 317-318.

Polites, G. L. and Watson, R. T., "Using Social Network Analysis to Analyze Relationships Among IS Journals," Journal of the AIS (10:8), IS Research Perspectives section, August 2009, pp. 595-636.

Polites, G. L. and Watson, R. T., "The Centrality and Prestige of CACM: A Social Network Analysis of IS Journals," Communications of the ACM (51:1), January 2008, pp.95-100.



Karahanna, E., Williams, C. K., Polites, G. L., Liu, B., and Seligman, L. “The Influence of Uncertainty Avoidance on Consumer Perceptions of Global E-Commerce Sites,” Proceedings of the Eighth Midwest Association for Information Systems Conference, Normal, Illinois, May 24-25, 2013. Best Paper Award.

Polites, G. L., Karahanna, E., and Seligman, L. "Understanding Conversion Decisions on B2C Websites," Proceedings of the Midwest Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference, Twinsburg, Ohio, April 18-20, 2013.

Karahanna, E., Claggett, J., Serrano, C., and Polites, G. L. “Habits and Organizational Routines: Preliminary Evidence of Habit Disruption in Telehealth Implementations,” Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth conference, Greensboro, Georgia, March 17, 2011.

Karahanna, E., Polites, G. L., Seligman, L., and Williams, C. K., "Consumer e-Satisfaction and Site Stickiness: An Empirical Investigation in the Context of Online Hotel Reservations," Proceedings of the 42nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii, January 5-8, 2009.

Polites, G. L., "The Collecting Continuum: Incorporating Amateur Scientists and Scholarly Collecting Behaviors," Advances in Consumer Research, Volume 36, eds. Ann L. McGill and Sharon Shavitt, Duluth, MN: Association for Consumer Research, 2009 (extended abstract; originally presented at the 2008 ACR Annual North American Conference, San Francisco, California, October 23-26, 2008).

Polites, G. L., “The Dual Role of Habit in Technology Acceptance: A Habitual Inertia Perspective,” presented at the 2007 ICIS Doctoral Consortium, Montréal, Québec, Canada, December 6-9, 2007.

Polites, G. L., "From Real-Time BI to the Real-Time Enterprise: Organizational Enablers of Latency Reduction," Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, December 10-13, 2006.

Polites, G. L., "Counterintentional Habit as an Inhibitor of Technology Acceptance" (full research proposal), presented at the 2005 Academy of Management conference (OCIS division), Honolulu, Hawaii, August 5-10, 2005.

Polites, G. L., "Counterintentional Habit as an Inhibitor of Technology Acceptance" (preliminary study), Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Conference of the Southern Association for Information Systems, Savannah, Georgia, February 25-26, 2005. Best Student Paper Award.



Watson, R. T., Serrano, C. I., and Polites, G. L., “Social Network Analysis and Information Systems Research” (translated into Chinese and published in History, Current Status and Future Development of MIS (Management Information Systems), Wayne Wei Huang, Ed., Tsinghua University Press, 2010)



Portell, R. W., Polites, G. L., and Schmelz, G. W., "MOLLUSCA: Shoal River Formation (Middle Miocene),” Florida Fossil Invertebrates, Part 9, June 2006 (published by the Florida Paleontological Society)


Research Areas
  • IS habit, inertia, & resistance to change
  • Technology adoption & diffusion
  • International / cultural aspects of IS
  • Quantitative research methodologies

Association for Information Systems (AIS) - SIGADIT

  • Special Interest Group on Adoption & Diffusion of Technology (SIGADIT)

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) - SIGMIS

  • Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems (SIGMIS)
Greta Polites
Department of Management and Information Systems
Business Administration Building

T/R 10-12:30 and by appt

Phone: 330-672-1166
Fax: 330-672-2953
Spring 2015
  • MIS 34068 - 002 Systems Analysis And Design
  • MIS 74017 - 001 Multivariate Statistics
Fall 2015
  • MIS 34068 - 002 Systems Analysis And Design
  • MIS 84266 - 001 Readings In Management Systems